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Xu Fan is monopolizing the transactions of the planetary plane while striding forward in his official career. Life is so beautiful. Chapter 1 Volunteering Services The neon lights are flashing, and young men and women can make noise from time to time. Xu Fan feels that he is a bit out of place.
He has been studying and living in this city for four years. I don’t know if the city has not accepted him or he has not accepted this city. It has been difficult to integrate into this city.
The city life that others envy, Xu Fan went to a graduation party hosted by several high school classmates.
Of course, they are not graduating from high school, but students who are studying in the same city.
Facing the upcoming graduation, it will be even more difficult to meet up. Gathered together and walked into the Minghao Hotel, led by the welcome lady, went to the box, opened the door, a burst of laughter came out, and there were already eight people sitting on the sofa, it seems that Xu Fan was the last to arrive. You’re finally here, we’ve been waiting so anxiously! A boy stood up on the seat by the door.
He should be a young man now.
He walked up to Xu Fan and gave him a big bear hug. This young man is Lin Jieshu.
With an inverted triangle figure and a handsome face, he was the school grass of their class in high school.
He is also the initiator of tonight’s party. Since his mother works in the provincial education committee, his father’s real estate business is also very prosperous. My sister is a graduate of Hua University. I heard that her career has been booming in the past few years, so her family background is relatively top among this group of old classmates.
He smiled faintly and didn’t refuse much. He took the wine glass and poured himself three cups. Then everyone even claimed that it was time to look carefully at everyone present.
You can’t help but feel that the boys and girls in the past have matured.
Many boys are mostly dressed in formal clothes. Although the leather shoes on their feet are generally not high-grade, they are also a sign of progress towards the workplace. The girls wear them more casually, but they emphasize their graceful figure.
Wearing light makeup is obviously to show the world that they are not little girls anymore.
After Xu Fan finished drinking The classmates chatted about the life in high school in the past. Although the shadow of the college entrance examination was shrouded, life was still carefree.
They broke the news about each other’s embarrassing stories, which caused bursts of laughter. Xu Fan looked at a girl opposite her.
Wearing a light yellow jumpsuit with lace around the neckline and skirt, her delicate and fair face is even more attractive. Her name is Bai Xiaoru, and she sat at Xu Fan’s back table for three years in high school.
As for why she sat behind Xu Fan? Fan sitting in the front is not because she is taller than Xu Fan, but because of Xu Fan’s good grades. Xu Fan’s three-year high school grades are among the top three in his year, so the tall Xu Fan got a seat very close to the blackboard, but it is a pity that such good grades It didn’t show up in the college entrance examination. A cold and fever before the exam caused him to miss Tiannan University and enter the current Tiannan University of Science and Technology.
Since when did Xu Fan turn his head to look at her unconsciously during the break between classes? That kind of faint warmth made the nerds at that time intoxicated. Because of the stupidity of studying, I went to the university to relax my body and mind, but because of various trivial matters, I couldn’t make the trip.
I saw her again tonight and saw her whispering to a boy sitting next to her from time to time.
Silk tenderness Xu Fan felt a little bitter in his mouth, that boy was called Ye Tian. I remember that he was a very ordinary boy in high school. I asked the graduate student of Shanghai Ji University, and the admission notice of the insurance graduate school will come to my school soon to talk. It’s Lin Jieshu. At this time, the students have almost remembered the past and started to count the future. Wow, I can still have a good time in school.
I want to go to Qiandu Company to be a marketing manager. I don’t know what the so-called manager is. He is actually a soldier under his command. I don’t have to go out to do business every day. The other classmate finished speaking, shook his head and sighed. Xiaotian and I went back to Tianlu to work as foreign orders in a foreign trade company.
Bai Xiaoru finished speaking and looked at Ye Tian with a smile.
The feeling has faded a lot, maybe this is more suitable for her happiness, but I can’t help but smile wryly, I never thought that in romance novels, when you see someone you like throwing yourself into someone else’s arms and wish them happiness, such bloody things will happen in I have a lot of talent in me, how about you? You have been our idol for so many years. Lin Jie read Xu Fan’s words and asked, I want to volunteer in a township government in Tianyan City for two years.
Xu Fan replied with a smile on his face. When Dao heard this, the students couldn’t help being stunned for a while. Of course, Xu Fan also knew why they had such expressions. The voluntary service he said was to participate in the project of college students voluntary service in the western and underdeveloped areas of Tiannan Province, and Tianyan City is located in Tiannan. Although Xu Fan failed the college entrance examination in the province, it is not difficult to find a decent job based on his ability, but he still chose to go to Tianyan City.
He didn’t want to go to the talent market to submit his resume, and he didn’t want to endlessly jump from a company with low salary. The higher-level company didn’t want to find a girl he didn’t love, get married and have children early, so he chose to go to Tianyan to volunteer, although this is a bit different The words made the atmosphere a bit awkward, Lin Jieshu hurriedly smoothed things over, but it could be seen from their eyes that they were not very optimistic about Xu Fan’s future, and the next topic obviously turned to other directions Fan is also happy with this, he doesn’t feel that his classmates are snobby, they are about to graduate, they have an instinctive sensitivity to how to make promising friends, so Xu Fan doesn’t insist on it