Standing obediently behind Yang Huis elder brother Yang Fenglin in a blue work attire he has a square face with Chinese characters probably because he

Jinghao himself did not expect that when he came back to the small city of Duyun, the first person he would meet would be Bai Shifei, but she became thinner, mature and beautiful, so that he didn’t recognize her at first, but he remembered the time when he was studying.
The most interesting thing is that during the three years of studying here, she always said that she was very grateful for his counseling back then, so he used her name of thanks as the reason for every time we get along and let her appear in his life.
He wants to use the rest of his life to fill the seven years he missed.
The dream is short but long A classmate wants me to send you a letter. Are you free? Why don’t you give me the test results? Don’t lose my face.
Jing Hao, I was admitted to the third middle school.
Thank you, right? I want to choose essays for arts and sciences.
How about you? Jing Hao’s family wants me to choose essays, but it’s the same for me. Did you hear that Jing Hao left after the exam last semester? Did he leave? Thank you for helping her with her homework, thank you for making her feel that she still has friends to associate with, thank you for making her determined to work hard, but he just left them without a word of farewell. In her sleep, images of her junior and senior high school days kept flashing. On the bed, she had a peaceful smile at first, but then her brows were furrowed. Her hands unconsciously rested on her chest and squeezed the quilt tightly.
Then she opened her eyes tremblingly.
Opening her eyes, Bai Shifei turned over and took a look at the mobile phone on the bedside table.
She turned flat on the bed with her hands spread out, her eyes staring at the ceiling in a daze. I slept until dawn, why did I dream about the things I used to go to school today? I woke up so early and the alarm clock still hasn’t rung? People have already forgotten about you as a classmate. I have only been classmates with him for two years. It’s like I have completely forgotten some of my classmates. She is now working in a coffee shop in Duyun City. One year after she graduated, she returned to her hometown in Duyun City. She has been working there for two years.
The house she is renting now has only a washroom. In addition to the bedroom she sleeps in, there are cabinets for her clothes, a shoe cabinet for her shoes, and a table for her things.
There is nothing else in the bedroom. Although the size of her room is small, she is very satisfied.
There is only one bathroom, so she doesn’t have to squeeze the toilet with others, and she only lives alone, so she doesn’t need much space.
The most important thing is that although the house is not far from the city center, the rent is not expensive. She rented it once, so she lived here as soon as she lived, and now she has not changed the rented house. There is a piece of paper on her desk.
When Zhang was in her first year of high school, Jing Hao took a photo of her at the gate of No. 3 Middle School, but although the shyness, introverted and round cuteness in this photo are gone, she is now slender, with a mature and steady posture between her gestures and gestures, showing a long and smooth head.
The wooden horse curls at the waist make her feel cold, but she has a calm and attractive temperament.
Born in 1996, she is already old, so ignorant and cute no longer belong to her. Now she has been tempered by society.
She became a wise and calm lady. After getting up, she tied her long hair into a ponytail and went to the bathroom to wash.
It can be said that now she is a bit like a white swan from an ugly duckling, because she used to be plain and unremarkable. Bullied and oppressed by others, she now exudes a kind of pure and beautiful temperament from the inside out, which makes people can’t help but take a second look.
After washing, Bai Shifei went downstairs to buy breakfast and went to the room to eat. She lives in Sanhe Garden Community. On the third floor of a three-unit building, there are a lot of food sold downstairs in this community, so she doesn’t have to worry about having to travel far to get breakfast.
It’s just today, and she usually buys it on the way to work.
In the early morning, I simply finished eating in my room before going to work. Their shop called us coffee and flowers.
It’s about a minute away from the place she rents.
They go to work at 9:30, so she goes out to the shop at 9 o’clock every time.
The timing is just right. Their boss lady Hua often laughs at her, saying that she is the one who is always on the spot because she is not a waiter and does not need to wear the prescribed clothes, so as long as she does not wear sportswear to work, it is fine. She eats breakfast, puts on makeup, and changes into a lazy The lazy but energetic blue long dress was paired with a beige long windbreaker, and she went out. She also went out for a while, and when she met the uncles and aunts who came back from shopping downstairs, they would be surprised.
I asked her why Xiaobai went to work so early today? Yes, I just came back from shopping for vegetables.
Uncles and aunts, she also politely replied that she has lived here for two years and has become acquainted with some uncles and aunts in this community.
Unexpectedly, I went out a little earlier today, which made them aware of the in-and-out situation with her usual working hours. Bai Shifei thought to herself, so she went in the direction of her work. The Waterport Financial Building is the building where their store is located.
The Waterport Financial Building is an office building with a shared floor, but the two floors downstairs of the building are used for commercial catering.
She entered the elevator on the first floor of the building and pressed the elevator to the second floor. After leaving the elevator and walking through two or three stores in the corridor, I saw their store. It can be said that their store is very distinctive, except that the walls connecting other stores on the left and right sides are opaque cement walls, their front door and the wall facing the street outside. It’s all glass curtain wall