Suddenly agreed Lin Jiaqi collapsed as if all the emotions piled up and exploded at the same time but Chen Hui had already wrapped her

Lan City in the month is still scorching sun, the road is very hot, Li Luo got on the school bus, and the refreshing cool air drove away the heat.
On Monday afternoon, there were not many students on the school bus.
The school bus is so crowded that there are still a few vacancies in the back row.
Only three stops away, Li Luo was too lazy to go to the back, hold the safety handrail next to him, and look down at the time. The brim of the red peaked cap blocked half of his face.
Li Luo was wearing loose and comfortable long clothes and trousers, and a sun hat on top of his head. This comprehensive outfit is the most eye-catching. Still her good skin is fair, delicate and translucent, with slender limbs, flesh and bones are uniform and thin without bones.
Three stops soon, the station is the newly established Biochemical and Cell Research Institute in Qinghuai District, Lan City. It is the first time Li Luo has visited this institute when he came back. The institute’s geometrically symmetrical building has a majestic, tall and imposing facade, and the green surroundings appropriately add a sense of tranquility and elegance to this modern building. It’s great! Today she came with a study application form from the department.
She is one of the only two graduate students at Lanzhou University who have a place to study. Before she came, another classmate contacted her. A man on the phone told her sorry that because his girlfriend was temporarily unwell, he would not be able to make it today.
If possible I hope she can explain this reason to Professor Xie, it’s really powerless to refute, and then a soft voice cuddles up to Shang Yan, come quickly and let me rely on it, forget it, there are not many high school students who can be good boyfriends these days I’ll help you talk to Professor Xie, but Li Luo didn’t see the legendary Professor Xie Yuning herself.
At 2:30 in the afternoon, she probably saw a woman in her 30s or 40s who had been waiting for a long time.
Take her to the office area on the third floor.
Passwords or fingerprints are required for all entry.
Li Luo can only sit in the outer room, apparently the outermost one is also a resting place. Beige sofa, walnut square table, various academic journals and magazines are arranged in a magazine rack as a whole. On the very quiet third floor, two chirping sounds came unexpectedly, soft and tactful, Li Luo followed the sound and found a little thing on the window sill staring at him.
The cute little head with its pointed and slender beak looked very interesting.
Li Luo walked in After two steps, he continued to look at what kind of tit it was, the little thing made a few more chirp, chirp, chirp, really not afraid of life, Li Luobi made a gesture of raising his gun, the little thing fluttered its wings twice and flew away, regretfully continuing to wait for the phone to ring The phone on the opposite wall rang, and Li Luo answered it after hesitating for a while. Hello, an errand fell unexpectedly. Now, look at the far left side of the sofa near the bookshelf.
If there is a black wallet. Send it to me now. The address is Shengting Restaurant, Huaibei South Road. Li Luo was silent for a while, the male voice on the phone was low and cold, and there was a trace of sloppiness. Probably because of her silence, he added, I am Xie Yuning.
Li Luo looked at the sofa Sure enough, a black wallet was left in the far left corner. She replied politely. Professor Xie Li Luo took a taxi to the Shengting restaurant on Huaibei South Road, which is not conspicuous. It is located on the second floor of the street. There are not many people there, only two or three tables. The guests basically come to drink afternoon tea. Only a man and a woman are sitting at the table by the window. Their lunch plates have not been removed.
The woman is looking at Li Luo.
The opposite is undoubtedly a beautiful woman He has a good body and good looks, but he has a face that the man can’t see. He is half leaning on the sofa and looks lost interest.
Li Luo is led by the waiter and walked over. The woman raised her head and glanced at her. The man turned his head and looked at her as well After confirming for seven or eight minutes, I lowered my head and asked again. Hello, is it Professor Xie? The man spit out a mouthful of irritability and stretched out his hand to her. Li Luo took out a black wallet from his backpack and handed it to Xie Yuning himself.
Yes, the wallet that Xie Yuning is familiar with. She took out a card and handed it to the waiter to pay the bill. The woman on the opposite side stood up and looked even more angry and a little embarrassed. She looked at Li Luo and then at Xie Yuning and sneered Xie Yuning Since you have a girlfriend, why agree to come out and meet Who is playing it on purpose now? Xie Yuning just stood and listened to the woman’s words, and suddenly a smile appeared on the corner of his mouth Miss, since our meeting today was so unpleasant, I don’t think there is any need to continue.
Please explain to your father after you go back that we are really not suitable for women’s anger. The waiter settled the bill and returned the card to Xie Yuning Xie Yuning put it back in the wallet Li Luo Moved two steps back in order not to be implicated, the eyes are sincere, not forgetting the cheeky smile, I hope this Miss Xia Hui can see that she is really just an errand, maybe her expression is still not in place Miss Xia picked up the bag and left Before the scene, Li Luo glared at her again.
Li Luo put away her smile and was shot while lying down.
She had seen someone like her who was shot on purpose. She was so unlucky in eight lifetimes, so can this matter be counted in the assessment results? Li Luo turned to look at Xie Yuning Xie Yuning was pulling out a tissue to wipe her hands and casually asked her, are you the student introduced by Professor Wang? Yes, Professor Xie. My name is Li Luoxing.
You go back with me first. Walking in front, Xie Yuning’s car was parked in the parking area on the street downstairs.
When Li Luo pushed open the windy car door, she almost got dizzy again. The dog just came over, and she wondered which rich second generation really liked this eye-catching sports car. Unexpectedly, Li Luo sat in the co-pilot without saying a word, put on the seat belt, Xie Yuning started the car, and the sports car rumbled up the driveway Luo is 22 years old and graduated from the State University of New York with a bachelor’s degree. Now he is a researcher in the Department of Biochemistry of Lanzhou University. His main research direction is telomere and cell aging.
There are pedestrians crossing the road ahead.