Still hesitating and unable to make up his mind on how to choose he pouted and looked at Qingye and asked must he choose the

No one knows where it ends in the vast Lingwu University.
In the easternmost part of the land, Pingyang City in the Eastern Jin Dynasty, the Ling family is full of Qionglou Yuyu Gardens, covering an area as large as a thousand, and it is a full moon night.
At this moment, the Ling family lights up.
There is a festive atmosphere everywhere, and the hall of the Ling family is full of people’s voices. Everyone’s face is full of joy and anticipation. Amidst the envious eyes and the sound of admiration, everyone is paired up.
The newlyweds in red dress were surrounded by stars and walked into the hall. Although the bride was covered by a red hijab, her exquisite figure and slender figure wrapped in a phoenix robe caught everyone’s eyes.
A fresh and elegant atmosphere really makes people wish to immediately take off the red hijab on her head to see how glamorous it is, and the groom beside her has star-eyed, sword-like brows like a jade crown, which is even more beautiful against the red dress.
It is a handsome and handsome pair, a perfect combination of man and woman, a gifted man and a beautiful woman.
Looking at the couple who came to congratulate, the envious look in their eyes has become more auspicious.
The auspicious time has come for the newcomers to enter the hall. An old man with a red face Slowly stroking his gray beard with a deep smile, he said in a loud voice that this old man is the city lord of Pingyang City, Aoba, an acquired ninefold strong man, the officiant specially invited by the Ling family. It shows that the Ling family has a pivotal position in the entire Pingyang City. Amidst the high-pitched shouts of the officiant Lang Lang and the cheerful sound of musical instruments, a couple of newlyweds stepped forward and walked slowly.
But at this moment, the groom’s movements seemed to have a somewhat stiff face. The expression on the head is also extremely unnatural, and the wandering eyes are even more trance-like, as if he is always paying attention to the people around him. Father Feng seems to be very nervous. In the hall, a young man with thick eyebrows and big eyes who looks quite similar to the groom smiled slightly. Facing a middle-aged man in a red robe sitting beside him on a red chair, he murmured in his ear, “Well, maybe Feng’er is too tired, after all, the middle-aged man who can’t bear it after a few days of tossing raised his head and looked at it with concern.” The groom turned his head to the young man beside him and said to him after worshiping for a while, your big brother is not a father in vain, don’t worry, since I was a child, when did I let Brother Feng suffer? The young man smiled and took a picture He patted his chest and promised, and then once again turned his eyes to the couple in front of him.
The newlyweds first bowed to the sky and earth, and Gaotang married couple to send the bride to the bridal chamber. Listening to Qingye’s hearty and vigorous voice, Ling Feng, who is the groom, stood in front of everyone.
Kowtowing his head numbly in the beautiful words and envious eyes, the whole person is in a trance, like falling into a dream. This is actually how I came here on the night of my marriage at the age of eighteen. Is it true or is it just a dream? Everything seemed so real, looking at the pair of flickering yellow candles in front of him, the big red happy words on the wall, listening to the congratulatory words from the crowd, Ling Feng shook his swollen head, feeling a little half-dream and half-awake Everything in front of me is so real and illusory.
This is exactly the scene of my wedding night.
The scene that I have dreamed about countless times, this is a moment that changed my life from extreme joy to extreme sorrow.
Ling Feng was startled and suddenly recalled that it was the night of the wedding night in his bridal chamber.
His father, Ling Xiao, brother Ling Luo, and his wife Tang Yan, who had just passed through the door, escaped in order to protect themselves.
They all spilled blood on the spot. My wedding night was the time when my father and brother died tragically, and the Ling family was destroyed.
A person who can’t cultivate is a complete waste. He can only watch one family member after another fall in front of him, but he is powerless. Thinking of this, Ling Feng suddenly felt a sharp pain in his heart.
Although he exhausted all kinds of methods and finally Solved the problem of dantian and finally stepped into martial arts, but at that time, I had already missed the best age for cultivation.
I was doomed to not have great achievements in martial arts, let alone revenge for my relatives.
Ling Feng really doesn’t know how he survived the muddled days every day.
Without family love and loneliness, he feels that he is living like a walking corpse. Scenes of the past flashed through his mind. If everything in front of me is true, how should I face this crisis of the Ling family? How should I save the Ling family? How should I save my relatives? Feng smiled sadly and was a little unsure.
Could it be that he fainted from the pain because of the forced fusion of the Fantian seal? In the endless sea, after fighting with countless strong men with their lives, an ancient relic was found after ten days of non-stop searching. It is said that it is a treasure that can change fate against the sky.
Ling Feng believes that with this treasure As long as he works hard, one day he will be able to kill his enemies and avenge his father and wife.
With a sad smile, Ling Feng turned his head and looked at the center of the hall.
There, a middle-aged man also wearing a festive red suit was smiling and raised his glass to the surroundings from time to time.
The congratulatory guests looked much happier than him getting married.
This look is eternal. Ling Feng couldn’t look away again, and he didn’t even dare to blink. He was afraid that if he blinked, all the beautiful things in front of him would disappear from his dreams. His father Ling Feng choked up and called softly.
The voice of the stalwart man who had always cared for him had a slightly hoarse voice, and his eyes were a little wet.
The middle-aged man seemed to have heard Ling Feng’s call, but suddenly turned his head and looked over. Wait till you see him in a trance