Sun Simiao said that its the characteristic of Guixianliu so dont complain about a bastard who said wittily ah the bastards accepted Master what are

The characters that have appeared so far are so good that Kaisen’s collection has increased again.
Can I say that it is such a good result now? Well, I’m too happy to say that I’m worried that people will misunderstand me. I’m showing off, but I really don’t just want to share.
I’m very happy at last Another partner was touched by me, and I believe that the future will get better and better.
Every partner who likes this book is my predestined person.
I will cherish it. If I have time, I will update it as soon as possible instead of waiting for a holiday like Sunday.
After writing, let’s make a list of the characters that have appeared so far.
If you still have some memories and feelings, it means that I have successfully described these characters, so let’s not talk nonsense. Let’s see which characters you have images of.
The protagonist of my book is a frozen man who has been buried deep underground for a hundred years.
As for why he was frozen, it seems that he was used to do research on antibodies and armor, which led to the loss of memory in his previous life. Funny, after being influenced by Lei Lita, he can insist on the justice in his heart. Lei Lita, the leader of the Ice Orchid Thieves, has a gentle personality but has an absolutely righteous character.
He will never respect people who should not be respected. He only wants to protect mankind and his companions in ten years.
Six years ago, when Elme attacked Gao County in a big way, she lost her fiancé and knew she was helpless. For some reason, she left Gao County, but was taken in by the king who was stolen and presented her with a set of Lu Lingqi armor.
Based on this, she built the foundation. Ice Orchid Thieves Group Grereleta’s adjutant in the Ice Orchid Thieves Group The two of them seem to have known each other since they were in Gao County The broad sword can smash boulders with just one blow. He is so good, but he has a heart for Leletta.
He is very loyal to Leletta.
Even when he learned that Leletta was going to become Elme, he couldn’t bear to kill Leleigh.
Tara is willing to become Elme with her, which may also be a sign of his stupid loyalty, but he is very willing to do it It seems that the descendants of the Sichuan people named the Frozen Man with amnesia Harrow. Since then, the Frozen Man has been called by this name. Hello, stupid. He has a bald head.
He is a blacksmith in the Ice Orchid Thieves. Some melee weapons of the Thieves were forged by him and his helpers.
I like plump women.
When I have a chance, I will go to the Flower Street in Gao County to find the woman I like. Harrow makes an appointment with him. Be sure to take him with you next time he’s going because Harrow wants to have a comic show in Flower Street Because of her patient character, she prescribed the wrong medicine to others and was kicked out of the pharmacist profession. Finally, she was taken in by Lei Lita and became the pharmacist Luersa of Ice Orchid. Joined the Ice Orchid Thieves and became the successor of Leletta’s armor. She respects Leleta very much. She looks cute but is very strong. She hates men, especially those she doesn’t know well. Perhaps this has something to do with her experience of being almost insulted by men. She was originally a traveling merchant.
After being rescued by Leleta, she became enlightened and began to accept Leleta’s training.
During this period, she became dependent on Leleta, and perhaps also had a love for Leleta. Donna, a hunter in this world, only accepts some Difficult commissions such as hunting animals and killing people. Although she has a coquettish appearance with beautiful long golden hair and a hot figure, she is thoughtful. Because she and Leleita had some problems, she accepted the commission from the gluttonous thieves. When Lursa in armor left for Delph City, she launched an attack on Ice Orchid and failed because of Harrow’s special power. Hair and a handsome figure like a prince. Because of love at first sight for Leletta, I made Elme attack the Iron Fortress train. I don’t want to struggle with the name, so I decide it’s you. Go Pikachu. I want a hero to save the beauty, but I didn’t expect it to happen Because of his domineering attitude of not thinking about his companions, Lei Lita hated Elena, Lu Lingqi in the Wolf Thieves Group, an adaptable girl in armor, because of her shy personality and not good at expressing her inner thoughts, so she often hurt herself after getting hurt. Suppressing tears and not crying. After meeting Lerita, I was moved by her enthusiasm and concern. Finally, I couldn’t help but shed tears.
After seeing the beautiful figure of Lursa who was about the same age as me in the battle, I was deeply moved by her. The old staff of the Roger Wolf Thieves Group have always been deeply worried about whether Adrian can lead the Thieves Group well. When they learned that Adrian liked Leleita, they wanted to match them up. Therefore, the two agreed to carry out the plan of heroes saving the beauty. The above are the main characters who have appeared so far. What is missing? People are not missing.
Oh, I always feel that I should choose the two-dimensional genre, but it is indeed related to zombies, so I chose the doomsday zombie article out of such considerations, but I always feel that if I choose the two-dimensional genre, the results should be better. Haha, it doesn’t seem to make me think Just change it, but I will keep writing and work hard to achieve my goal of signing a contract. It is my wish to sign a contract in a big family like China Reading. Even if I don’t earn the slightest manuscript fee, I have no complaints.
Support me in wanting to realize my maximum value, and I will have no regrets in retrospect, so