Suddenly licking like a blade he walked over step by step angrily smiling Jiang Chengxi tell me the truth did you let Wang Weiwei seduce

In a place that needs your time, in a place with you, that’s all, the best-selling romance queen Meizi Huang Shiyu’s successor to life If only we met for the first time, a new style masterpiece A doomed love in the city touches the nerves of millions of readers longing for love This is what I have so far My favorite novel so far, Plums, Huang Shiyu, Contents Label, Huanxi Enemy, Chapter 1 Jiang Chengxi has been researching a question How on earth did she attract He Pei’an? Will provoke that kind of person In Sanyuan City, that kind of person is an absolute derogatory term. It is roughly synonymous with thieves, rogues, bandits, bullies, princesses, etc. Back then, it was a flower in Sanyuan Electric Control Factory, a flower with thorns, her mouth was the same as her face, in her factory back then, her invincible father, Jiang Yang, was chased by many suitors, broke through with blood and embraced the beauty Later, to Shi Sujing, it’s really called holding it in your hand, fearing it will melt in your mouth, fearing it will melt. Ordinary men should save face at least for fear of their wives and worry that others will know, but the good-tempered Jiang Yang never hides it, and even uses it as a joke.
The grape shelf at home is down for glory Ren Shi Sujing No matter what, he can’t fight back and scold him. If he’s tired, he’ll hold a glass of water to his wife. My wife is tired, right? My wife’s delicate hands blowing and caring are all my fault, my wife, you hurt me, come on, let me pinch it for you, so since Jiang Chengxi was sensible, she understood that her father, Jiang Yang, is definitely the best. The whole one is wife-slave animation The Hui Taro in the film is also Hui Tailang who is used to his wife and slaves.
He can walk sideways, vertically, and backwards at home. You say she doesn’t act pitifully. When will this lecture end? Shi Sujing Talked in a breath like a bean for a long time. Seeing her daughter with red eyes shivering and shrinking her shoulders on the sofa, her heart softened a little. What are you crying for? If you really marry him, there will be days for you to cry.
The anger has come up again, I really want to stuff her back into my stomach, Jiang Chengxi, why are you so heartless? I never abused you since you were a child. It’s delicious and delicious, but where did you eat it? She’s tall but not brainy, she’s talking, she’s slapping her body, telling you to provoke this kind of person, telling you to provoke this kind of person, Shi Sujing can’t wait to look up to the sky and sigh, beat her chest and stamp her feet, and accuse God of being unfair to her.
I, Shi Sujing, was in my previous life What the hell did she do to give birth to such a brainless daughter? Jiang Chengxi is actually dying of grievances in her heart. She doesn’t know how she provoked He Pei’an. The first time she saw He Pei’an was her best friend Wang Weiwei’s birthday. Wang Weiwei’s boyfriend Zhou Shiqiang I booked a large private room for Wang Weiwei in the largest and most luxurious hotel in the city to celebrate that day. Jiang Chengxi obeyed Wang Weiwei’s order.
After breakfast, he went to her house to report, and then dug Wang Weiwei out of the hot bed. The two went shopping and had dinner.
Vera Wang in advance According to Vera Wang’s words, it was a full set of care from head to toe at the appointment beauty club.
After the care, it was already past four o’clock in the afternoon, so I went straight to the hotel. Not long after, friends of Wang Vera’s boyfriend and friends of friends came to Wang Vera. She introduced a lot of friends whom she met for the first time to her. She said hello one by one with a standard smile, and then entered the table, opened the table and toasted each other. At that time, everything was on track.
When the atmosphere in their box was at a climax, the waiter knocked on the door lightly, then opened the door and bowed to congratulate Mr.
Zhou Shiqiang.
When he saw the person coming, he quickly stood up from his chair, and his expression was obviously flattered. It’s blowing, Mr. He smiled lightly.
I just ran into Li Hanwei outside in the next box, saying that you and Pei Cheng are here. Mr.
‘s eyes swept across the crowd without a trace, and he paused for a second at Jiang Chengxi, then smiled at the crowd thoughtfully.
I have a thick skin and came here uninvited. You won’t be offended, right? Zhou Shiqiang was very honored and said with a smile.
If Mr. He can come, it’s not only my honor, but also our birthday star Weiwei’s honor. He Pei’an took the wine glass from the waiter’s hand and touched it lightly on the rotating plate on the table. My amount is small, please bear with me at the end. Her eyes paused on Wang Weiwei, Ms.
Wang wished you a happy birthday, she raised her head and drank half of the glass of red wine in one gulp. It took a long time before she realized that He Pei’an was just a cup of clear tea in her hand, and said with a smile, replace the wine with tea Forever and ever, such an expression at this moment has given enough face.
At that time, other people at the table, except for Jiang Chengxi, a man beside her, and Wang Weiwei, all raised their glasses and drank all the wine in the glass.
Wang Weiwei secretly pulled Jiang Chengxi.
The hem of her skirt indicated that she had finished drinking too, and then Wang Weiwei stood up gracefully and smiled charmingly, thanking Mr.
He for picking up the wine glass and finishing his full glass of red wine, then Mr.
He showed a faint smile on the corner of his mouth and praised Ms.
Wang, hello.
Drinking capacity Jiang Chengxi is not a fool, naturally he knows the background of this person is probably not small.
She lowered her eyebrows but could strongly feel that Mr. He’s gaze paused on her for a few seconds.
At that time, she didn’t know that it was the reason why she provoked He Pei’an in the first place. It was because when He Pei’an pushed the door and walked in that day, the first thing he saw was that He Peicheng was chatting with her very interestingly. Everyone, please forgive me for the poor greetings. Mr. He paused, facing Jiang Chengxi’s direction, and said Pei Sincerely, please wait for me and invite all the friends here to go to the clubhouse to have fun