Su Wan wont let her stay by my side Gu Yiyi clutches her arms and cries We will never meet again Ye Jin grabs her

Parents want to give their daughter Su Wan to a 60-year-old old man. When he ran away, he was in the car with the CEO.
Four years later, Su Wan returned to the CEO with three cute babies.
Looking at the three miniature versions of herself, she called the special assistant.
I want it soon. All the information about this woman.
The big bad wolf kissed the little sheep at every step.
Baby, it’s your turn to kiss me.
Chapter One night, absurd, the night sky, a heavy rain fell on the imperial capital, Su Wan, crying while running, she was kneeling at the door of the house, parents, please open the door! Su’s father sullenly walked in front of the iron gate, Su Wan, you must marry Mr. Wang today, Mr.
Wang is sixty years old, please.
Come out with a look of contempt on your face Sister, our family has raised you for so many years, now the group needs a sum of money, it depends on whether you are willing to follow Mr.
Wang, anyway, you are not a big girl, and it is you to marry a real estate boss like Mr.
Wang Su Qing is the apple of her parents’ eyes.
Parents have always favored Su Wan since she was a child. She knew that marrying the old man would be the end of her life.
Didn’t you and your mother buy a villa for your younger sister? Sell it and the company will save me.
I don’t need her yet. Su Qing’s face immediately changed after I finished, I warn you not to even think about it, it’s my dowry from mom and dad Su dad nodded, that’s right, it’s your sister’s stuff, how can you covet you if you don’t go back, I personally send you back to the royal family Su Wan I was so frightened that I ran quickly and soon reached the downhill.
The road was too slippery. Su Wan just rolled down.
Her eyes were dull, so let’s end like this.
Suddenly a luxury car Maybach drove up. The man stopped quickly Also blushing. He was drugged in the restaurant just now and feels uncomfortable. Now he needs this woman very much, so the man takes Su Wan to the car to kiss. Four years later, three cute puppies, two boys and one girl, are happily licking on the grass. The ice cream camera clicks a few times, the triplets are child stars in the industry, and they are worth tens of millions at the age of three Kissed three chubby dumplings Mama loves you guys Kiss her immediately Mama we love you The woman is Su Wan four years ago by accident and a stranger had a ridiculous night and had three children Two children one The female name is Su Jin, Su Xing and Su Meng. The stuff that can make money to endorse will become a hit.
It’s like a koi baby. Who can say no to a cute baby? Or are there three of them? Mengmeng took a lollipop and ate it, how did you go to the zoo? The man in the luxury car saw three cute children, they actually looked like him, and couldn’t help frowning. Ye Sichen got out of the car and walked towards Naimeng’s baby, hello. San Xiao only saw a tall and handsome man with big eyes blinking and cute wearing a pink lace tutu skirt, his watery eyes seemed to contain stars Ye Sichen wondered why this girl is familiar Uncle We are lost We want to see Big Bear Mao Mengmeng pulled his leg and said in a milky voice that Yesichen’s cold heart was actually warm because of them.
I’ll take you there.
Dabao asked in a low voice, would he spoil Yin? Erbao said that such a handsome man should It’s not bad, Yin Yesichen brought three dumplings to the Rolls-Royce. The dumplings were surprised to see that the uncle’s car looks so cute, the voice is soft and soft, like a finely carved jade doll, Yesichen is holding it Grandma’s girl, what’s your name? Su Meng said the baby’s name is Mengmeng. When they arrived at the zoo, Xiaotuanzi was too short to see the panda. Ye Sichen was holding the three dumplings.
They were not happy watching the panda rolling. The children were very excited. Cute, Ye Sichen, I really want to kiss these dumplings. They are so cute.
You are even cuter. Thank you, Su Wan. I am a freelance designer. I will call my baby when I take a break at noon.
Meal at this time, the three little ones are happily eating meat at the seafood restaurant Ye Sichen invites them to eat The babies are eating dinner We met a handsome and generous uncle Baby can’t go with strangers Su Wan is very worried Come here and say that Mama and uncle look alike Su Wan was startled after hearing this and had a bad feeling baby When I arrived at the restaurant, I saw the stern man, and she couldn’t help feeling flustered. In fact, she didn’t remember the appearance of the man that night.
Ye Sichen raised his eyes and stared coldly at the baby.
The three babies hurriedly waved excitedly. Sir, I’m sorry, did my baby bother you? My heart hurts when I asked her to eat this meal.
This restaurant is very expensive. Yesi Chen calmly drinks red wine.
I’ve already paid for it. Why do I feel like I’ve seen you before? Su Wan’s heart thumps It won’t be so unlucky, she has been away from the capital for four years, and she can still meet the child’s father, this guy is so similar to the three little ones, she must be calm, she has a polite smile, Su Wan wipes the baby’s mouth and quickly takes them away The three little ones turned around and waved, thank you, Uncle, Uncle, seeing you again, Ye Sichen was a bit puzzled, the three babies were so familiar, so he called the special assistant, Ade, to check for me, and Su Wan fixed the baby in the car alone.
Baby in the safe car seat, you must never go with strangers.
Now there are three more bad guys. Don’t worry about her.
Let’s send her a kiss. Because the uncle looks at him well, we think he is a good person. You guys know everyone and know the face. Xin Yesichen massaged the center of his eyebrows and suddenly remembered what happened after he was drugged four years ago.
He was driving to the hospital and met a comatose woman because the night was so dark that she couldn’t see her face clearly.