Staring vigilantly at Tian Tians solemnity in the smoke he couldnt help but secretly chuckled a mischievous idea came into his mind spontaneously his head

What kind of inexplicable time travel is the whole? Majestic, in junior high school, was obsessed with martial arts novels.
He heard his father tell about two secret books and a Miao knife handed down from ancient times in his family. Solemn heard that the family is still a martial arts family with legendary martial arts secret books. His eyes are bulging. After Xing was too excited, Zhuang Yan died and soaked hard for nearly a week. Zhuang’s father was so annoyed that he finally had to dig it out from the bottom of the storage room at home and gave it to Zhuang Yan.
Zhuang Yan said with a heartbroken face, Dad, you are so condemned by God, Zhuang’s father said angrily, brat, did you curse Dad like this? After speaking, he gave Zhuang Yan a chestnut.
Your martial arts cheats are actually being used as floor mats by you like this.
Couldn’t Father Zhuang want to curse himself when he heard Zhuang Yan? I have practiced this martial arts secret book when I was young, but it doesn’t work, but if you want to try this inner skill, you must do it under my supervision. After all, if you are so obsessed with martial arts novels, you should know that practicing inner skills indiscriminately will lead to madness and death. Father Zhuang frightened Zhuang Yan, then Father Zhuang said that this sword technique is also good for strengthening the body, and Father Zhuang said that he seemed hesitant to speak here, Father Zhuang thought about it, but said that this sword technique is not only the most basic sword move Every move above is a move that kills people, don’t use it to bluff the market. Father Zhuang said here with a serious face and said solemnly. Seeing Father Zhuang telling himself so seriously, Zhuang Yan couldn’t help but keep it in mind and nodded. Speaking of Dad, don’t worry, besides, what age is it now? No matter how advanced the martial arts is, I’m afraid of guns. Zhuang Yan didn’t wait for Dad to talk, and couldn’t wait to hold these two cheats. After many years of hard training, Zhuang Yan continued to practice for many years. The discovery of martial arts has no effect other than clear head, clear eyesight, and physical fitness, and because of this, for the sake of practicing martial arts, Majestic’s grades have fallen a lot.
In the end, he was admitted to a third-rate university and wasted all these years of youth.
It’s meaningless at all, which makes Zhuang Yan very decadent.
He is completely immersed in the game and animation, and becomes an otaku. During his junior year holiday, Zhuang Yan routinely practiced unknown sword skills with a wooden knife at home.
This is the only thing he has maintained after many years of martial arts training It is a habit to wait until Zhuang Yan finished practicing and start tidying up the utility room at home. This is because Zhuang Yan suddenly remembered that Zhuang’s father said that there was a seedling knife passed down in the family, which made Zhuang Yan curious.
He waited until the whole room was cleaned up. I found this knife.
When I solemnly got it in my hand, I saw that it was a black stick, except for an oval guard reminding that there was a handle.
There was no conspicuous place, as if it was a fire in the countryside. Like a stick, solemnly held it in his hand and weighed it.
The weight of the knife was just right.
He was about to draw out the knife.
Holding the scabbard in one hand on his chest and the handle in the other, he gradually exerted all his strength, only to see Zhuang Yan’s veins popping up all over his body, his face turned red, he could only hear a sharp sound at the junction of the handle and scabbard, and only saw the slight slight movement of the blade. The length of two fingers was exposed, and the whole knife didn’t move no matter how hard it came out.
It turned out to be rusted.
Looking at the exposed blade, Zhuangyan thought of a hardware store nearby that specializes in rust removal. Wait until Zhuangyan got dressed and left the house with the knife.
Walking towards the hardware store and waiting until it was almost time to step out of the door, Zhuang Yan’s head suddenly became dizzy. When Zhuang Yan came back to his senses, he couldn’t help being stunned. Where is this? I saw that the surroundings are full of ancient styles.
Medieval buildings, pedestrians coming and going on both sides of the road, some human beings and some non-humans walking around with heads like lizards on their heads, this is deceiving, Majestic muttering to himself Majesticly looking at everything in front of him for a long time Suddenly he pinched himself severely with his hand, Zhuang Yan grinned his teeth in pain, covered his head with his hands, shook his head and shouted loudly, “I don’t want to do this, when Zhuang Yan calmed down, he suddenly saw strange eyes from all around him, no matter whether it was human or non-human.
When I looked at myself, I couldn’t help but blushed.
I quickly found a small alley, lowered my head, and rushed in quickly. Why did I suddenly cross? Zhuang Yan walked aimlessly while thinking about the reason for the sudden crossing.
Could it be the reason for this knife? Thinking in my heart, I raised the Miao Dao in my left hand at the same time to observe carefully.
Hey, this knife seems to be a little cleaner.
I remember correctly. Now the biggest doubt that caused Zhuang Yan to cross is this knife. Zhuang Yan tried to pull out the knife. With the screeching sound of friction between the blade and the scabbard, Zhuang Yan was pulled out without any hindrance Is it possible to pull it out? It seems that the trouble is indeed that this knife is put back into the sheath solemnly, thinking bitterly, how can I go back? Is this knife still needed as an opportunity? Majestic and curious, since I came to this different world, I can only take a step and look at it. Maybe according to the strategy above, this is the event that triggers the mission? Thinking of this, Majestic’s spirit lifts his left hand and tightens the Miaodao in his hand. It seems to me these Years of hard training are not in vain! Zhuang Yan followed the sound and walked over. What caught his eyes was a standard robbing posture, but the target of the robbery was wearing a very familiar set of sports clothes.
Isn’t this the clothes from the earth? Overjoyed, he waved his hand at the person in the sportswear and said, “Hey fellow, why are you here too?” The solemn words just fell