Suddenly the voice is raised here old Ding you want to treat me please go everyone Lao Ding wants to invite everyone to sing Peoples

Accidents and accidents made a sudden crash and fell to the bottom of the lake.
By chance, time turned back and he was reborn.
This Ding Chi is no longer Peter.
Ding Chi is cowardly and humble.
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Chapter 1: Back in time, Ding Chi, where the hell did you die? Why did you answer the phone and come back quickly to cook for me? You can’t even make a cent of the money, so that the old lady can’t play poker all the time. She’s a trash. Your old Ding’s family is full of trash. What’s the use of living Ding Chi? The bloody head doesn’t allow him to refute, and he doesn’t bother to refute.
He’s used to it. For the sake of so many years of marriage, Ding Chi has never argued with her. It’s really hard to live like this, but this time she is a bit too much. Shut up, you can scold me. But don’t say that my parents were drunk and confused, Ding Chi’s heart burst into anger, he yelled with the strength of alcohol, and as soon as he opened his mouth, he was beaten back by the other end of the phone Batong, those two old mothers in your family said wrong Ding Chi’s silence was exchanged for the scolding of the family’s trash The voice on the other end of the phone suddenly turned up a bit, you Ding Chi dared to talk back to my old lady and went to drink again, right? Why didn’t you drink to death? You dead old lady If you don’t worry about dying, then die, do you really dare to be me? I’m fed up with you, I don’t want to live anymore, I can’t stand the stimulation of vicious words, and the alcohol is even more powerful, especially after years of resentment.
There is only one thought in my heart, I died, I died, I died, I fell into the water, under the dim moonlight, a few bubbles rose from the bottom of the lake, and after a minute, the lake surface returned to calm, as if Ding Chi had never appeared. Although the voice of old Ding and old Ding was very low, Ding Chi really felt it. Deep remorse hits me, regret should not have been provoked by the stinky bitch, should not have run to the water’s edge, otherwise I would hide in the bottom of the lake, my father and mother are dead, who cares about my little sister, and whom does the Ding family have a future, why should I die, why should I die While the tigress’s heart is about to die, it should be because she is a villain and died. It’s useless to say anything.
It’s too late. It’s too late.
Ding Chi, wake up, this time it’s a female voice.
Thinking of that selfish and domineering woman, thinking of the humiliation and disaster she brought, Ding Chi couldn’t help gnashing his teeth, clenched his fist with his right hand and swung away your grandma’s stinky old woman, you fucking chased me here, and the boss scolded me halfway up, Ding Chi was stunned on the spot Surrounding me is not the scary face as I imagined, but a figure rubbing her neck and a frightened girl’s face Old Jiang Jiang Dali Li Mengxue The two of them are here, it’s wrong! It’s really hard to come to this place. Li Mengxue has been active in the entertainment industry for a long time, and she was even published in the newspaper last week, so she won’t be too hard on her mind.
Besides, They are too young in front of him, like a middle school student.
Ding Chi turned his head suspiciously, looking around, there are young faces, men and women, they are either surprised or laughing or angry, but without exception, they are all looking at him. Most of these people are wearing school uniforms. It looks like there is a student there and a teacher who is also very familiar. Ding Chi is too embarrassing. Now that the time is running out, everyone is sprinting with all their strength, but you are lying on the table and sleeping soundly, and you are so sick.
Your eyes are on the podium. The name Yan Keji popped up in Ding Chi’s mind when he made the sound, and then he was very puzzled.
The old class is in his fifties, his hair is half white now, why is it black, dense, and shiny? Black baked nutrition is not right, it’s not right, it’s fine even without wrinkles Straightforwardly, could it be that his son remembers that his son can follow his mother’s appearance? Could it be Jiang Dali’s son next to him? Didn’t get married? And that’s me, so how could I be here? I should have died. At twelve o’clock in the middle of the night, in the outskirts of the city, I didn’t hear anyone’s voice. How could I be rescued? How could such a large group of children appear? How could it be such a coincidence? Ding Chi is too much to get together, right? Hearing the noise and shouting, Ding Chi came back to his senses and looked at the person who looked like Yan Keji.
At this moment, the eyes of the person on the podium burst into flames, and he directly fell off the book he had just slapped continuously.
To suppress his anger, his tone was softer, but more severe.
Ding Chi slept for more than half the night and became dizzy. If I don’t recognize him, then I will report to you. This is the third class of the No.
1 Middle School in Daliuxing County.
The mathematics class teaching is now less than 100 days away from the college entrance examination.
Time is as precious as gold.
What? Thinking like this, Ding Chi pinched his leg hard with his right hand.
The words almost came out of his mouth. Ding Chi swallowed it back in time.
He tried his best to endure the pain.
It was not a dream. Raising the thumb of the right hand, the mouth shape is clearly high, but it is Gao Dingchi. He didn’t pay attention to the teasing at the same table, but was even more puzzled Sinking into the bottom of the lake by accident, but the scene in front of me is clearly many years ago, which is completely irrelevant, but it does not seem to be a dream.
Why? Can I live again? Is it a hallucination? Slowly moving eyes, slogans, school uniforms, lighting tubes, and classroom layouts are the same as those of the students back then.