Sui couldnt see the mans expression but he could feel the seriousness in his voice when he whispered Shen Xingsui hesitated and asked why he

Open the door, what are you doing inside? I know you are inside. When Jian Xingsui opened his eyes, he felt dizzy. His memory was still stuck in the pain of his death in his previous life.
It was only after his death that he accidentally found out about himself.
It turns out that in an article about the real and false young masters of a wealthy family, of course he is the villain who persecuted the real young master because he was greedy for the wealth of the Jian family, and finally received the box lunch. What are you pretending to be dead? Come out and make it clear that if you don’t open the door, I will kick the door. Jian Xingsui originally had a headache and didn’t want to move, but after hearing the constant knocking on the door outside, he had to sit up with difficulty to open the door.
He was very worried. If you go to open the door, the other party will do even crazier things. The door opens.
Jian Kuo standing outside frowned fiercely, watching his son finally open the door. He was about to yell at him when he accidentally saw Jian Xingsui’s pale face.
The bloody body doesn’t know why it’s so fragile that it looks like it’s going to fall down at any moment. If it was different before, he might care and feel distressed, but now he just frowned even harder. What tricks are you playing this time? Jian Xingsui looked in front of him.
The stranger was stupefied for a moment.
This is his father. To be precise, it was his former father. Before An Ran appeared, his father still loved him a little, but after the protagonist appeared, everyone seemed to have lost their minds. My temperament has changed a lot. Everyone hates me and wants to disappear.
Why don’t you speak? Jian Kuo stepped in as if to give an ultimatum.
I can tell you that yesterday you did such a crazy thing and dared to ask An Ran for trouble.
It’s not that I went early. A kind child like Ran might be bullied by you. I raised you for so many years. I didn’t expect you to be so arrogant and domineering. It’s really disappointing.
When I found that Jian Xingsui was still looking at me in a daze, I was even more severe After I got the hell out of this house, Jian Kuo wanted to wait and see what kind of fool Jian Xingsui could play this time, but what he didn’t expect was that there was a deathly silence in the room, and then Jian Xingsui looked at it as if he was uncertain.
He said that Jian Kuo was taken aback yesterday, he didn’t know which play this was singing again, and said impatiently that it wasn’t yesterday, what day? Why do you still want to deny that you didn’t do it? Jian Xingsui leaned weakly against the back door On the side, do you mean it’s the new year now? Jian Kuo couldn’t help but hate him even more when he saw his nonsense, otherwise, why did you ask this? Jian Xingsui didn’t answer, he touched his head and laughed softly.
I can’t believe it, but what I have to believe now is that he was actually reborn, and he was reborn in the previous life. The protagonist, Shou An Ran, was on his way back from the hospital, and was about to unite with Jane’s family to drive him away. There was still plenty of time.
Nothing humiliating happened, he learned after his death When this world was a novel, I learned about my own character. A disgusting and annoying cannon fodder paired with a fake young master of a wealthy family who occupies the magpie’s nest. An Ran is the center of this world. People from the Jane family claimed him and loved him after he came back. After the entertainment industry, his career also went smoothly, and he stepped on his feet and became a noble son recognized by the whole network.
In the end, he and the movie king completely reached the pinnacle of life because of his love for the movie. In the end, he had nothing left in a car accident and passed away in a place that no one knew. Enough Jian Xingsui sighed, then raised his head to look at his father and said, so what time is it now, should I go back to my parents? I have to go back if I don’t go back, I have to go back so that no tricks are useless Jian Kuo has thought about it this time, no matter what tricks Jian Xingsui plays again this time, he will never have any soft-heartedness. After going through these things, he can see clearly.
This child’s vicious nature can’t relax his vigilance at all, but Jian Xingsui stood up straight and looked at him frankly, saying yes, it’s useless for you to go back, you are nothing, Jian Kuo’s words choked him halfway, he couldn’t believe his ears, you just said What did Jian Xingsui say when he saw that he couldn’t hear clearly? Then I’ll go back to my parents.
Don’t try to play any tricks. Jian Xingsui asked me what tricks I was playing. Jian Kuo was speechless. The young man standing in the room clearly looked familiar to him.
His hair was long enough to cover his eyes, and the clothes on his body were dyed with yellow hair. It’s also loose and nondescript, but right now he’s standing there quietly, speaking in a moderate tone, he’s questioning, but he doesn’t have any hostility, just asking calmly like this seems to be simple and unreasonable, and it’s impossible for his son himself Don’t you know? You’re already a complete bastard.
Now you’re definitely joking.
Thinking about this, Jian Kuo said loudly, you think about it.
Jane Xingsui nodded.
Surprised, he was indeed overwhelmed by anger, but seeing that Jian Xingsui suddenly cooperated a lot, he said, you can think clearly, and your mother and I have always treated you as our own child all these years, but what you did An Ran is a good boy, so don’t hate him.
This is the last time. If you go back to your biological parents, if you dare to attack Ran Ran again, I won’t let you go.
Do you understand? Jian Xingsui only felt great irony Jian Kuo only knew that he had a conflict with An Ran, so he felt that he was the one who went looking for An Ran, how could he think of it?