Stable now just heard the news of Masters death from Xiao Yin it is inevitable to do some outrageous things Thinking of this Xue Ru

The author’s sofa resolutely travels through ten thousand years and returns to the world of great struggle.
What Fang Ze faces is a weak body and the title of waste. Standing on the bones of heroes, we face up to difficulties, invite heroes from all directions to fight with wine, make the fairy in the painting bend down to serve, make the emperor bend his knees, the Holy Spirit kowtows, and climb to the top of the world.
Demon Bloodline Chapter 1 Traveling through Ten Thousand Years Is Traveling Rebirth? Fang Ze is half lying on the magnificently decorated roller coaster looking out into the extremely blue sky. Occasionally, there will be one or two elegant clouds, only the sky flickers from time to time. The past streamer confirmed to Fang Ze how extraordinary the world he is in now.
This is the third day that Fang Ze has initially accepted his current name.
Fang Ze is the name of his current body. In his previous life, he had many The title, the real name, and the incomparably brilliant honorific title and noble crown, but in this life, they are not so important anymore, fragments of memories from his previous life appear in his mind from time to time. In his previous life, Fang Ze had the experience of devouring souls. I am amazed at the completeness of the fragments.
This is the life experience of my predecessor, because everyone’s memory needs to be recorded repeatedly and there will be times when they are forgotten, so it is called a memory fragment.
However, Fang Ze’s previous memory is quite complete, but it takes a huge amount of money. It takes time to digest and read.
The memory of this body is quite rich.
There are reds, greens, fragrances, gentleness, competitiveness, and life-and-death fights. I have also experienced attacks that reach heaven and earth. The environment I grew up in is a huge city suspended in the air.
There is a vast and densely distributed spiritual mountain domain like gauze stones. In the spiritual mountain domain, there are human beings and other strange-looking creatures, no matter birds, beasts, demons, ghosts, and ghosts. They all study devoutly here, including this body. What they are learning is the truth of a pharmacist.
Fang Ze is no stranger to the professional name of a pharmacist. The mystical world is full of energy. Every bird and every creature undergoes subtle changes in this environment. Human ancestors competed with the heavens and the earth for self-improvement. The weak and the strong preyed on the strong. Under this environment, two paths of becoming stronger gradually formed. All the way to respect the martial arts, the main body training is to exercise the body, lead the source of heaven and earth into the body, wash the marrow, cut the bones and refine the tendons, and take the spirit as the main way to train the spirit. Genesis Qi recognizes the way to connect all things to the sage, because in ancient times, human beings were extremely fragile and death crises were always around, so the lineage that respects the spirit first recognized the pharmacist profession that can save people. It’s not limited to curing diseases and saving lives, but anyone who walks in the spirit line calls himself a pharmacist and is proud of it. Even in later generations, the source energy of the world gradually thins out, and the holy spirit does not show its power.
Returning to Sichuan, pharmacists still spend huge sums of money to commemorate the great struggle ten thousand years ago. Developed a game called Great Medicine Emperor, so that the younger generations can remember the glory of their ancestors in the game, and achieved extraordinary achievements. Fang Ze is not only the human being ten thousand years from now. He is still at the top of the ranking of the King of Medicine’s comprehensive combat power.
Just before crossing over, he won the title of King of Medicine, the most cherished in the game. Don’t underestimate the later generations of this game. Scientists have invited the masters of the ancient martial arts, the monks of the medicine spirit, and it can be said that the game has completely reproduced the world of great struggle ten thousand years ago. It is even because the human beings of later generations have become the masters of the world by relying on strong ships and sharp guns. The footsteps are no longer limited to Xuan Within the world, racial elements are added to the game of King of Medicine, and the history and legends of martial arts and secrets of all races are added, which adds reliable authenticity to this game and has even become the second world of human beings. From this, it is conceivable. At that time, Fang Ze was able to win the highly symbolic title of Great Medicine Emperor among hundreds of millions of living beings, and his comprehensive cultivation was so profound.
But just as Fang Ze received the supreme honorary title, he suddenly felt a shock in his mind, as if he was under a huge burden. Fang Ze was dizzy in an instant as if heaven and earth did not recognize his title. When he woke up again, it was already a world of great struggle ten thousand years ago. According to the memory of this physical body, at this time, the source energy of heaven and earth has not yet emerged from the mysterious moon.
In a period of low ebb, there is still some time before the World of Great War, thinking of this, Fang Ze is full of energy, as if his weak body has regained strength. Heroes one by one, the birth of one by one against the heavens, and the birth of the Holy Spirit Emperor have all become models admired by all ages.
In future generations, I have already won the title of Medicine Emperor.
Life is meaningless.
Now before I return to Wanzai, it is natural that God opened my eyes and let me know.
I witnessed a magnificent sacred world.
Fang Ze was muttering to himself, suddenly felt a tremor, and then a whirl, almost fainted, but Fang Ze woke up from his reverie after all eternity. He knew that he was at this moment.
It can be said that the speed of flying in the sky has reached the extreme.
This is the advantage of the roller coaster.
This car is also a treasure. It is endowed with great historical value in later generations, because the production of the roller coaster is very small, and it will be consumed in later generations.
Exhausted, so the roller coaster of the later generations, even the richest sect, can’t bear its high price, let alone use this car instead of transportation, but what makes Fang Ze feel distressed is that the roller coaster he rides has obviously experienced a big battle.
They are all traces of the impact of spiritual energy.
If it weren’t for the constant replenishment of source energy, I’m afraid it would have been abandoned long ago.
But this body is too weak. Just a shock in the sky made me almost faint. Showing a wry smile, as expected, this person is a rare mixed blood