Strength Sacred Attribute Resistance Shadow Attribute Resistance Slightly Sevenstar Artifact Wrath of the Holy Spirit Uses the power of Holy Light to summon the angels

Lin Bai was reborn and returned to the world abandoned by the gods. Before the advent of the game, he actively acquired the talent Haotian God Hammer Haotian God Hammer. The first stage of forging weapons will get a five-fold increase.
The second stage unlocks a ten-fold increase. The fourth stage of materialized weapons and equipment is unlocked with a thousand-fold boost.
In the later stage of the game, all the gods and gods from all over the world gather to compete for the supreme god Cang Linbai holding the Haotian God Hammer and wearing the ten-thousand-fold boost. Chapter 1 Rebirth God Abandoned the World Comes to a celibate apartment in Jade Bird City All the marshals here are better than you! Today is the year, month and day. According to a well-known scientist in the Federation, tonight there will be a super moon that is rarely seen in a thousand years.
Remember to take it with you Let’s enjoy it together with other people’s wives. Uh, the volume of the TV in the apartment is very loud.
A handsome young man suddenly woke up. After looking around vigilantly, his eyes showed an incredible look. This is my apartment.
Didn’t I fall in the battle of the gods? Lin Bai tried to mobilize the magical power in his body, and found that the surging divine power in his body had disappeared without a trace, and he was reborn.
After confirming the fact of rebirth, a flash of remembrance flashed in Lin Bai’s eyes.
At midnight, the super moon appeared.
Countless mysterious cards descended from the sky. People only need to touch it.
The card can then enter a game world called Land Abandoned by God. The world is in an uproar.
On the third month of the game’s operation, some players are shocked to find that they can summon items in the Land Abandoned by God in the real world. The whole world was shaken by the extraordinary era. The coming of the Era, the year, the month, the day of the AD, the game ran for one year. The blue star and the god-abandoned world merged with alien civilizations and aggressively invaded humans. After losing countless lives, they finally repelled the alien civilizations in exchange for a short rest. The moon and sun god abandoned the world, the Eternal God Treasure is now in the present world.
It is said that there is a great secret hidden in the Eternal God Treasure Thinking of the huge disparity in power between the gods and the Supreme, Lin Bai’s eyes flashed a palpitation, the power of those supreme gods is too powerful, once the Supreme Law comes out, everything turns into nothingness, even if he is the body of a god, he is not spared.
I only joined the game when the game appeared in the last life, and I missed the important period of development, not to mention that the original talent I got is also relatively low. In this life, I will be reborn with my memory and I will seize every favorable opportunity to help myself achieve the supreme position.
Lin Bai murmured in a low voice His eyes are gradually sharpening like flames dancing.
At this time, the night is gradually falling and a bright moon is slowly rising.
Lin Bai looks out of the window and his body trembles slightly. He knows that it is the adrenaline rushing rapidly. Lin Bai came to the rooftop of the apartment. At this time, there are many young people who appreciate the moonlight.
Well, how about you? There are so many people here, I will Rub it for a while, uh, at this moment, the sky filled with golden cards fell from the sky.
At this moment, countless people looked up at the sky. I don’t know what happened. What the hell is going on? Alien invasion? Encounter, quick shot video will definitely be popular all over the world, eh, wonders, everyone in this world is boiling, what’s going on, my body reacted, and the person who touched the card screamed, and the next moment the yellow light flashed, the person who touched the card first disappeared At the same place, the crowd was stunned, and soon more and more people discovered the secret of the card. Mom, today I am going to sail far away to see you again in this world where you can’t afford a house.
There is no shortage of madmen in this world. The moment the falling golden card was touched, the card disappeared in his palm, and then a familiar sound sounded.
Whether the target god abandoned the world to start teleportation immediately? Lin Bai nodded in agreement, the surrounding environment was changing rapidly, and the next moment, Lin Bai was already in the boundless void, stepping on the soles of his feet.
At the same time, a transparent template appears in front of the eyes of all players who enter the world of God Abandoned.
Welcome to the World of Gods Abandoned.
The following is a warm reminder.
Please carefully check the world of Gods Abandoned.
You will not be blessed by the gods here.
You can only resurrect once a day for free.
Multiple deaths will deduct the four-dimensional attribute. When the attribute falls, each death will deduct one year of the main body life. Afterwards, you can call out the system panel to check your personal information and function panels.
Try to become stronger.
You will meet people from all walks of life.
Don’t trust anyone.
Please keep in mind that the great adventure is about to begin. Whether to summon the altar to get the original talent countdown seconds is Lin Bai’s direct Agree that at the next moment a dark altar engraved with countless mysterious runes suddenly appears.
A deep and mysterious vortex slowly rises above the altar. The prompt sounds again. An ancient pass is detected. Sacrifice a drop of blood to be blessed by the ancient gods. Your lucky value It will permanently increase the luck value, which will increase your treasure drop rate, strengthening rate and trigger special event probability. Whether you sacrifice or not, see the prompt Lin Bai stared at it and sneered in his heart. The first temptation is coming.
The luck value is indeed very profitable. It is an attribute that has many benefits for players, but Lin Bai knows that this is a trap set by the ancient gods. Once you take the initiative to sacrifice blood, you will not be able to draw talents above the legendary level when drawing talents. It also means that you will never be able to escape the ancient gods. If you refuse to sacrifice, will you draw your talent immediately? No, Lin Bai refuses again.
Lin Bai turns his head.