Strange and queer and frightening Cursed this land Here dead minds are resurrected and queerly possessed Evilpossessed bodies are headless bliss are graves where no

Reading Club Believers Foundation Legendary Investigator Wizards Union Honor Grand Magician Superman Association Disaster Advisor Father of Green Flame Brotherhood Leader Secret Keeper Naia Apostle Xia Ren The old haze shrouded the River Styx Eternal flow Pale white moonlight Watching the abominations on the earth in the abyss Waiting for awakening in the Mother Tree of Mercy Shining Cube Triocahedron Old Indian Civilization Fireworks Time Stasis Block Madness Mountains Arkham City Innsmouthtown Witch Seren Raliyah sinks and floats in the deep sea Who will bring the Doomsday star to wake up At that time, where will mankind go? In the mist, Xia Ren is step by step in the ancient dream, witnessing the hidden past and tearing apart the truth of the world. Staring at the abyss for too long, the abyss will also be shy Blue Star will continue to be updated as the plot develops. Blue Star is not the Earth’s historical development trajectory and landform features are completely different. The total area of ​​Blue Star is 1.9 billion square kilometers, of which 800 million square kilometers is land area.
About 20 billion is divided into four states, 40 districts, 800 major cities, and 12,000 cities. All of them are governed by the supreme coalition government.
Under the coalition government sub-administration, there are two violent institutions, namely the police inspector and the dispute arbitration court. It is to combat crimes and maintain social stability. The historical background of the establishment of the Dispute Arbitration Court is that when the supreme coalition government was first established a thousand years ago, the scope of duties of institutions dealing with disputes with other regions that did not join the coalition was numerous and complicated.
In the past 500 years, Blue Star has never seen it again.
All human beings in other countries have joined the Supreme Alliance Government Dispute Arbitration Court but retained their own force and developed into a deformed existence with the function of judging and retaining the power of execution. So far, the technological level of Blue Star has not been reached for three hundred years.
The source of pollution is unknown, but there is no doubt that it all comes from below.
The apostles call it the abyss to be supplemented.
Except for the ancient humans thousands of years ago, no modern human can glimpse the abyss. The creatures in the abyss are beyond human understanding.
Normal people only You need to look directly at it to be able to assimilate other information to be supplemented. Contaminated human beings will have invisible and shapeless creatures after death. Infected bodies have all the memories of the host.
Note that the pollution value during the human survival period reaches above Obviously distorted sanity is also known as infected body distortion.
Humans with a pollution value above are completely distorted.
The body will change and begin to converge with abyssal creatures. Note that infected bodies that do not reach a certain pollution value may also undergo distortion and complete alienation. Contaminated objects have some special abilities. The contained objects are not divided into levels.
Apostle to be replenished.
Gardener to be replenished.
Organization Salvation Foundation to be replenished. Human beings explored all the continents and formed an alliance in the Age of Discovery more than 1,500 years ago. The world’s highest coalition government was established, and a police inspector and a dispute arbitration court were established to maintain the safety of all people’s lives. Since then, the concept of a country has disappeared and replaced it with the same goal for all mankind. It is only due to geographical relations that under the coalition government, it is still divided into continents. Every state has Some Unique Acts The year when the supreme coalition government was formed is called the New Era and now it is the New Era it’s summer in Dongzhou and it’s hot in mid-July The hottest time of the year has arrived even if you’re hiding in the shade I can still feel the oncoming heat wave.
After lunch in summer, autumn and winter, I hurried back to the company until I stepped into the air-conditioned office. The feeling of dryness and heat gradually faded away. Most of my colleagues took advantage of this time to lie on the table and take a nap. She picked up After drinking a glass of water, I went back to my seat and was about to sit down.
The phone suddenly vibrated, and it was an unknown number. An unknown premonition rose in my heart. Ms.
Xia Qiudong? May I ask you? She is a little confused.
Since I know my name, it means that it is not an advertisement.
Is it another treasure store that needs good reviews? But I haven’t bought anything for more than half a month.
Ms. Xia, you have a younger brother.
Is Xia Ren right? This question directly made Xia Qiudong’s heart tremble for no reason. The ominous premonition became stronger and stronger.
She answered a little reluctantly. We are the Third People’s Hospital. I regret to inform you that your brother is coming for a follow-up visit. During the process, his condition suddenly deteriorated, we were already close, and we tried our best to rescue him, but it still failed to save his life. The phone fell to the cold floor with a thud. It’s not Xia Qiudong.
I don’t know how she came to the hospital. There is only one thought in her mind. It’s impossible.
Xia Ren has always behaved normally. She has never told her about being sick. Before she went to work in the morning, her younger brother said to go to the library to check the information.
The morning is fine, obviously the morning is fine, where is my brother? Xia Qiudong held back her tears and asked a young doctor who led her to the basement at the end of the walkway.
Reluctant to go on, she wanted to force herself to calm down, but the tears couldn’t be stopped.
The doctor sighed when he saw this, and he felt very sad.
Xia Ren had already happened when he was diagnosed with interstitial chordoma two years ago.
There is basically no cure for the malignant transformation. This kind of patient usually dies within a year. He voluntarily gave up the treatment, but he still comes for reexamination every few months. I don’t know how he persisted till now key out