Suddenly a sound comes from the side to help Fei Hu turned to look at Jiang Yang what can you help back to the cabin

As the binders of the elite auxiliary system, she keeps shutting through in different worlds to help the heroine selected by the system to achieve her career. This is her official position.
In addition, she also has a special hobby. In the mission of the female lead to become a fashion master, when she scum a different type of scum men with different types of different occupations, her system began to doubt whether she was wrong when she first tested her talent.
While assisting the heroine to achieve her career, any time she will take a few scumbags and wait for the task to directly throw people all the way to almost every world can harvest a bunch of scum men who hate her into bones. This system has also persuaded her to converge a little bit or two of the symbolic slag of each world.
One or two meanings. It took less than half a year to complete her unexpected low.
Because of the short time, this time she was just one person.
She joked with the system and said that she changed her evil to correct the praise system. After a minute, the system suddenly reminded the host to be careful that the hostess was careful and did not want to roll a big truck directly to wipe her body and bumped into the mountain wall in front.
She asked the car at the moment when the car drove in the past, she hurriedly glanced at because of strengthening her vision. The explosion sounded almost at the same time, and even when the pain was not even felt the pain, she lost her consciousness and woke up.
She tried to contact the system for the first time.
During the facts, she also recalled where the truck driver was seen. The man named Tang Zhihua was a truck driver who was married and lived next to the house.
Ugly, the second is that there is a family who does not touch Tang Zhihua.
Both Tang Zhihua has accounted for not her target target. Daquan has been grasping in his hand so that he went to find someone several times to find someone, and he was too lazy to talk to this kind of scum that he had no money to tell his wife later. Pay attention to the follow -up just to listen to the tea in the neighborhood after meals, it is said that his wife finally couldn’t help but divorce him because she was the last straw that overwhelmed the camel, so this bastard piled up the hatred on her? When it touched the truth, there was nothing soft that she used to escape the crash of the truck but did not escape the subsequent explosion.
At that time, it was so close to estimate that the last corpse was not enough to die.
After this slaying breath, Jing Yan started to sort out his place The realm is a parallel space -time that is basically the same as the previous task world. The timeline is earlier than the original.
She has occupied the name of this body. In a few days in the senior high school, I have to face the college entrance examination. However, these things that do not care about Jing Yan really make her care about this is that this body has a lower head that has looked down on the chest that is flatter than the airport and the legs. After a group came out, her mood was called a complex sour, but anyway, it was the psychological quality of the psychological quality of the scum -level characters who did not touch the grass in the world. The attributes and skills exchanged from the system are nothing to her. It is unacceptable to look at the face of the face of the country and the people in the mirror.
If you do n’t think about you, you can change your girlfriend to let you and your right hand have been over for a long time. This is the future.
Now that the two people who are at the school gate sneak at him and have been followed by the two people, they work hard to drink and have a secret love for a crush. His sister just gave him a large cup of milk tea at the school gate and felt that he was going to become sweet.
Put the cup back into the plastic bag and throw it on the roadside. In a small alley, this one is not his way home and walks in the road about about the rice. After turning right, you can see a three -story building completely blocked. It is easy to see the road. This is a dead end. Putting those two people here is quiet and the alley is very quiet, and after the system is strengthened, I can clearly hear the conversation between the two people in the back.
Now I am really in a dog.
Lin Yuanhang. Did you see it? I shouted in the game for two months, and my wife was a gift package and sent the mobile phone to the end.
I came over for thousands of miles and found that the other party turned out to be a man. I ca n’t sleep, so, anyway, the money is not the case for Jiang Shao.
After all, that face is too good to look a little bit good. Lao Tzu is straight. You are straight.
Can you tell me that you want to do so, why I, I, I have n’t eaten this kind of lunar game. It is very common for installing girls to cheat money, but listening to the dialogue between the two people is that Jing Yan said that he did not carry the same owner or memorize the original owner, although he had a foul face, but his personality was very character from a young age. Internal school is also a standard good student