Suck it up and say Im fine Then I realize Im running a fever and its getting hotter and hotter My mouth is dry so

The year of horror in the ancient pagoda, India, Bihar, Bodhgaya, the secret room in the underground chamber of the Zhengjue Pagoda, the lunatic holds a toothpick in his mouth and looks at the stone wall in the dim candlelight.
His right hand slowly raises his right hand, and the red indicator light he just placed is inserted in the center of the wall in a quiet place. The flickering in the space was particularly eye-catching, I swallowed involuntarily, and I couldn’t imagine what I would see next Uncle Liu suddenly grabbed the lunatic’s wrist and stared at him, asking if you are sure about it, now that you’re in the wrong place, you can think about it in the long run, but if you put the right Jue Tower is blown up, I tell you baby, not to mention that we all have to eat melons, the lunatic spit out a toothpick and grinned, I just want to be famous, baby, the light of the candle danced on his bald head, he suddenly put away his smile, and his thumb slightly hooked Press the button, the indicator light on the wall flashed, I made a gesture to cover my ears, but as soon as I raised my hand halfway, I heard a sound not much louder than a fart on the wall, kicked up a cloud of dust, and quickly fell into silence for a long while, Uncle Liu talking to himself There was no response.
The lunatic raised his index finger to his mouth and let out a series of hisses.
In the sound of the airflow, I vaguely heard the sound of the wall cracking like ice and expanding rapidly. I held my breath and waited quietly. Suddenly, I heard a muffled sound from the wall. Thicker smoke and dust were released, a pile of earth and rocks then collapsed, and a rock rolled to my feet.
I was secretly happy that the dust fell, and a black hole that was close to a perfect circle appeared on the wall. The opening of the hole appeared on the wall, as promised by the madman, with a diameter of about 50 centimeters, Uncle Liu. One rushed over, I gave a thumbs up to the lunatic and followed. The entrance of the cave was deep and dark.
Uncle Liu lit another candle and looked into the cave. Under the dim light, you can see that the wall is one meter thick and is made of bluestone blocks and special adhesives.
Behind the wall is a deep corridor.
There is a faint light coming from the depth of the corridor. The three of us invariably withdraw our gazes and exchange joyful eyes.
Uncle Liu said excitedly that it’s almost time to wait for the baby to come back tomorrow and find my second uncle. For the rest of your life, you guys don’t have to do it. Just eat the food and drink the spicy food. Don’t be too happy. I think there’s something sinister about this basement. I look at the depths of the corridor and my heart beats faster. Uncle, I’ve traveled all over the world for more than ten years. I haven’t seen any ghosts and ghosts. I’m afraid that Uncle Liu said that the lunatic, you’re so advanced, the lunatic yelled, got into the hole, flipped forward, deftly fell to the other side, and then I was at the back of the palace, Uncle Liu, with a smirk on his lips, waited, okay, let me talk impatiently Uncle Liu stuck his head into the hole and pushed forward.
The fat on his waist was pushed by the narrow hole to his buttocks. The fat stuck in the hole kept twisting.
I looked back and looked at the mouth of the well where we came down. I was sure no one had discovered it yet. I raised my foot and stomped hard on Uncle Liu’s fat buttocks. With a scream, he disappeared. I crawled into the hole and fell to the ground. The three of us stood shoulder to shoulder.
The cold breath hit me from all directions. The third candle stolen in front of the statue of the nun added a little light to the corridor. Two dark stone statues stood on both sides of the corridor with hideous faces. I walked into the one that was closer to me and saw a kind of me The black stone that has never been seen before is round and smooth, refracting the light of the candle. The stone statue is completely black and crouches on the black square and circular Xumizuo.
Only the face is painted with white oil paint. The white eye sockets protrude black pupils.
The firelight reflects on the pupils like angry eyes. I avoided its eyes and looked into the depths of the corridor, and then I found that there were two rows of stone statues in different shapes and evenly lined up until the depths of the corridor disappeared. Among the lights I saw before, there was really a piece of light in the deepest part of the corridor. Will there be light? The lunatic answered first.
I know it’s an ever-burning lamp. Uncle Liu shook his head.
The ever-burning lamps in ancient tombs are made of whale oil, they won’t be so bright, and they can’t really last forever.
Appearing in this sealed passage, hehe, his smile was very meaningful, and I suddenly realized what ahaha, it couldn’t be the golden relic, right? This tunnel won’t allow us to pass through it, you two, be more careful when you open the way.
After finishing speaking, he hides behind the lunatic, the lunatic lifts up a corner of his cassock, takes out the Beretta pistol that he never leaves, pushes the safety, removes the ram, and comes to the front of the team.
As a scout, he showed a special professionalism at this time, which greatly boosted the confidence of Uncle Liu and me who were hiding behind him.
The unique sandy stone bricks on the corridor ground were smooth and smooth by the monk’s shoes.
We walked quickly. Bit by bit, the deeper you go, the stronger the old and decaying atmosphere. Uncle Liu told me and the lunatic before that there are golden relics sealed in the basement of Zhengjue Pagoda, as long as we dress up as Tibetan Buddhist lamas and mix in the pilgrimage team, and ask to be in Zhengjue Pagoda. Jue Ta Nei worshiped Buddha all night and had the opportunity to enter the basement to get these relics worth hundreds of thousands With a bald head, everything is going well so far.
We managed to smuggle to India and cheated the monks into trusting us. We easily cracked the lock in the basement under the altar and blasted the stone wall unscathed. Now the baby is right in front of us.
The surrounding walls seem to be pressing towards me from the darkness, and there is a faint depression in my heart.
Is everything going too well? Oh, the madman stopped suddenly and made me shiver. There is one thing I don’t understand. Both Uncle Liu and I became nervous.
Didn’t the relic come from the cremation of the eminent monk? Which eminent monk will produce gold after cremation? Didn’t I tell you about this matter? Scratch your bald head, did the brain in your head go to the writer’s head? Uncle Liu reprimanded