Suffering at this time Shura Dong Hubao roared Your Majesty don’t fall into the trap don’t fall into the trap this is his psychological tactic

Why am I here? Duan Yu sits up from the bed in a daze, looks at this quaint environment, and listens to the charming voices outside. It took him a long time to realize that this is a dream, so he sat on the bed for a whole quarter of an hour and found out. It was unbearable to urinate, suddenly his body trembled, he almost lost control of the prostate collapse, and then he fell into joy because he felt from the waist down, and his paralysis was healed, he got out of bed and walked, still feeling incredible, he has been paralyzed for many years I almost forgot the feeling of walking.
I forgot the feeling of having legs.
I came to a mirror and looked at the man in it.
He was so handsome. He was so handsome because he was holding his urine hard. He looked down and looked so mighty and majestic. Is the perfection in a dream? Duan Yu twisted his thigh hard, and the pain shuddered to prove that this is not a dream, all of this is real. After being baptized by countless movies, TV dramas and novels, he came to a conclusion that I am After passing through Duan Yu, he can be regarded as the favorite of heaven. At the age of eighteen, he was admitted to Fudan University’s medical school, and then he was admitted to a master’s and doctoral program.
He was handsome and had a bright future. Everything went so smoothly and everyone doted on him. He began to pursue adventure and excitement. He went to play extreme sports every day, such as bungee jumping and skydiving. Survival in the wild was all pediatrics. He even became obsessed with flying wingsuits.
This is a very dangerous sport.
Something happened to him while he was flying, and his whole body slammed into a tree. Although he saved his life, he was completely paralyzed from the waist down.
Since then, his life has entered a complete darkness. He dropped out of school and gave up his major. The family was decadent and miserable for half a year, and even wanted to end his life several times.
After he calmed down a little, he became obsessed with games, movies, books, games, and only played top-level masterpieces.
He could immerse himself in another world.
Movies and books almost completely focus on suspense and detective works.
The complete works of Sherlock Holmes, Detective Charlotte, Detective Di Renjie, famous Detective Conan, etc. have been watched countless times, not only classic works, but even almost all detective and suspense movies and TV series on the market, because the time of a paralyzed person is almost endless.
In this way, every excellent suspense movie and every excellent game has become the driving force for his survival Even though there are a lot of games in the past few nights and the Polish stupid donkey has boasted a lot, it has not been realized. This game is only a semi-finished product, but Duan Yu still thinks it is very fun. Playing it day and night for a minute, he is reluctant to leave the computer. One day he was playing games on the balcony. Who is it? I didn’t notice the sudden change in the sky. The sky was still clear and the sky suddenly covered with dark clouds, followed by a thunderbolt, and Duan Yu fell unconscious in an instant. When I woke up, I had already appeared in this strange world. Other traversers might be crying, but Duan Yu was elated because the years of paralysis on the earth were really gloomy. Walking around inside, this feeling of walking, this feeling of flexible legs, I haven’t experienced it for a long time, it’s so cool. He opened the door. Outside the room, there are bustling people, wretched men, exposed women, Mr. Li, remember to come here often in the future.
Ouch, my Lord Lin, you haven’t been here for a long time. I want to kill Nunu’s darling.
This scene let Duan Yu know where this place is.
Brothel brothel is a good place.
Duan Yu used to be so energetic that he felt this kind of place Dirty and paralyzed, he was in the dark, and his whole world view changed.
He felt how wonderful the brothel is. There is heaven on the ground, and there is a hook bar on the bottom.
There is no paradise in this world. If there are too many girls, it will naturally become heaven. There is only one way to heaven.
I hope you all After passing by, Duan Yu became confused.
What is his status in the brothel? The nobleman who came to whoring should be like this, because the courtyard he lives in is very large and luxurious, and he wears silk pajamas and his skin is well maintained.
It’s very delicate, one can see that it’s a rich man, just happened to have an accident on the earth, his biggest pain was that he was paralyzed from the waist down, but he hadn’t touched a woman yet, he howled in his heart, and wanted Shakespeare before he died, God was so good to him. How convenient it is for him to travel here in the brothel. He can’t wait for a minute and a second.
His virgin career is about to end soon, so he chooses among the many girls, he must choose the beautiful one, and she is a virgin. You are a virgin and I am a young girl.
You must not be an eagle eating a tender chicken. The first thing I want to do after crossing is a whore, but at this moment a plump and mature woman walks over.
Ouch, my heart, why did you come out? You have been in a coma for several days and nights.
Your body is really exhausted.
Hurry up and go back to the bed and lie on the bed, Duan Yu looked at this mature woman, her previous beliefs were shaken, and she glanced at another poem in her mind Gentleness defeats the fire and the service is good. Since the eyes meet, it is fate, or else it is her. Just because I saw your ups and downs in the crowd, I want to be submerged in your deep and snow-white tenderness.
Domineering, he stretched out his fingers and was about to hook this gorgeous woman’s chin and say the last sentence.
Tonight, let’s talk about a love affair of ten taels of silver. Although he has never been to this place, he has practiced it countless times in his heart.
The one who pays attention to prostitution is one The domineering woman stepped forward and stroked Duan Yu’s forehead