Struggle in his arms Chi Yingjun you strangled me to death Qi Man said in a muffled voice when he heard this normal title Chi

This time, when Qi Man was pouring coffee in the company’s tea room, he finally noticed that there was only one man on the huge poster hanging on the roof of the opposite shopping mall.
He had a handsome face with sharp edges and cold eyes as deep as the vast ocean His lips were pursed tightly, and his emotions were on the verge of breaking out. Neither the angle of the plane nor the cold weather could erase the murderous aura emanating from him. Qi Man, who was in a desperate situation, was stunned for a moment. Remember to pour it into the cup.
This is my new husband, Boss Chi Han. Look, he is so handsome that his pants are about to fall off.
The voice came suddenly, but Qi Man was not frightened. Turning his head, Qi Man saw Liu, the gossip soul of the company. Yu was standing beside her, looking at the poster on the opposite floor with a spring look on her face, full of love was rippling from her face, Qi Man withdrew her gaze, poured herself a cup of coffee steadily, and asked Liu Yu about the poster opposite When did you hang it up? I remember it was your ex-husband Kai Kaixiang’s poster. Hearing this, Liu Yu, who was drinking tea, almost wanted to swear at you.
This poster has been hanging on the opposite side of our company for more than half a month, and you only realized that Liu Yu held back the tea that was about to gush out of his mouth, and ruthlessly complained that Qi Man got her answer from Qi Man’s silence. Liu Yu couldn’t help but look at each other Speechless for half a day, Liu Yu couldn’t help sighing, your reflex arc is gone too. After sighing, Liu Yu kindly gave Qi Man a popular science. This is Chi Han’s dark horse at the Oka Awards. It’s only the first film that won a lot of votes. The old drama bone won the best actor. He is a rising star in the international film industry.
At this point, Liu Yu paused and began to take out his mobile phone.
My language is too poor to express the handsomeness and tenderness of my husband, Chi Han. Handsome one-in-ten-thousandth boss, you wait, I’ll read to you my favorite movie reviews right away, those people have written so well, every single word is perfect, and as they speak, classmate Liu Yu pulls out the favorites list of the mobile browser and picks himself The one I liked the most was read to Qi Man, and it was nothing more than exaggerated compliments on Chi Han.
After listening carefully, his thoughts slowly drifted away. Only the opposite man, Chi Han, who walked out of the Shura field was left in his eyes. He left the tea room and returned to his seat to sit down. Qi Man still sat quietly in a daze. After a while, Qi Man concentrated his energy and began to check the bid documents prepared by his subordinates, but for some reason, Qi Man knew every word on the document, and when they got together, he didn’t know what he was talking about. After half a day, I finally gave up.
I put away the document and opened the browser. Qi Man entered the word Chi Han in the search box, and there were tens of millions of search results.
All of them were Chi Han’s awards and the news that his award-winning movie was about to be released in China. Qi Man Click on a few news at will and look at the content, which is similar to the young ex that Liu Yu just introduced to himself.
The film star with great prospects is a low-key person. Since winning the award, he has not accepted any interview announcements and advertisements, and his detailed information is also rare, except for height, weight, age, education, family background, and nothing. He is simply a fan.
The man Qi Man quietly looks at the screen. In front of the camera, Chi Han, who was captured by a reporter from Shanghai Entertainment, walked past the red carpet.
He was calm and introverted like an unsheathed sword, hiding all the light from his body under his eyelids. Except for this familiar face, Qi Man couldn’t find anything. A bit of the shadow of Chi Han in her memory, this Chi Han seems to have been reborn, the crazy handsome man has turned into a wind-like handsome man, Qi Man felt a little touched, let go of the mouse, turned to the swivel armchair, leaned back and closed it. Eyes sore and swollen The light in front of the eyes is covered by the eyelids Memories are like a yellowed photo album being opened Standing in the overwhelming rainstorm Chi Han’s black eyes are full of grief that cannot be melted Qi Man You have to understand this Once, I won’t wait for you again. When Qi Man was immersed in memories, there was a clear and clear sound of finger bows hitting the table. Qi Man opened his eyes and saw Xiao Yang from his parents’ company standing in his place. Xiao Yang looked at her with a half-smile and caught Qi Man’s attention. Xiao Yang glanced at her computer screen and raised his lips. It’s rare that the most powerful general under my command, who is known as Desperate Saburo, Qi Man would watch it during work hours.
Entertainment news. Fishing at work was caught by the boss.
On the spot, Qi Man couldn’t help but sit up straight. Qi Man looked up at Xiao Yang and asked Mr. Xiao what’s up After a pause, I plan to ask your team to follow me.
I will sort out the materials and go over to Qi Man to answer seriously.
Then I will wait for you in the office. Come in when you are ready.
After finishing speaking, Xiao Yang watched it again on Qi Man’s computer screen. After taking a look, he turned and left.
Qi Man and Xiao Yang discussed Zhang’s matter and accidentally discussed it for more than two hours.
After confirming the direction and details of the bidding with the head, Qi Man sorted out the notes and documents and put them on the work paper and stood up. If you come to resign from Xiao Yang, the plan is tentatively decided. Mr.
Xiao, I will go out to prepare for this matter. Xiao Yang slightly nodded and agreed to Qi Man’s departure. Qi Man took the documents and his laptop and walked to the door of Xiao Yang’s office.
When the doorknob was being opened, Xiao Yang called her to stop her.
Wait a minute.
Qi Man turned around. Do you have anything to say? Mr.
Xiao Xiao Yang pondered for a moment, and then asked about Chi Han, you know Qi Man, did not expect Xiao Yang to suddenly ask about Chi Han It took me a long time to react to the matter, and I honestly answered yes.
After speaking, Qi Man added that my mother and his mother are very good friends.
Hearing this