Su Yun kissed her lips but did not leave slightly but stayed in the same place with a beautiful hook The corner of her mouth

Chapter 1 We Are in Love Season 2 Members were immediately top trending on Weibo as soon as they were announced Su Yun, who is currently occupying the hot list of various topics because of splashing water, was suddenly told that he would bring her boyfriend to participate in We Are in Love, and received more disputes from netizens.
Netizen A program group will really find time to release the list of the second season Why did Su Yun, who has no quality, become a guest? What is Su Yun’s mysterious boyfriend? Other guests have announced why the template of the male guest next to Su Yun is black and they want to use this hype? Just like this, I lost my love by accident, but I will always support our family, crispy meat, and support Su Yun.
True love fans said that our family Su Yun is very serious, and the fans are enough. It is a misunderstanding to take away our family. The Su Yun group is very hardworking, everyone can do it Pay attention to their latest single Xia Ri Qiu Guang and support Su Yun to eat melons. The crowd said that Su Yun used to be very good. Because of a photo of her pouring tea on others, she said that she has no quality. The truth of the matter has not yet been officially announced. It’s really rudderless, but the program team’s release of the guest list at this time is quite scheming.
Anyway, I’m looking forward to the second season. My salt and pepper couple star-eyed, and the other side is dubbed the topic queen. Su Yun received the agent early in the morning.
I don’t know what I’m talking about. Don’t make trouble for me at this critical juncture. Others are sensible, but you just hit the gun.
Is the manager Wu Lin here? On the other end of the phone, he was yelling out of breath, speaking very fast and not speaking Mandarin, Su Yun could only move the phone away for a certain distance and wait for the other party to finish speaking before explaining wrongly, Sister Lin, listen to my explanation, it is obviously that person who wants to argue with me I just quarreled with him, who knows that there are paparazzi everywhere, am I still not very popular? Who would have thought, who would have thought, who would have thought that it would be a waste for the company to let you guys go to Korea for training for more than a year? It’s been so long, look how many thousands of followers you have gained on Weibo, do you think the paparazzi of weekly gossip magazines would gossip about topics for no reason? You still want to be an adult, and you don’t usually have a brain, even if you go out, you’ll make trouble for me Su Yun also knows I made a mistake and didn’t dare to talk back.
I’m sorry. I’m sorry, Sister Lin. I won’t be so reckless in the future. How dare I have the next time Wu Lin on the other end of the phone is already smoking with anger. I’m sorry Su Yun said these three words. She I don’t want such a thing to happen. Wu Lin is also someone who has been here.
She knows that these little girls have not experienced the ups and downs of the entertainment industry. She also quit from above and turned into a behind-the-scenes manager.
The few artists she brought are all in the industry now.
The big bowl with red and purple inside and she Last year, I started to lead and officially debuted.
People in the industry have high expectations for the girl group with Wu Lin as the behind-the-scenes guide. It’s just that they miscalculated. The leader Su Yun, who looks like a goddess, didn’t say anything. Well, don’t read the Weibo of these two days. The company is processing some documents and materials. I have also sent them to your mailbox. You can take a good look at the quick drafts of some answers in it later. You don’t understand and you are asking me.
And there will be a press conference tomorrow afternoon. All the reporters of the news may come and hope to cover this matter up.
The obvious answer is only the phone call. Su Yun is still nodding his head and lying limply on the bed. This is Su Yun’s retreat. On the second morning, she didn’t even dare to appear on the Internet. The popularity of the discussion was beyond her imagination. Wu Lin asked her not to read Weibo.
For the past two days, she wanted to read it, but dared not click on it. Yun has always felt that his current situation is not very popular, but he does not know why he is always on the topic list and hot search because of various things, and many netizens jokingly call it a piece of crispy meat that can bring its own topic. It originated from a national college student dance competition that I participated in a few years ago. I was lucky enough to win a third place.
The reposting of the video of my competition on the Internet caused quite a stir on the Internet. Later, she was signed by her current agency.
Went to South Korea for training with four other girls, and finally formed a girl group with two other girls, preparing to make their official debut for more than a year. Various shows, touring overloaded performances, and every performance was full.
This is an affirmation for the three of them yesterday. What happened was indeed an accident, but she did underestimate the name of her topic queen and the current popularity of the Internet. In addition, the company has always been very optimistic about their combination.
They have already vigorously promoted that they will prepare for a foreign tour in the second half of the year, but they don’t want to come. An afterthought like her, Su Yun got up helplessly and followed Wu Lin’s instructions to check her mailbox. As soon as she turned on the computer, a small news box popped up, still so eye-catching.
Su Yun, the leader of the new popular group of entertainment media, poured tea on a man in public and pointed at him, verbally abused and threatened him, which is not a public figure The truth really seems to be like that.
Su Yun looked at the smeared development on the news, and his head was straight up with black lines, but he couldn’t help but pull down the netizen comments at the bottom, which was even more unsightly, so he clicked on the one in the upper right Close the page so as not to be upset.
Open the mailbox. There are three Su Yuns to open one by one.