Still in Shangyu County magistrate Lu Kang Lu Ji and Lu Xun are both still in Lujiang County Zhuge Jin has not yet been introduced

I feel that the advantages of the time traveler are gone, so I plan to live in peace and stability, but I don’t want to be a fiancée. The weight and body fat percentage is only 1 kg. Don’t ask me how I did it. The image of a fat man can be switched to a muscular macho at any time. As for why he maintains this posture, he hugged Sun Ce coquettishly and hugged him softly. The author’s custom label is easy. Chapter 1 Girl Sun Ce’s fiancée This time you have to follow me In the kitchen, a fat chef who is 1.8 meters and 200 pounds continues to be busy with his work. Besides, I am a chef who can’t match you. At that time, a dish was finished and a light green light was faintly visible.
Of course, there will be waiters to help deliver the dishes.
The army also lacks excellent firemen.
I can immediately appoint you as a girl who joins the army. Continue to persuade the army and then be mainly responsible for the fire. Go crazy and say that with the friendship between your father and your father, even without me, he will help you.
From the cook’s point of view, the girl will come to the door this time. In fact, she is still interested in his father, Wu Jun Duwei Zhu Zhi. This cook is Zhu Zhi Shishi.
The eldest son Zhu Xin, who does not exist in the world, is nineteen years old this year and did not inherit his father’s job as a sage. He is actually a chef.
If he didn’t look like him, I think others would suspect that Zhu Zhi was wearing a hat.
The job can only be confirmed after he is twelve years old, so it was earlier. When he was young, many people thought that he would inherit Zhu Zhi’s career as a sage, who could rule the country, govern the country, secure the country, and be able to protect the country.
Just kidding, we made a marriage agreement. After the age of 12, we decided to get married. Who knew that at the age of 12, Zhu Xin was a chef.
The scene was embarrassing, and the two sides never mentioned the marriage contract.
At that time, Sun Jian went to Changsha after he accompanied the army to fight against the Liangzhou rebellion. The Xing Rebellion in Pingding District faded away. Zhu Xin gradually became marginalized in Zhu’s house, and then he simply stopped serving him and went to Wanling to open a restaurant to live his life. I will stay in Wanling for two days. You can think about it.
Thinking about the young girl, Sun Ce did not expect Zhu Xin to be so stubborn.
He could only sigh and turn around to leave. On the way to leave, he complained insignificantly.
What the elders think is not mine. Looking at the girl Sun Ce leaving, Zhu Xin has mixed feelings. One is that his occupation is really a chef. Cooking is a good thing. It’s useless for marching, fighting and governing the country. If I insist on it, I can be a good wife and help the family to cook the husband. Two.
It’s his identity. The real Zhu Xin died when he was eleven years old.
Now he is just a time traveler.
Perhaps his soul is different. Twelve years old When the occupation is tested, it is a cook, not a sage, or a low-ranking sage, or a high-ranking national scholar. The world is not the Three Kingdoms in his cognition. At least such a magical change of occupation cannot exist in front of this thing.
In this world, Sun Ce is actually a girl or something, so it is not so conspicuous. Later, I found records in this area and said that during the Western Zhou Dynasty, a flying fairy from heaven came and brought a lot of crops and knowledge. It also settled in the land of China in advance. The natural cooking also appeared in the pre-Qin period. It has been perfected in the Han Dynasty for four hundred years. That is to say, it is not impossible to create some special recipes through the foresight of the traveler, but the difficulty has increased a lot. The double advantage is that at least there is no shortage of spices such as pepper, pepper, star anise, and cinnamon, and then there is a profession.
After the appearance of Feixian from the sky, this world has a ratio of non-professionals to professionals. The ratio of males to females among professionals is about seven to three. On the other hand, 30% of men and 70% of women are women, so women began to serve as officials. The status of men and women gradually became relatively equal.
Women began to be allowed to be heirs of the family, so Sun Ce, even a woman, could be Sun Jian’s heir because of his general career.
The third brother, Sun Yi, was The lower-ranking generals, Sun Quan and Sun Kuang, inherited Mrs.
Wu’s job, but the former is the upper-ranking prime minister and the latter is the lower-ranking scribe.
Speaking of occupations, there are also mutations.
Mutating into an emperor, Zhu Xin thinks it is more appropriate to describe this situation as a job change, but this kind of mutation is very, very rare, but Zhu Xin believes that Sun Ce should be able to break through the upper limit of his profession in the future and achieve the title of Overlord. The problem is Overlord was short-lived just after laying the foundation and before he had time to enjoy people, he was gone. After that, Sun Quan came to power. There are many rumors behind this. After all, in history, Sun Kuang and Sun Yi were Wu Chenghou and the other was elected as Sun Ce’s heir. It turned out that they were all around the year of Sun Ce’s death or Soon after his death, he died one after another. He was just a chef.
Zhu Xin warned himself, especially in history, because of the emergence of occupations, there may be great changes, and this world is not what I know. It is not an honor to be Sun Ce’s fiancée, but a ticking time bomb. He is not confident that he can save Sun Ce. After all, Sun Ce has a strong personality in history and likes to wander around the world.