Su Wan who has nothing to do gently stroked Wang Hao’s shoulder with her soft little hand and said that although she didn’t know what

In front of the Kaixuan Hotel in Shanghai, a woman with a layer of white powder on her face looks a little scary.
She looks disgusted at a young man in ordinary clothes. Do you know what day it is today? The people who come here are all the upper-class people in the magic city, you useless son-in-law, do you want to embarrass my Su family? Wang Hao, who asked me to come, unconsciously drilled his nails into his palms, Wan’er asked you to come, what did she let you do, the woman frowned and saw many luxury cars coming in the distance, afraid that others would see her Su family. The good-for-nothing son-in-law turned around quickly, whoever wants to ask who you are, please don’t say you are the son-in-law of my Su family, then I will say who I am, a cat or a dog, but I can’t be Wang Hao, why don’t you get out of here quickly, I don’t know Wan’er What else can you do here except embarrassing? Everywhere I go, my Su family will be laughed at. If I knew you were such a waste, I would have let Waner marry you at the beginning. Wang Hao gritted his teeth tightly and bowed his head without saying a word As soon as he walked into the hotel, he would be ridiculed and humiliated by his mother-in-law almost every day. If he hadn’t lost his memory and couldn’t remember his identity, the poor son-in-law of the Su family would have left long ago.
Because of an accident before, his eyes suddenly became like light machines.
As long as he keeps staring at one thing or place, he can see various perspective-like pictures. With such an ability, it is easy for him to make money and enter the hotel.
Now, in order to welcome this The entire hotel has been remodeled for the auction. The venue is very spacious and there are many stalls.
Many vendors are selling antiques on their stalls. These are also the traditions of Shanghai. In order to add atmosphere to the annual auction, Wang Hao has only heard of it a few times before.
It’s the first time I’ve come to see it. After wandering around a few stalls, Wang Hao had the intention of looking at it casually, but he didn’t expect that a pair of calligraphy and painting suddenly caught his attention. He squinted his eyes, and he looked straight at the bottom of his eyes, where there was a golden glimmer of gold.
What’s up? The stall owner immediately greeted him with a smile, but he saw Wang Hao clearly. He looked excited and sat lazily.
Wang Hao asked, and glanced at Wang Hao. I said 30,000 for this one, 60,000 for this one, and 80,000 for this one. I said whether you can buy it or not, don’t bother me to do business.
Gui Wanghao snorted coldly, hey boy, what do you mean? It’s just to buy a few calligraphy and paintings to pretend to be elegant.
Don’t you think it’s too much for you to sell them so expensive? Don’t worry about tens of thousands. I’ll give you a hundred and one pair. I’ll buy two and you’ll send me a small one. Hao directly took out two cards, Grandpa Mao, are you sure? The stall owner looked at Wang Hao suspiciously. Unexpectedly, Wang Hao returned I really plan to buy a sentence, sell it or not, take it and leave quickly. The stall owner snatched two pieces of Mao Grandpa and quickly put the calligraphy and painting on for Wang Hao, lest others see it after a while, Wang Hao, why are you swaying? Wang Hao just walked to the auctioneer. At the venue, I saw his cheap wife Su Wan walking towards him and glared at him angrily. I have to say that Su Wan’s beauty is definitely not inferior to that of the first-line stars, even better. At this time, she is wearing a hip-wrapping skirt and long black hair. The shawl is pure and lustful, especially the pair of plump breasts are very eye-catching, but Wang Hao swears that the reason why he stayed in the Su family would never be greedy for Su Wan’s beauty, am I here? Wang Hao swallowed Hastily withdrew his eyes, and Su Wan also noticed that he was looking at the wrong place just now, pretending to be angry, looking at him, where are you looking? Wang Hao touched his nose and had to look down.
Wang Hao showed a willingness to scold again. It looked like Su Wan sighed helplessly in her heart, her eyes frowned, and she said, “What are you holding in your arms? I bought a few calligraphy and paintings and thought they were antiques, worth a little money.
” Wang Haodao suddenly Su Wan was annoyed at the stall you bought at that place, how could there be real ones? You just throw away the money I gave you. Su Wan sighed after she finished speaking. Forget it. Just buy it. The money she gave Wang Hao is not much, and I don’t worry about how much Wang Hao will be cheated.
Hurry up and help me arrange the venue. Wang Hao nodded.
He knew that Su Wan’s company was in charge of today’s auction, so he was not enough manpower today, so he was asked to come here in an hour.
The atmosphere of the exhibition quickly heated up, and the quotations came one after another. Wang Hao took a number plate, found an empty seat and sat down. Seeing Wang Hao holding the number plate, Su Wan looked at him in surprise. What are you doing with the number plate? Do you also want to participate in the auction? This auction will be held I’m very important, you don’t want to be troubled by me, I won’t cause trouble, Wang Hao said innocently, there is no rule that doesn’t allow me to participate in the auction, right? You Su Wan was choked up and looked at Wang Hao speechlessly. Why do I have to participate in the auction? Wang Hao said with a serious face.
It’s just the 1,000 yuan change I gave you.
Su Wan was even more speechless.
She patted her forehead and felt that Wang Hao was going to be dizzy.
If you want to participate in the experience, just experience it. What is that ruby? Wang Haodao, I want to take a photo of that gem and give it to you.
Su Wan, I don’t know what to say. Do you know the price of that ruby? You also took a photo of that gem.
The staff sitting around listened to the words They all looked at them and couldn’t help but sneered. Everyone is a waiter.
What are you doing to take pictures of the red diamonds from the French royal family? Soon the auction will come to an end and today’s highlight is the French royal ruby.