Su Xingxing grabbed the hand that was groping her face and said Ye Xu you I’ll leave if I talk any more let’s not talk

Then on the day of the recording, I saw my newlywed wife, baby, I swear I didn’t know you were there when I accepted this variety show, Ye Yingdi raised his hand and swore that he was extremely gentle in front of his wife, the couple could only pretend that they didn’t know each other in front of the national audience. I’m too familiar with it, and I accidentally exposed my stuff, baby, help me get something.
Everyone, copywriter 2.
When Su Xingxing participated in a variety show, the host asked her why she made her debut. She was looked at by others and felt pressured, so she just said that she wanted to get close to the person she likes.
Someone beside her laughed softly The host and Su Xingxing both looked at Ye Yingdi, he waved his hands, the smile in his brows and eyes couldn’t stop, ignore me, I just smiled and said more A Little Su Xingxing Small Theater Su Xingxing has a bamboo horse who has troubled him since he was a child, until one day the bamboo horse has something to ask her for help You practice for a while Su Xingxing agreed in a daze. The two stared at each other for a long time.
Ye Zhuma hugged her and kissed her down. After a long time, she heard her small voice. When will you kiss her? Ahh, his voice was muffled in the kiss, deep and seductive, yet he found the feeling.
This practice lasted most of the night. Su Xingxing went to the set the next day, only to find out that this person had already prepared a kiss for him. Tags: The Proud Son of Heaven, Inspirational Life, Search Keyword, Protagonist, Su Xingxing, Supporting Role, Other Words, Introduction, The Sky Is Falling, I’m Thinking About It I went to the mirror and looked at the girl in the mirror. The girl in the mirror was wearing a white shirt, light blue jeans, carrying a small wine red satchel, and a pair of white sneakers on her feet.
Although she was dressed in an ordinary way, the girl in the mirror was still dazzling like the night sky.
The bright star heroine is wearing a low ponytail braid, with a little broken hair on the forehead, which makes her look more girly. Because of the hairstyle, the girl’s face is unobstructed.
The oval face’s delicate facial features seem to be painted and scattered. The foggy morning is fresh and beautiful because the girl has practiced dancing all the year round, her figure is very good, her back is straight, her every move is like a little fairy, with a dusty temperament, and the ordinary clothes on her body also give off a different taste Su When Xing Xing was admiring herself, suddenly a hat was put on her head, and the hat was pressed forward to cover Su Xing Xing.
I said that the new semester will take a low-key route.
Why do you dress up like a little fairy today? Just you poor Liqin clicked on her forehead Did you pack the things? Did you bring the money? Did you bring the report card? Seeing that Liqin was about to nag Su Xingxing. Li Qin is still explaining later that I called Ye Xu and he will take you to sign up later, you remember to send him a message, I know, the voice came from afar, and the voice fell, and the person has already run out Ye Xu is her bamboo horse since she was a child Growing up together is two years older than her, but Su Xingxing doesn’t intend to send a message to Ye Xu, she doesn’t want to be in the limelight today, walking with Ye Xu is the real high profile Uncle Deyang No. 4 Middle School, her home is not far from the school, and soon the first day of school will arrive.
The school is very lively.
The main part of the high school is a new campus, covering a wide area.
There is a large open space in front of the gate, and now it is full of parents’ cars. The morning sun is a little bit Da Su Xingxing looked at the school gate from afar, the words “Deyang No. 4 Middle School” and the corners of her mouth twitched.
She followed the flow of people into the school, and many students living on campus came with their luggage. Fortunately, the school gate was open and there was no congestion. Su Xingxing walked away.
The first time I entered the school gate, I glanced around, and then I saw a boy sitting with his legs crossed on a chair next to the security booth on the right side of the school gate. Su Xingxing stared at Su Xingxing.
There are people sitting on the table lazily leaning against the wall.
At the moment, everyone is casually playing with their mobile phones, chatting a few words from time to time, and looking up from time to time.
The person who came in sees that the boy sitting on the chair is about to look up. Su Xingxing quickly squats down and uses the suitcase next to him to block it.
The suitcase moved forward for a few minutes. Su Xingxing squatted and moved along for a few minutes. Seeing that the speed of the suitcase was getting faster and faster, Su Xingxing couldn’t keep up. The tall boy looked at the boy who was very tall. Su Xingxing squatted down and looked up.
She felt that the other person was very tall. She looked up from the bottom and could see the muscle lines of the boy’s arms and the obvious blank and puzzled expression on his face. She looked at her like It’s like looking at a monster Su Xingxing, in order not to be discovered, is very thick-skinned at this moment. He waved his little hand and said hello with a very harmless smile.
The classmate discusses if you can walk slowly.
The suitcase boy was silent for a long time before continuing. Sure enough, the walking speed slowed down. The two of them stood and squatted and walked forward in a tacit understanding. The boy obviously has never experienced such stiff pushing of the suitcase. Sometimes the person is still behind the suitcase. The suitcase has been pushed to the front.
Su Xingxing squatted behind the suitcase. The boy’s 28-inch suitcase is too big. She squats down and can cover it tightly. But the problem is that boys often walk slowly, so the suitcase has been pushed to the front.
Su Xingxing is too panicked and has to bear it. Commander, slow down, slow down, it’s not your box, slow down, classmate, I’m running out, cover my classmate, you’re on the same page