Staring at the dark and ancient universe with an indifferent and silent expression If I had to choose to be together again I would rather

Only fishing is the only way to survive. My injustice, the street lamp pendant boss, the first world, we are the worst demon cult, the second world, the overbearing evil god, the boss fell in love with me, and the third world, Master True and False. The End of the Black Lotus World is Kao Gong Complete the fourth world on how to open a hot pot restaurant to promote the century-old development of ghosts and creatures It’s the end of the world and you have to touch fish to complete the eighth world interstellar novel. What else is there besides the Zerg? Complete the first-person male protagonist’s complaints. This article is about me as a social animal who is driven crazy by the boss.
The protagonist of the literature will live and die because of death You will only be able to pass through to the next world if you don’t care about it.
Don’t be a non-major hero.
Shuangwen’s early protagonist is even a little frustrated. After all, it takes a process to grow up, but the protagonist is a good person. Supporting roles Demon Cult Zhong Yanuo Other villains Moyu A word introduction I’ve been kneeling on the cold bluestone for two hours, no, of course I didn’t do something wrong. The first rule of fishing is that you must never let your boss catch you making mistakes. In fact, I am not the only one kneeling in the entire hall except for my master and me. The left protector next door can still kneel on one knee, and everyone else is looking down on one knee.
Some are counting the green bricks, and some are following the ants on the ground. The newcomers in the back row are still whispering. I really feel for them.
Worrying about his IQ and life, don’t they know that the leader of our Demon Cult is not only talking nonsense, loves to teach people, but also is a straight male cancer? The teacher who was drooling at the time stopped, and then the newcomers in the back row were dragged to the poison pit by the guards, and then the leader began to complain about the discipline, loyalty and ability of our teacher. He said very little.
It’s been a few years, he’s been the leader for a few years, he’s said it for a few years, when you are the worst subordinates I’ve ever led, after the daily lectures, the leader waved his hand, we once again congratulated him in unison, long live forever, and then he rubbed his hair Ma’s knees quietly exited the hall. To be honest, every time we yelled that the leader is forever, I have a sense of sight when I entered the barber shop and saw a group of young ladies and brothers bowing to me and shouting welcome. Good afternoon. God is reincarnated! It turns out that Teacher Tony is actually me. After walking out of the hall, the warm sunshine in the autumn afternoon shines on my body again, making me want to fish for a while and sleep for a while, but I still try to cheer up, because the leader is only the big boss after all. I see him twice a month. Shi Chen was scolded, and the right guard in front of me is my immediate superior.
The second rule of fishing is knowing who is your real target and who is stopping you.
The real obstacle for you to catch fish My boss, the right protector of the Mojiao, is a good villain who loves his job and his work. The growing baldness of his hair proves how strong he is.
When he picked me up twenty years ago, he was just a dick.
So how did he change from being a fishing rudder to an introverted guardian? Is it because of the lack of hair volume that he began to retaliate against the society? Is this a moral decline or a distortion of human nature? In fact, it is not that he is just a substitute If we say that the leaders of this generation are obsessed with pyramid schemes and throwing people into poison pits, then the lifelong hobbies of the old leaders of the previous generation are killing people and watching the minds of murderers.
The villain of this book, but a serious demon sect should kill the heroes. It should also kill the enemy, but our old leader likes to engage in some wolf culture, so the good demon sect has become a werewolf killing scene.
Please close it when it gets dark. The scene was so bloody that every time my master thought about it, he would lose a few more hairs.
Sanin, he hugged me who was only eight years old at the time, and looked at Houshan Fenglin, who was brighter than blood. If it weren’t for the old leader, I would He can’t be the right protector either. To put it simply, all his bosses killed each other and killed the fish that my master had touched for many years.
Then one day the Demon Cult headquarters informed him like a bolt from the blue that we have decided to let you be the right protector.
Hurry up.
It’s not going to work, but my master started losing his hair in that year.
Fortunately, two years later, the current leader killed the old leader and his whole family.
A maple tree fell, so it’s not a big problem if you love to teach straight men, cancer is not a big problem. In our demon sect, the left protector is in charge of all the logistics departments, such as the medicine department refining Gu, raising poison, the human finance department, opening casinos and brothels to make money, and the law enforcement hall is responsible for punishing traitors and All the cute new ones who make the leader unhappy.
My master is in charge of a sub-ruler’s main business department, and the so-called main business of our devil’s religion is to commit crimes, kill people, steal goods, and hack heroes from all walks of life. In fact, I really don’t understand our devil’s religion. In the end, what is the plan? It is even necessary for the left protector to work hard to make money, and then raise the killers under the right protector. Maybe this is the responsibility of every villain in the world, but I just want to fish for fish.
If you are unfortunately assigned to the main business department, you can apply to be an assistant to do some auxiliary work. My main job is to collect information on sub-directors for my boss when his baldness is more serious, and help him write report outlines. The number of heroes is far more than that of the same period. The infamy I taught has improved to a higher level. It is gratifying and congratulations to the leader for thousands of generations.
Damn, it took five or six years