Stop me and let me go quickly let me pass those government servants obviously cant do anything about him but because of Zhang Luochens order

Chapter 1 Legend of the Three Realms Zhang Luochen stared intently at the screen in front of him, concentrating on manipulating his game character, rushing back and forth among hordes of monsters, the sound of spell explosions, and the screams of monsters kept coming from the speaker, extremely intense His bedroom door Suddenly it was opened. Roommate Chen Feng came in from the outside, holding a cup of coffee in his hand, with a helpless expression on his face. I said it was already twelve o’clock and you were still playing games.
As Chen Feng said, he sat down on the armchair behind him to watch Glancing at the screen, he said in surprise, and he was still playing such an old game.
Zhang Luochen didn’t look back, he was being besieged by a group of monsters and ghosts. Tongtian Tower, at the end, the master of Tongtian’s Great Annihilation Technique was fired one after another, even though he was wearing the legendary Taishang Tianzun suit. With six or seven layers of protective spells, it would take hundreds of thousands of damage to hit him.
I didn’t dare to be distracted.
I’m sorry, did I wake you up? Do you need me to change the earphones? He asked without turning his head while operating the keyboard. Uh, no, no, no, I can’t sleep anyway, I’m just a little weird, it’s so old, you’re still playing this game, Tongtian Jiaozhu, you’ve played it 800 times, right? Zhang Luochen knows why Chen Feng is so weird, he’s playing a game called Three Realms The legendary old game may not be appropriate to describe it as an old game. It is more appropriate to use an old antique game. This game is a Xianxia online game that appeared on the market fifteen years ago. It was a sensation when it appeared at that time.
With its super high The graphics with good gameplay and the background design of the game full of Xianxia atmosphere were once popular, but it is a pity that the Three Realms studio that made this game did not know what was wrong and thought that the game they made was An unprecedented perfect game. Therefore, at the same time as the public beta, it announced that the game will never launch any follow-up versions or expansion packs, or even game patches. That is to say, this game will never have any content updates, let alone It is not hard to imagine that almost no one believed the statement of Three Realms Studio at that time, because it is really unbelievable that such a profitable and popular game does not plan to launch any follow-up No matter how you look at it, it is against common sense to make the version bigger and stronger. Most people regard this announcement as an advertisement for game operators to attract popularity.
However, although this advertisement is a bit puzzling, because this game is indeed very classic, it is very popular to play. There are still a lot of people.
In the era when home computers were not yet popular, they even once occupied half of the Internet cafes, and Zhang Luochen and Chen Feng also entered the pit at that time.
They can be regarded as the first batch of ashes-level old players who entered the pit, but no matter how fun it is The game can’t stand the passing of time.
After all, players will always like the new and dislike the old. The same, the first time you play it is shocking.
When you play the hundredth time, you only have to follow the script. No matter how wonderful the plot is, the first time you see it, it is touching. When I saw it a hundred times, I just wanted to skip it. After three years of operation of the game Legend of the Three Realms, I just want to play the game.
After five years of operation, the number of players in the game is less than half of what it was in its heyday.
Most of the remaining players are still waiting and looking forward to the next new expansion piece with luck. Jian doesn’t know when there will be a big move.
A large-scale expansion piece or a sequel or something is not enough. A high-definition reset version will do. However, many players are surprised that this game is really similar to the original work of the Three Realms.
As advertised by the studio, no follow-up version has been launched.
The content of the game has remained unchanged for thousands of years. Even the Three Realms Studio has disbanded at some point, and all the members of the studio have disappeared.
In the end, more and more players are tired of the early game. The well-known game content has withdrawn from the game, and with the gradual rise of online games, the number of players in Legend of the Three Worlds has declined year by year.
In the tenth year of the game’s operation, there is only one server left for the entire game. Today, Legend of the Three Worlds In the 15th year, even the number of players on the only remaining server is already a handful, yet Zhang Luochen still hasn’t given up and is still playing this game that no one plays anymore, which seems a bit strange. Facing Chen Feng’s question But he sighed. In fact, I was already a little tired. Then why are you still playing? Chen Feng asked inexplicably. The tower is the most difficult map in the Legend of the Three Realms game. This tower has a total of 33 floors. The monsters become stronger as you go up. The top ten floors will randomly refresh the Legend of the Three Realms. The strongest Tongtian leader drops various epic and legendary monsters. The equipment even has a very low chance of dropping artifacts, so Tongtian Tower is also a map with the largest number of players in the later game There is a long bridge leading to the clouds, and at the end of the long bridge stands a gate. The gate is tightly closed. On the gateposts on both sides of the gate are written two lines of poems.
There is also a stone tablet near the door that says the biggest and greatest secret in this game is here When the player clicks on the door, there will be a reminder that the player must reach the level to open the door.
However, in the game Legend of the Three Realms, the player’s recognized level limit is level 60 because the player’s ultimate skill is the talent learned at level 60.
The tree is also up to level 60.
The highest requirement for equipment in the game is also level 60.