Staring closely at Tojo Nozomis eyes in her slightly shy eyes Xia Yes face moved towards her and the lips of the two approached each

The system is awakened, which narrow room is Xia Ye lying on the floor in a daze, sitting up from the floor, eyes wide open, Xia Ye looks around blankly, the narrow room is full of all kinds of rubbish, but it is It’s not messy. Large and large garbage bags are piled up in the corner near the door. Apart from the garbage with a strong sense of presence, the most eye-catching thing is probably a whole row of bookshelves.
Several bookshelves in a row are leaning against the wall.
There are all kinds of graphic novels. On the opposite side of the bookshelf is a simple single bed. Near the only window sill in the room is a desk in the same color as the single bed. On the desk lies a notebook quietly. The computer is in the center of the room, and there is a low table.
On the low table, a plate of cakes completely spoiled by melted candles is lying there quietly, blinking slightly, and the hazy eyes are gradually becoming clear.
Summer night’s thoughts have also recovered, right here. It’s my room.
Yesterday was my sixteenth birthday. I rubbed my forehead. Xia Ye’s disturbed thoughts finally adjusted, but she was still full of surprises. I didn’t expect the so-called reincarnation to really exist. Xia Ye is not from this world. Or should I say that sixteen years ago, he was not a person in this world.
Yesterday was Xia Ye’s sixteenth birthday in this world.
He ran away from home, except for receiving a MMS from his childhood sweetheart in other places. He was alone. I spent my birthday alone, but when he lit the candle and made his wish, he heard a sound of mechanical system starting, and then he fell into a coma.
In this sudden coma, Xia Ye’s mind belonged to the previous life. In the previous life, Xia Ye was a very ordinary person.
He learned painting, calligraphy, musical instruments, and software, but in the end, he gave up halfway and got nothing.
In his previous life, he was really a person without perseverance.
But the only thing he can keep pursuing is the variety of the two-dimensional world, right? Comics, novels, games, animations, music, and variety shows are all his favorites.
It seems that the two-dimensional world is the most blissful pure land, but on a certain day, the crazy krypton gold In a game called Onmyoji, Xia Ye finally drew the last card and collected all shikigami. There was a loud bang, followed by the aurora and earthquake that seemed to be the end of the world, and he lost consciousness. After that, this memory was connected. It is the memories of the sixteen years since I came to this world, from the warmth of infancy to the hard work of practicing in the shrine, and the warm smiles of my childhood sweethearts.
Every bit of it lingers in Xia Ye’s heart. The fusion of past and present memories makes Xia Ye feel strange. Looking at the surrounding environment, there is a feeling of both strangeness and familiarity, but he soon broke free from this feeling because he thought of a very important thing. The system thought of the mechanical sound he heard before the memory awakened Xia Ye A flash of anticipation flashed in his eyes, and he spit out two words softly.
A virtual light screen appeared directly in front of Xia Ye. The system really exists! No yin and yang points Possess magic skills Kanda Shrine Inheritance Myogami-style Onmyojutsu Advanced Possess skills Intermediate writing Elementary painting Elementary calligraphy Elementary software production Elementary musical instrument performance tsk Almighty Onmyoji Originally, Xia Ye, who was looking forward to having the system, saw the name of the system at the moment There is a clear trace of resistance to Onmyoji, this is the main reason why Xia Ye ran away from home, entrusted to her parents who spend their honeymoon all over the world all day, Fu Xia Ye was thrown into the care of her grandfather, who presides over the Kanda Myojin Shrine, at a very young age. It has outstanding inspiration and was raised by my grandfather as the heir of the shrine. Originally, it was nothing. I had no memory of my previous life for sixteen years. Xia Ye was still a very well-behaved child who studied hard every day until that incident happened. After that incident, Xia Ye gave up onmyoji.
His identity even sealed his yin and yang eyes, and then the lost Xia Ye came into contact with the comics and novels of this world, as if born instinctively, as soon as he came into contact with otaku culture, Xia Ye fell into it and completely became a standard otaku, but grandpa would not Let him avoid it time and time again, wanting him to cheer up and return to what he should have been as the heir, so in order to avoid the responsibility of the shrine’s inheritance and for a better house, Xia Ye ran away from home and came to Xia Ye several times.
Grandpa, who failed and returned, seemed to have given up in the end and didn’t come again. Although I feel very sorry for Grandpa’s expectations, Xia Ye can only go on like this. I called, and I called, and Xia Ye hesitated with a tangled face.
Do you want to study the system when the phone on the table suddenly rings? When you hear this specially set ringtone, you will know that the caller is definitely your childhood sweetheart whom you haven’t seen for several years.
With a sigh of relief, he flipped open his flip phone and pressed the connect button. Saya got up and didn’t come to the station to pick us up. A crisp voice came from the other end of the phone, but the tone of the voice was not at all polite.
It simply and directly conveyed important information.
Xia Ye couldn’t help being stunned by the voice from the other end, it wasn’t because of the other party’s tone and their familiarity, such an impolite tone is normal.
What surprised Xia Ye was the meaning in her words, you want What do you mean we’re coming back? We’re already on the train.
We’ll arrive at the station in an hour and you can go out.
If you don’t see you at the station, you know the consequences. A strong threat comes from the opposite side. But Xia Ye can hear a trace of expectation from it, promise to complete the task Uncle and aunt didn’t come back with you, and replied in a joking tone Xia Ye held the phone in one hand and began to rummage through the clothes he went out with the other They are still in Kyoto