Stop talking okay I feel uncomfortable after hearing it you want to hear it I will tell you no I don’t want to hear it

Copywriting Ordinary copywriting Unexpected wife attacking wife Unprepared hand to wife Literary copywriting I am not afraid of loving you, I am afraid of loving you too much Two forced copywriting One is not married once and has never talked about it One has been in love for ten years but ended without a problem Yumu Liao built a family in the most unscientific way in this century.
Blind marriage and dumb marriage. Gu Shengsheng commented that it is awesome.
Even if you dare to marry after seeing a photo that doesn’t look like it, you will not be afraid of admitting your mistake when you get married.
Qiao Xiyan answered nonchalantly.
A cucumber is all the same when the man is naked Xu Yan lightly smiles all the same Qiao Xiyan immediately flatters and denies how can it be possible Your special majestic spoiler version This article has everything you want such as laughing Welcome to the club What kind of mysterious organization is henpeck club? For example, I think my hairstyle looks good. You don’t understand how to appreciate it.
Good-looking hair and ugly people are two different things.
For example, I’m touched. Sometimes I really want to open your heart to see who’s inside. Cut it open and look in the mirror and you’ll know if there’s something cute about you, you can take a look at the content Tags Marriage and Love Made in Heaven and Urban Love Search Keyword Protagonist Qiao Xiyan Supporting role Xu Yan Du Weijun Chen Mangu Derivatives Ye Subei Xue Lingquan Other Ai Produced by Xiaotu Authentic Dog Blood Essay Cautiously Entering the Pit Chapter 1 Qiao Xiyan hates rain the most when it rains, the humid air everywhere becomes heavy, making people feel like they are suffocating, especially this kind of light rain. People are as annoying as when a woman is crying. It’s really unpleasant.
At this moment, Qiao Xiyan is standing by the gate of the shopping mall to hide from the rain. In front of a pedestrian street with people coming and going, she looks at the row upon row of Spanish-style buildings through the water mist.
She feels dumbfounded. My boredom has reached the highest point.
Here, her wallet and mobile phone were stolen by a thief with no eyesight. The wallet and mobile phone were taken away, and the bag she bought in Hong Kong was scratched. More than 40,000 bags, look at her.
On the other side of the square building at a 90-degree corner, on the other side, there is a lot of people talking about it. You don’t need to look to know that there are already many onlookers.
This noise comes from time to time. Two wailing and pleading sentences similar to Qiong Yao’s TV series, combined with the sound of little raindrops ticking, the sound effect is sad, it really fits this wonderful day. She got up and turned around and rushed into the rain. She was wearing the high heels she bought together with her bag. The heel was a full ten centimeters and she stepped on the floor tiles with a rattling sound.
The aura of the scene was like that of the devil wearing clothes. Miranda appeared for the first time. The situation is Qiao Xiyan, who is tall enough to wear high heels at 1.
84 meters.
She aggressively pushes away from the crowd and walks into the three protagonists who are surrounded by people.
The two slaps from the woman were two slaps so hard that the woman fell to the ground. The man next to him who had been silent for a while finally showed his expression. He hurried over to help the woman and yelled at Qiao Xiyan with angry eyes. Where did the crazy woman come from, how could she beat someone with her hands? Qiao Xiyan rubbed her palms, walked over with a smile, looked down at the two of them and said, “I’m going to hit someone, why?” After speaking, she kicked the woman’s abdomen fiercely, and the woman immediately curled up in pain and bowed like a shrimp.
The man in the body swung his sleeves and was about to step forward Qiao Xiyan kicked him on the leg quickly and ruthlessly, with a reckless look on his face, the man was kicked so loudly that he fell to the ground, what kind of man is really useless Joe Xi Yan snorted, she turned her eyes coldly and returned to the woman she knocked down just now, she warned domineeringly, the bitch thought I couldn’t beat you to death, she took off her shoe and smashed it on that woman’s face From now on give me Be honest and don’t mess with other people’s husbands like a bitch, or I will see you hit you once in the future. It’s uncomfortable to walk barefoot on the slippery ground, but look at the stunned onlookers around and think about picking up shoes now. The majestic Qiao Xiyan could only force herself to endure, she frowned step by step, walked up to the plain woman who was still crying, looked her up and down, and said in a tone of hating iron and steel, what’s the use of crying? Will a cheap man sympathize with you? The bitch will sympathize with you, you are going to kneel down to this kind of bitch, expecting her to return her husband to you, you are out of your mind, you pulled her by her drooping collar and sighed softly, you have this skill, you might as well take care of it Why would a man like this who lives a decent life want to come here? Burning it on Qingming Festival would be considered dirty even by ancestors.
Qiao Xiyan was educating the crying woman aggressively. A policeman in uniform came in, head on his hips, yelling, what’s the matter, who is making trouble here? It’s the first time Qiao Xiyan has entered the police station for such a big man. The policemen in uniform are not as heroic as she imagined, but here they come She often has a solemn and solemn attitude. Everyone knows that Qiao Xiyan is a female hooligan who is afraid of the police.
Naturally, she blinks her eyes and lowers her head a little uneasy, looking at her toes, which were originally white.
The toes are stained with black mud. The color difference is cold.
The dark red nail polish she painted looks like dried blood at the moment, which is a bit shocking.
Qiao Xiyan feels her feet hurt, but the black mud is everywhere, and she can’t tell if there is a wound. Oh, what a crime, why did she throw away her shoes on impulse? Shoes Qiao Xiyan regretted that she was too old.
Sitting opposite her was the youngest and most handsome policeman Qiao Xiyan could see in the entire police station.
Just a glimpse was enough to shock, let alone a closer look.
Because of this, she didn’t want to raise her head even more.
She really regretted being meddling when the handsome guy saw this ugliness. The policeman’s voice was cold, pleasant and friendly. Don’t dare to look up and say Qiao Xiyan