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Professional format e-book download, please log in Jiujiu e-book Yao Haijun, editor-in-chief, won the World Science Fiction Award Hugo Award After Fire on the Abyss, Vernovinci is another amazing masterpiece. A few days ago, a reporter from a newspaper interviewed about the issue of sci-fi publishing. People in the publishing industry were interested in talking about the media and contributing to the flames.
This shows that sci-fi as a publishing resource has at least begun to attract the attention of the industry. It’s a good thing. During this period, the reporter relayed a point of view. The sluggish publishing of Chinese science fiction is due to the lack of fantasy traditions in Chinese literature. This statement is surprising. It’s a statement that surprises people with its arbitrary and ignorant views.
What we want to discuss about Chinese literature is not Is there a fantasy tradition? Why did we lose this tradition? How can we continue and make this tradition great today? From any concise literary history, the names of fantasy works will appear. He Jinghuayuan, etc.
Even after the May 4th New Culture Movement, Lu Xun’s new story is also a great work full of fantastic fantasy, but in the middle of the century that just passed, the mighty water on the broad riverbed of Chinese literature was suddenly tightly restrained. Into the high embankments, the many tributaries disappeared, and this artificially constricted river was named after distorted realism. Since then, we have had two or three generations in our eyes, and it is difficult to see the dazzling light of fantasy in literature. My ears can no longer hear the beautiful singing of imagination, so now someone stands on the bank of the river of literature that is being re-opened and regained imagination, saying that Chinese literature has no fantasy tradition.
This self-deprecating boldness is indeed very surprising.
The fact is simply that we have lost the beautiful tradition of fantasy in just a few short decades, and that one of the most significant literary and publishing endeavors of the twenty-odd years that New Age literature has begun has been to continue with our entire cultural tradition.
The interrupted connection restores the dialogue and communication ability with the whole world at the same time. The reason why science fiction, an imported literary genre, has made great progress in these years is that it not only conforms to the aesthetic trend of the technological age, but also coincides with people’s desire to continue the tradition of fantasy literature. Longing for science fiction is the transformation of fantasy literature in modern times, but the times have advanced.
When fantasy is on the road again, in addition to the desire to transcend reality, the spiritual needs are still there. What is more important is that it stands on the solid foundation of scientific knowledge and scientific vision. There are often such A phenomenon. When discussing most of the achievements of world culture, we can find evidence from the achievements of the ancients in our country, which proves that the creation and invention of our country is much earlier than that of foreigners. Of course, there is a certain factual basis. The foundation is just like fantasy.
Zhuangzi explained philosophy with abundant and boundless imagination. The later Greek philosophers did not use this method. Hawking’s new book called The Universe in a Nutshell points out the closedness of the universe on a huge scale. The history is closed in this way.
We, who have a glorious history, have begun to forget the great legacy created by our wise ancestors. The image in memory is erased once it is fixed by words.
Khan said this because of such a reason that he was unwilling to tell Khan about the Venice in his memory, so he lost her all of a sudden. I think the saying that China has no fantasy literature tradition is not to put this great work like Marco Polo The heritage is preserved and left to be dusted in front of the world, with a dead expression that has never received the gift of fantasy.
In fact, the interruption of the tradition of literary fantasy is just the result of literature being temporarily instrumentalized. The result is that literature reproduces itself as quickly as a single-faced bacteria.
Still others, wiser, learned to imitate each other and finally killed fantasy in the name of solemn reality.
After being bitten and infected, all kinds of horrible hallucinations appear in front of the eyes.
It seems that it is the same in literature.
Once infected by a certain virus, hallucinations will also appear, and the local enlargement obscures the overall appearance. Today, the diversity of literary ecology is recovering, and imagination is revived in mainstream literature.
Like a raging spring water breaking through the dam, it is a pity that science fiction literature has only risen quietly outside the mainstream of literature. The literary world has not yet realized that the rise of science fiction literature is a powerful continuation of the tradition of fantasy literature in another sense. The reason is because there is a restrictive word science in front of fantasy, and because of this, I used a word transformation that probably comes from Buddhist scriptures.
That is to say, when fantasy reappears in literature, if it can be roughly still in mainstream literature If you look at the original appearance, then when fantasy appears in science fiction literature, it is completely contemporary and fashionable, especially because the special style of science fiction literature first emerged from Europe and the United States and then entered China, so it is difficult for us to confirm science fiction.
Is there any inheritance relationship between literature and the fantasy tradition in Chinese literature? Nowadays, a large number of young people turn their interest to science fiction literature when they just start reading literature Moreover, such a phenomenon of rapid progress is difficult to fully attribute to Oufengmeiyu’s blowing and bathing, but I prefer to regard it as