Such a strange scene Xu Zixians brain shut down in a short time I hate I hate the tall and handsome young man was also

The postscript records the history of the resurgence of the Lord of the Great Wei. It describes his stunning talent, glamorousness, calmness and calmness. He competed with all the heroes with his incomparable talents and finally became the top.
The Minjiang River is in a flood season in summer.
The river is wider than usual.
The grayish-white river water forms eddies one by one, forming a torrent, rolling down to the not far estuary.
About three or four hundred men in Chinese clothes were escorted to the river.
The new Affiliated Army formed by the Semu people and the Donghu soldiers have more than 10,000 people fortified and formed a large safe area.
Over a thousand Donghu soldiers escorted these hundreds of people to the riverside.
People who were escorted to watch the execution were everywhere, all of them stretched their necks. They looked like groups of ducks whose necks were being pulled. Some old people and scholars looked sad and indignant, but they were quickly pushed aside by the crowd of curious people. All the men who were taken to the river to be beheaded were members of the Great Wei clan. The clans distributed in the first two places of the capital, Jiangling, Fuzhou, have been beheaded, and only the last place is left. Not far away, there is Gaopo, a group of Donghu generals, who are looking at the situation in front of them with satisfaction. From the northernmost place to the In the south, they are finally going to kill the great Wei clan to complete the task. The world is unified and they are the ones who rule China. A group of people from the Donghu crowd around the high officials and dignitaries of the Donghu. There are flattering smiles on their faces. The gates of the city were filled with Eastern Hu soldiers.
Although they didn’t open the gates, the city would probably not be able to defend it, but at least they made great achievements. The Semu people were able to keep their power and wealth.
Most of them were in a good mood. The escorted people walked under the scorching sun and sweated a lot. Everyone’s face is ashen, many people are crying, the old people’s expression is indifferent, only the deep sorrow can’t be concealed in their eyes, the youngest is just past the age of the general, childish and frightened, trembling, tears streaming down his face, there is a tall man in the crowd His complexion was heavy and his eyes were full of violence. He looked up at the sky from time to time, sometimes angry, sometimes disdainful. Over a hundred drums scattered all over the river sounded. All the people under escort trembled. The first batch of clan members had already been dragged to the river to press On the grassland facing the river, there are elegant and swaying reeds in front of them. Behind them are full of grim-looking Donghu soldiers. Their long knives are raised high, and then the drums become more intense, and then they suddenly stop. Everyone exclaimed.
The first batch of dozens of reeds The head had fallen to the ground, blood splashed wildly, the head was kicked aside, Donghu soldiers threw the body into the river, the originally clear river immediately turned red, no one noticed that there was a flash of lightning in the blue sky, and the sky became distorted Xu Zixian sat down In front of the computer in the dormitory, I use a chat tool to ask if my goddess is there. This is an ordinary summer night. For the students, the weekend night is quite relaxing That is the so-called smell of hormones. Everyone knows what Xu Zixian is doing.
A few boys lie down in front of the computer and wait to see. Xu Zixian has already asked the goddess several times.
The Goddess often asks him to help write cheat sheets, and also helps to go to the self-study class to occupy seats and help fetch water. When Xu Zixian does these things, the rest of the boys in the dormitory are cheerful.
The rest of the boys in the dormitory agree that he is a backup. When he said this, Xu Zixian smiled and didn’t mind the difficulties and setbacks at all. Xu Zixian is very open-minded, cheerful, easy-going and smart. He is very popular, but he is not an old horse when it comes to relationships. The head is not tall, the head is a bit too big, the facial features seem to be slapped by the ground when I came down to earth, the eyes are small, I can’t say it’s ugly, but the appearance can only be described as ordinary, but there is a light of wisdom in the eyes, but ordinary people can’t notice it. The family background is very ordinary and they haven’t learned to be single.
The skill of driving a Ferrari by hand is undoubtedly a tragedy in this era of looking at faces or talking about money. Five or six boys stared at the computer screen for ten minutes, and finally the beep sounded. This is just a few deceits, no sincerity, maybe find a better chance next time Xu Zi shook his head first, he really likes this girl, but now he understands that he is not the other party’s favorite, stalking is not his style, this is what he originally wanted Okay, the last time Xu Zixian was just a little depressed. He is very smart, but his family background is not good.
The teacher’s history class is the major with the least tuition fees.
It’s easier, but the ceiling is just above his head and he can touch it with his hand. He’s been a history teacher all his life.
It’s hard to get ahead. Even though his academics are excellent, the teachers appreciate Xu Zixian, but if he does it again, Xu Zixian will definitely choose again. Xu Zixian sits on the windowsill smoking in the middle of the night It is one of his few bad habits.
He got into this bad habit when he was in high school. He stayed up late studying and often got sleepy. Smoking can refresh him. This seems to be the experience of some scumbag. Xu Zixian intentionally reduced the frequency of smoking. When he was upset, he still smoked one. At this time, he noticed two figures, one tall and one short, walking slowly from a distance, holding hands, on the road in the distance. The few buildings here are girls’ dormitories.
They should be men and women in love. Boys who are unwilling to send girls back to the dormitory when they come back from off-campus take advantage of this opportunity. Dollala’s little hands are likely to come in front of the door for another hug or kiss. Xu Zi looks over with envious eyes and soon he The petite figure who was hugged by others was the goddess that he couldn’t catch up with.
This figure was too familiar. Xu Zixian couldn’t mistake him for a bitter smile.
A blue sky appeared before Xu Zixian’s eyes