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On the road to the Yellow Springs, I apologize for the boundless sky, the top of the line of life and death, and between the steles, this is the first forbidden place in the vast continent. Under the fog, gray-white stone monuments about tens of feet high stand like Optimus Primes in the tumbling black fog on the gray-brown land, giving people an extremely depressing sense of desolation and chill.
From ancient times to the present, among the monuments It has always been synonymous with tranquility and mystery. However, in the past year, the tallest stele in the central area, which is as high as 100 feet, has appeared abnormally.
It is enclosed in a circle with the emperor’s stele as the center and a radius of ten meters. Several people wearing royal robes of different colors People are surrounding this stele and continuously banging them one after another. Ditian handed over the Nine-turn Glazed Art to leave your whole body. Not bad. Ditian handed over his magical skills and original source, otherwise he will curse your bloodline and blood relationship, or you will be shaken to death for life and death. Next, a man dressed in white and soaked in blood sat there quietly, as if he could not hear the voices of outsiders. He was immersed in his own world, even though he had numerous wounds all over his body, his white clothes were stained bright red with blood. He is still indifferent, even though there is a stone tablet above his head that seems to be falling at any time, and the people around him seem to be killing him at any time, but he is as motionless as a mountain, his eyes are deeply gazing at a blood-stained black dress in his hand, and suddenly he seems to be caught by the people around him. People’s words interrupted my thoughts. He said coldly that he had besieged me for three hundred and sixty-four days, but he still didn’t dare to come closer. He kept trying to suppress me with a stone tablet, but he was pushed up by me. He wanted to kill me, but he spared his life.
Don’t talk about fighting with me alone. He didn’t even dare to be ridiculous in a group battle, he raised his head, his bright eyes were full of incomparable arrogance, and the corners of his mouth curled up, showing disdain, ignoring him, and not even looking at those who surrounded him and wanted to shock him to death. These people continued to cast a series of banning methods on the emperor’s stele, which caused him to be injured, but he also lifted up the stone stele weighing hundreds of thousands of catties. These people in front of him are not worthy of being his enemy.
All he has in his eyes is this one in front of him.
Bloody black clothes, how dare you ignore us, your lover’s fate is your future fate, being coaxed by the person in front of you, you hit your pain point, and the memories in your mind are overwhelming.
It’s an intoxicating black beauty.
Ying that was dressed in mysterious black clothes, that intoxicatingly beautiful face, that graceful figure, the woman Liuli who died in front of his eyes not long ago is her name Liuli is like a flower, her face is like a moon, sinking fish, falling geese, closing a moon, and a shameful flower.
For her beauty, she did not hesitate to give up her good life, gave up her life, she didn’t even leave a single bone, she left a black dress, looking at her throat in front of her eyes He made a sound that seemed to be laughing but not laughing, not crying but was just suppressed by the pain in his heart. He Ditian was known as the Poison King and accidentally obtained the world’s number one magical skill, the Nine-turn Liuli Jue. To practice this magic skill, the source of the Nine-turn Liuliquan is needed.
Integrate into his physical body from the first As soon as he saw her, he knew that she was transformed by Jiuzhuan Liuliquan.
She knew that he was just using her, but he didn’t care, even like a moth to a flame, like a candle burning itself to illuminate himself.
The vicissitudes of life are inexhaustible, my love for you is gone, and my love for life is also inexhaustible. I want to make you happy. This is the first time she gave herself the source. What she said to herself silently and affectionately was just At that time, I was in joy and didn’t see the pain she endured because of the loss of her origin.
And it caused pain to the viscera and internal organs, and sent Benyuan to the frowning Ditian.
When she left, she suppressed the blood in her throat until she left his house, and she couldn’t help spraying bright red all over the floor.
The third time was three months. Before, she could escape to any corner of the world with the help of the endless water vapor in the world. Obviously, she could not give her source to herself to survive in this world and continue to practice, but she chose to bury herself and leave a glimmer of life for Ditian Liuli.
What are you doing? So stupid, am I worthy of you? Endless remorse was born in Di Tian’s heart.
Looking at the bloody black clothes in front of him, he hugged her tightly in his arms and buried his head in the bloody clothes. What resounded in his mind were her dying words, you must. Want to live, the gentle eyes, the affectionate eyes that you don’t regret, deeply stimulated Di Tian, ​​he just felt that the shackles in his heart were broken, and he didn’t watch Liu Li’s last essence merged into his body, his heart was cold, and he didn’t even have the slightest magical power. Dacheng’s Joy originally thought that she would never like a spring water, she was just a tool for practicing kung fu, but her gentleness, her affection, everything she did for herself made Ditian suddenly understand that love has no boundaries, so what if she is not a human being He loves her, but Yi Ren has passed away and regrets, how can he look at the people who besieged him in front of him, wanting to get the origin of his magical power? Nine turns of colored glaze, the first turn of colored glaze, the light of bright moonlight coaxing a group of horses to practice, with a sharp edge that people can’t look directly at, they go straight to all directions The scene in front of him spewed out from Ditian’s mouth, and he is no stranger to this year, even if he is sleepless, the three hundred people in front of him want to imprison him under this stone tablet. If Zhuan Liuli Jue and its source were not powerful but like other king realms, he would be completely shocked to death within a year and three days, but he used many methods to make the impossible possible with poisonous formations.