Subconsciously swallowed the swearing words that had just reached his mouth and held back then asked seriously do you know who I am do you

Chapter One The Son of Heaven’s Western Expedition to Heaven and Mountain Wind and Sand The majestic river meanders and flows under the Qilian Mountains like a dragon.
Cheng Zhiyuan stands on the endless field with his luggage on his back and looks at the endless and majestic mountains.
His heart is surging and he just wants to open his arms Embracing Gao Tian, ​​he closed his eyes and took a deep breath.
The sun shone down, and the dark side of those mountains was reflected more profoundly. It seemed as if he had come to life, like a majestic ancient god, with the blue sky above his head and his feet on the earth, looking down on all living beings in the world. Since we are going to come to Qilian Mountain Then, for some knowledge about the Hexi Corridor and the ancient Silk Road, especially for a certain beautiful legend, you need to do some homework I will return to the East and govern all the people of Xia and all the people will be equal. I see Rubi and the three-year general will return to the wild.
It is full of romantic philosophies unique to the ancients. Although this is a complete blow to Cheng Zhiyuan, who is still single at the age of 24, when will he meet this kind of romantic love? Cheng Zhiyuan’s eyes He suddenly turned into a dead fish state and secretly said, “Hey brother, you are talking about King Zhou Mu meeting the Queen Mother of the West, right? The sudden voice made Cheng Zhiyuan turn his head and see a handsome man who is almost as different from himself as he is wrapped up.” A solid guy with a big package on his back, two military water bottles on his waist, a knit hat on his head, a scarf on his neck, and thick sunglasses, although his full face is exposed, but if this dress Putting it in the mainland will actually make people laugh at it like a robber. Of course Cheng Zhiyuan would not say that he actually cares more about love stories before watching it. Naturally, he changed his mind and said that he just read a little bit, but I think it is very interesting. The ancient philosophy and world view are for modern people. In fact, it is also very inspiring.
This person nodded and then suddenly grinned. Reading these books more is really beneficial.
But actually, the story about King Mu of Zhou meeting Queen Mother Xi is half true and half false. Bewitched by the illusory man, Cheng Zhiyuan was taken aback by the illusory man, he nodded yes, the illusory man did not record his name in Liezi, only that he was a visitor from the Far West, that illusory man let King Mu of Zhou see Juntian Qingwei and other Heavenly Emperors living there King Mu of Zhou thought that his country was too small, and the surrounding palaces were like earthen platforms, so he ignored the advice of his ministers and gave up state affairs and set off to the west. He went to the palace of the Yellow Emperor and then to the Yaochi of the Queen Mother of the West. Finally, he saw the sun set in Yu Yuan Yuan walked 10,000 miles a day, and then he laughed at himself quietly and said: I don’t cultivate morality, but only know how to enjoy myself.
Afterwards, the world will definitely condemn my sins, so I went back.
The man laughed and said, it seems that King Mu of Zhou must be dreaming Zhuangzi to a large extent.
I said I dream of butterflies Butterfly dreams Am I a human or a butterfly? Cheng Zhiyuan is here to get acquainted. My name is Cheng Zhiyuan, and you, this person smiled, Mrs. Li’s clothes are not one or two, one or two people passed each other’s names and continued the conversation just now Cheng Zhiyuan said, I think King Zhou Mu’s visit to Xiwangmu Kingdom should have arrived, but he didn’t It’s so magical. In reality, it’s just a plateau tribe. But in Liezi’s story, the most important thing is the phantom man.
So who is he? Li Taiyi shook his head and sighed.
Who is it? Go ask Lie Yukou to find out, because Liezi is just a random person hahaha the so-called floating life is like a dream butterfly dream butterfly dancing It has the meaning of a fable to warn the world and the emperor, that’s right, when it comes to dreams, have you read the whole story of Zhuangzi? I rummaged inside and took out a book, which is old, like an out-of-print collection produced by a printing factory in the 1980s. This book is given to you by Zhuangzi.
Cheng Zhiyuan looked at this book strangely and said no, I have this, thank you Your kindness Li Taiyi’s eyes are bent, his handsome face looks even more beautiful in the sun He smiled and said, don’t jump to conclusions, you know, this thing is only 30 yuan on a certain treasure, so it’s cheap, if you look at ancient Chinese, of course there will be But my book is very good-looking and different from others. There are also lost chapters in it, which are good things that are impossible to buy on the market. Cheng Zhiyuan was stunned and said in surprise. Thirty-three articles are left, and the national scholars behind have not completely found them. How could you be so curious and doubtful? Just took this book with both hands and prepared to read it.
At this moment, Li Taiyi’s cell phone suddenly rang with a strange voice. Like a chime, there was a particularly loud bell ringing every forty-nine strokes like a chime, and Cheng Zhiyuan reminded him, but this guy seemed to wait until the big bell rang before picking up the phone.
Okay, let’s go back to him now. Hang up the phone and tell Cheng Zhiyuan Oh, one more thing, do you know what year this year is? Cheng Zhiyuan was slightly taken aback, isn’t this year 2018? I’ll leave this book first and put it here for you.
Remember to read it before going to bed at night. It’s helpful for sleep.
So I wish you a smooth journey and a smooth journey. These words have a profound meaning inexplicably. The latter is actually riding a modified motorcycle.
Yiqi Juechen immediately made many people around him eat their mouths full of ashes and cursed faintly.