Such a guarantee made him feel more uneasy then you Marry me now lets go tell Aunt Ye that we should be together anyway I

When the huge fighter plane landed on the metal wall, a hexagonal door suddenly opened.
A few men in military uniforms hurried on the fighter plane. Your Majesty, a woman was suspended in mid-air in the fighter plane.
Standing by your side, Your Majesty won’t wake up again. One of the soldiers, His Majesty, was very excited. The other men didn’t make a sound, but their eyes glowed faintly, and they forced back their tears. Military Salute Ye Xingguang had a dream that she drove a fighter plane and destroyed the fighter plane of the leader of the invaders. The enemy plane crashed into space and wanted to occupy her territory. The people who bullied her.
When she drove the fighter plane alone through the gorgeous world, there was a voice whispering in her ear, come back, who is whose voice? In the next second, Ye Xingguang completely lost consciousness, ached and had a splitting headache. When she regained consciousness, Ye Xingguang felt something happening in his brain.
The radio waves are constantly interfering with her brain, and the chaotic memories are rushing in, but at this moment, there is a voice in her ear, Ye Xingguang, what kind of tricks are you going to play? Don’t think that if you pretend to be dizzy, I will let you go. The white and three-dimensional boy stood in front of her, his facial features were beautiful, he looked down at the girl Xiao Zi who fell on the ground, and there was a layer of sarcasm and indifference on her face Ye Xingguang, what do you think you are? The students around her who slapped her were also filled with righteous indignation. They were all Liu Yike’s loyal supporters at school. Liu Yike was very beautiful. As soon as he entered high school, Liu Yike almost firmly occupied the position on the list of school beauty goddesses.
His temperament is gentle and elegant like a lotus.
My goddess was actually bullied by such an ugly thing, these people want to stand up for her, Ye Xingguang is just jealous, but the goddess is beautiful, and I don’t even look at my face, my eyes are really hot, this kind of bitch should be taught a lesson bro Come on, let’s be presumptuous.
Ye Xingguang rubbed his temples with his fingers, exuding an oppressive aura of a superior, which shocked Xiao Zi to death. Are you crazy? Xiao Zi was stunned for a few seconds and came back to her senses, her eyes looked like she was looking at garbage, do you know who you were talking to? His posture is quiet and natural, but he doesn’t know life and death.
A ruthlessness permeates from Ye Xingguang’s words. There is no warmth and fun. Dare to provoke me.
There is still a face to make a loud bang with me, a stone that Ye Xingguang casually touched slammed down on his head hard to stop his move ah ah ah ah ah ah Xiao Zi let out a scream, suddenly a big puddle of blood gushed out of his head and he fell Turning the whites of the eyes on the ground, dizzy, the shocking scene stunned everyone around the author. To avoid misunderstandings, let me make it clear in the first chapter that the heroine is Ye Xingguang Whatever plot you see later, all you have to do is believe that the heroine is Ye Xingguang.
The rebirth of the goddess is back, Mrs.
Mu, please be reserved. Chapter 1: Dandelion, Brother Xiao, is trying to get justice for the goddess? Why did you get beaten by Ye Xingguang? Look at her ruthlessness, a big boy was turned over by her, Ye Xingguang stood up slowly, with short and medium hair, extremely delicate facial features spreading chilling ruthlessness, directly stepped on his hand and walked by, looking at her all over There is a chilly feeling, I’m so ruthless, the thin scar winding down from the corner of the eye is not ugly, but it adds a wild and cruel aura, the girl present was stunned, and she couldn’t help being so handsome. After glancing at the ants on the ground, he turned and left the basketball court. Ye Xingguang finally confirmed that she had traveled back to her miserable past life, a beggar with a low status who had been wandering the streets in the dust for more than ten years. Grabbing food with wild cats is also a common thing. Ye Xingguang’s cell phone rang. It turned out that she took the cell phone of the future time and space of the century through the automatic password cracking and connected to the nearby future. The high-tech is not to be underestimated.
There are also people who send her messages on social software, all of them are people from the century. She knew before that all time and space exist in parallel.
It happened that one person pulled her into a red envelope group. Ye Xingguang casually sent a red envelope with a magic fortune teller. The robot account sent a red envelope.
The professor and the group distributed red envelopes crazily, but Ye Xingguang didn’t grab any of them.
Except for the reason of being too slow, there were these snatches that he had practiced for decades. Ye Xingguang didn’t get five red envelopes in a row, and Ye Xingguang didn’t know what he was trying to grab. She has returned to this world that can be called the archaeological age.
Is her speed faster than others? She didn’t get a new red envelope.
In time to react, the hand has already clicked on it.
Congratulations, you have become the lucky king of the red envelope of the magic fortune teller. This time, she really grabbed it.
It’s not money, but a magic fortune teller.
The plug-in Ye Xingguang, who can grab the future time and space at the speed of the archaeological era, is really touching. The pink translucent shadow has appeared in front of her. The slap-like big round body has a green leaf on the head. Two big eyes vividly represent her. The artificial intelligence machine I snatched looks pretty good.
After that, I will call you Dandelion as the master. As a magical artificial intelligence, Dandelion pinches her fingers and calculates the master. In this life, she found out that her fate of being a nobleman has been changed. It should be every year when she is old Every person is born with a corresponding fate.
In this life, she was originally the daughter of the wealthy Ye family.
She was kidnapped and separated by human traffickers at the age of six.