Standing in this dimly lit corner smoking silently before opening he thought that if he hadnt picked up the security guard before he touched his

Su Yu is crazy, little bastard, my wife is three years older than you Zhou Yueze, let alone three years old, even if you are thirteen years older, you can’t escape from my palm However, she has long wanted to belong to her, so she wants to treat the little beauty as her younger brother, love him, take him to be famous, drink hot, even give him a woman, she won’t even blink her eyes, who would have guessed that she is a white-eyed wolf Zhou Yueze, who is your younger brother I want to be You are a man Note that the male protagonist is actually pure, and many things will be explained later in this article. Sister and brother love.
The unintelligent male protagonist is very treacherous, abusive and warm. Chapter 1 I am very envious of you rich daughters who go shopping every day or do beauty work.
The married husband is not like me. I was unlucky enough to have the wrong birth and I have to run around every day for my livelihood. A pair of massage ladies The slender hands are soft and boneless, kneading on Ke Qiwei’s shoulders gently, the voice is extraordinarily sweet and gentle, and the tenderness seems to be more numb than the movements of the hands It was only then that I took a closer look at the girl behind me, she was indeed a beauty, and the curling smoke from the hot spring could not cover up her picturesque and deep eyebrows and eyes, and if the flabbergasted skin was not born beautiful, it must be the result of high-end cosmetics, right? You see, it is because her family is too rich that she has become what she is now. Ke Qiwei said casually, pointing lightly at Su Yu, who was closing her eyes and resting her mind.
On her body, she saw the massage lady’s eyes fall on her deformed and incomplete right hand, a beautiful little face changed and changed, as if seeing something ugly and terrible, hey, if I could be like you every day I’m willing to spend a lot of money, even if I’m missing an arm or a leg.
The massage lady quickly came back to her senses and said flatteringly that Su Yu didn’t want to explore what the massage lady said.
She was more sincere than that massage lady. The person who served him, except for looking at her hand at the beginning, did not take his eyes off her from now on.
He gave her a massage and did not even say a word of nonsense about his own hand.
The doctor said her hand was not good if it was soaked in water for too long, and she would not expose it to the broad daylight.
She wondered why Ke Qiwei liked to target her so much, but Ke Qiwei always stood up whenever she was in trouble.
Sun Xiaoya, who came with me, was probably worried that Su Yu would be unhappy, so she quickly changed the subject Su Yu, I heard that your grandpa has arranged a marriage for you.
The other party is from the Zhou family.
What is Zhou Yueze? It seems to be a few years younger than you. Su Yu hummed lightly, as if she didn’t want to continue this topic. The reason why Sun Xiaoya couldn’t remember Zhou Yueze’s name was because he just recognized his ancestors and returned to his clan a while ago.
Although he recognized his ancestors and returned to his clan But I’m afraid that few people in the Zhou family are willing to believe or admit his blood. It’s ridiculous to say that the second son of the Zhou family, the so-called Zhou Yueze’s biological father, unfortunately died in a car accident more than ten years ago. Today, more than ten years later, a woman suddenly came to her home with her son, swearing that the child is the flesh and blood of the second son of the Zhou family.
What is even more surprising is that Mr.
Zhou really accepted the mother and son. It is said that he has not even done a paternity test on his own body. Incomplete is still notorious in the circle.
Zhou Yueze will be willing to marry him.
His intentions are obvious, but she is the eldest granddaughter of the Su family. Because of her hands, her grandfather will prefer her to other grandchildren. If she marries her, Zhou Yueze must be in Zhou The status of the family will no longer be threatened, and there have always been rumors that her grandfather prepared 19% of Su’s shares as a dowry for her. Whether the rumor is true or not, Su Yu didn’t care too much, but she couldn’t bear it when Sun Xiaoying mentioned it. I can’t help but recall the glimpse of Zhou Yueze at that time. It was an amazing young man who was very clean and beautiful. His eyebrows were slightly raised and his eyes were as black as ink. His eyes were deep and bright and he smiled spotlessly. It made people feel cute and pure.
Harmless, so when Su Yu learned about this marriage, the first thing Su Yu felt was that a daffodil was stuck in the cow dung, or she was a piece of old cow dung.
Showing off her curvy figure gracefully, the massaging lady was very clever and immediately picked up a clean and soft bath towel to cover her with Su Yu. Only then did she realize that she was only three years older than Zhou Yueze. It seemed that she was not old-hearted yet. However, it was already desolate and full of decay and decay.
Su Yu must have looked very tender then. Sun Xiaoya’s eyes were shining like a hungry wolf who hadn’t eaten a lamb for several months. How old is Sun Xiaoying compared to Su Yu? She especially likes to find a boyfriend who is several years younger than herself. It seems that this is true.
Sun Xiaoying’s posture is obviously very interested in Zhou Yueze, but Su Yu doesn’t really want to talk about Zhou Yueze or her marriage.
She is thinking about how to transfer Sun Xiaoying.
Focus on listening to Ke Qiwei coolly took over the words, he looks very obedient, but who knows if he is really honest? Cong Cong Yuzhi has to say that Ke Qiwei is a very enchanting woman. Any of her movements are obviously so casual, but there is always a charming style.
I am afraid that even Liu Xiahui will find it difficult not to bow down under her pomegranate skirt. She is actually very young. Nearly forty but with proper maintenance and exquisite and perfect makeup, if she is only twenty-five years old, I am afraid that some people believe that Sun Xiaoying laughed a few times