Still positive the sun is full of hope for the future but at night her heart is already ashamed the road ahead is dark and

Qian Qiuqiu’s old lady has slept with you and you still don’t believe that I love you Chen Du Now people are fading and don’t care about their heart It is said on the Internet that a woman loves a man and is willing to give birth to him.
Qian Qiuqiu gave birth to my wife. I gave birth to a football team for you. After the son was born, Chen Du was sad again. Qiuqiu’s heart was all on her son. She no longer loved me. Husband dotes on God Chen Du You just lied to me I don’t believe that Qian Qiuqiu’s old lady has slept with you You still don’t believe I love you Chen Du It’s popular among people now that you don’t care about your heart I know I’m a cripple and I don’t deserve you Qianqiu then What do you want to believe that I love you Chen Du said on the Internet that a woman loves a man and is willing to give birth to him Qianqiu gave birth to a football team for you. Then the son was born and Chen Du was sad again.
Qiuqiu’s heart is all on her son.
I Don’t Love Me Chapter 1 I’m sorry I died with hatred in the first place In a dark and damp basement Lice and cockroaches crawled unimpeded Mice even made this place their home All the stolen things were piled up and moved here There are also white babies just born The little mouse snuggled up next to a corner of the clothes to warm his body.
Along the corners of the clothes, he saw a woman with disheveled hair, dirty face, and bruised nose and swollen face. The horrific back was exposed, and there were countless criss-cross welts.
New wounds and old wounds were intertwined like this. Cockroaches walked on her bare skin, and only then did she have a slight reaction.
Her body was trembling and trembling. The mother mouse didn’t notice it.
Instead of fear, she unscrupulously carried the baby to her hair, because it found that the seaweed-like long hair was warmer, and it was more suitable for its cubs to make a nest.
When there was a loud bang, the iron door of the basement was opened.
The mother mouse was so frightened that she hurriedly moved her cubs to the side.
Hearing the sound, the cockroaches also moved away from the woman on the ground. The woman on the ground still didn’t move.
After the loud noise, there was a burst of whipping.
Every day, she was still cursing furiously like this before. They, but now she has been beaten numb and has no strength in her body, she doesn’t know how long she can hold on to this life without the sun, will someone come to save her? You don’t know how much I envy you.
Everyone knows that you died in a car accident, and only Chen Du was abandoned by you and was disabled, looking for you all over the world like a fool. It’s a pity, how can I let him find you? So I Just moved his car for a while, and he is still lying there, can he save his life? Then another woman in a red dress walked in with a long whip and a pair of black. His bright eyes are like arrows spit out by a poisonous snake, staring at the woman lying on the ground.
Why does that cripple look down on her? She didn’t despise him as a cripple.
He dared to say that she even gave Qian Qiuqiu, a bitch, a raise.
The shoes don’t deserve it Now who the hell is lying on the ground unworthy Hearing that they hurt Chen Du, Qian Qiuqiu finally reacted, she supported her body and struggled to get up from the ground, her face was bloodstained and she couldn’t see the expression on her face, only her wide-eyed almond eyes were full of anger, as if poisoned Looking at the tall woman in front of me like a sneer, Xia Chuchu, you are so pitiful. I didn’t expect you to envy me. I like Chen Du, so you beat me every day because of jealousy? Xia Chuchu’s little secret hidden in his heart was exposed.
He swung his whip furiously and lashed at Qian Qiuqiu’s back, cursing, “I’m jealous of you, you deserve Chen Du, he himself has no eyes and no eyes and likes you, an idiot, that’s what he deserves.
” They were so scared that they hid in the dark corner Xia Chuchu taunted and said, “What are you proud of? Look at my diamond ring Jiang She gave it to me. We are going to get married soon. Are you sad? You love me.
” Man, he doesn’t like you at all, he just takes advantage of you, right? Xia Chuchu turned on the phone, Qian Qiuqiu saw on the phone screen that Jiang She was wearing a well-tailored haute couture suit, standing proudly on the stage, holding the microphone face with great confidence. Facing the media reporters here, I would like to ask Mr. Jiang why he bought the Qianshi Group.
As far as we know, the Qianshi Group is worthless. Is this an unwise move for the development of the Jiang Group? There are rumors that it is because of the death of the Qianshi Group. Missy’s reason, is that right? Yes, I’m really not rational when buying Qian’s this time, but Miss Qian is my friend. I can’t watch my deceased friend’s family business be destroyed. I want to protect the former Qian’s Group in my own way. Incorporating it into the Jiang Group Mr. Jiang is so generous, I believe the late Miss Qian will be very pleased to have a friend like you.
We see Mr.
Jiang wearing a wedding ring on his hand, is he planning to get married? Thank you My fiancée, Xia Chuchu, has helped me and never left me.
Here I use this press conference to tell her that I love you, Chuchu.
Qian Qiuqiu can’t stand it anymore. She really hates this couple so much that she can’t drink from them.
Blood ate their flesh, they teamed up to create her car accident, fake death, Jiang She, this scumbag, even relying on her trust, secretly colluded with the finances and swept away all Qian’s funds, which led to Qian’s bankruptcy.
He is quite shameless now.
The purpose of buying Qianshi Group is to help her, it’s ridiculous that he has been coveting Qianshi Group for a long time, right? It’s a shameless achievement to buy Qianshi Group with money from Qianshi Group.
Her good cousin hated her even more. She gave her heart and soul to her uncle’s family, but they stabbed her in the back and cooperated with Jiang She to trick her into going on a trip, but on the way, she made the illusion of her death in a car accident, locked her in this basement, and beat you every day.
Die badly