Su Xiaoke sat down beside him and gently leaned her head on his shoulder Sifan no brother Im sorry It’s been so long that she’s

Li Zhiyan is just one of the travelers whose consciousness wanders in the bodies of people with the same name in different time and space in the vast galaxy The super civilization ruins and confirmed that the civilization failed in the process of trying to advance to the super civilization, which eventually led to the demise of its own civilization. The problem that has plagued the Galaxy Alliance for countless years, why most of the dominant intelligent creatures in the Galaxy are humanoid, has finally been solved. That is the silent influence of a super civilization.
Star Chronology. There are forty-two Consciousness Stealth Capsules in the center, all of which can be activated according to the information in the ruins. Using the Consciousness Stealth Capsule can allow the user to enter the body of a living being with the same name as himself in a parallel space. People who are dedicated and not afraid of death participate in the parallel space research. Those who pass the assessment can get the financial privileges given by the alliance.
Their country can also get funding from the alliance. The list of 1,000 substitute divers confirms the star year. Forty-two divers from parallel spaces gather at the ruins of a super-civilized civilization. Under the leadership of the exploration team, they stepped into the blue cover and saw forty-two cabins and many screens inside. From the outside, only opaque blue crystals were seen. From the inside, the round cover was full of huge display screens.
Exploration The team leader said in a low voice, before you applied for diver qualifications, you have done a lot of tests to ensure that you have sufficient awareness of the preciousness of these dive chambers and how dangerous it is to enter parallel time and space. Before you entered the ruins, it took three more days This round of testing ensures that you know how important your responsibilities are. I reiterate that your first task in the process of traveling through time and space is to ensure that the submerged cabin and all equipment related to time and space travel will not be damaged.
Your second task is to collect as much information as possible from different time and space. Your third task is to ensure your own safety. Remember it? The forty-two people answered in unison. Remember, the voice is firm but the volume is not high. The leader of the exploration team nodded. Neither is suitable. No one can guarantee that excessive volume will not cause damage to the research center. The lives of divers are far less valuable than the items in the research center and the data in the time and space where their consciousness will arrive.
The vast universe can serve as divers. There are countless but only one parallel space-time research center, even if the creations from super civilizations are not necessarily easily destroyed, no one dares to take risks Before entering the sneak cabin, the exploration team only confirmed that the sneak cabin can be activated normally, and learned that entering a different world with consciousness will be very dangerous, and may cause irreversible effects on the entrant, including not limited to memory confusion, split personality, and the most terrible loss of consciousness.
It’s the disappearance of consciousness, which means that a person is completely dead, and there is only an empty body left in this world.
Now, the forty-two divers have heard the question of the exploration team leader.
He clicked on the girl standing in the front row and you start first.
What does he remember the most about this girl? Not only because of her good looks, but also because of her unique temperament, and because of her origin.
This girl’s name is Li Zhiyan. She is the only diver from a low-level civilization among the divers present, and everyone else is from a super-civilization at least. However, in the list of 2,000 substitute divers, more than 1,500 people are from low-level civilizations, and more than 300 of them are from low-level civilizations. From this point of view, although Li Zhiyan stands out but not too much, Li Zhiyan stood up and others looked at her with complicated eyes. When they gathered outside the ruins, others somewhat looked down on her, but after three rounds of tests, there was no one. No one dares to question her ability.
Now she is the first to take the test. Amidst the different thoughts of the people, Li Zhiyan has already been lying in a test cabin nearby. When she closes her eyes, she feels that she sees the unpredictable and magnificent light, and there is a faint voice.
New stalker detected in her head