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This is a book about e-sports, and it is also a book that everyone can understand.
If you like e-sports, you will definitely like Tianxia. If you don’t understand e-sports, you must read Tianxia.
One day e-sports becomes popular all over the world, you will still remember Warcraft: Competitive life is like a game.
The game is like life.
I wrote more than just a game hero introduction. The Abyss Lord. After each wave of flame rain deals basic damage and lasts for 2 seconds, the burning hotkey screams terrifyingly. The Abyss Demon King makes a terrifying howl, causing the surrounding enemies to tremble in fear and lose the current magic effect.
Reduce their attack damage.
The second-level reduced damage and the third-level reduced damage split attack the Abyss Demon King and cause damage to multiple enemy units at the same time.
Top damage until he dies.
When he dies, a huge destruction guard will be born from his corpse. Devil haunting cannot be dispelled or canceled by shortcut key This is how I work for others. I can’t help myself.
Thank you for your understanding.
Thank you, Light and Shadow Heroes.
Introduce the Dark Ranger, an agile hero.
The long-range attack skill, the magic ban, stops the enemy from casting magic in a target area. The range and duration of the area increase with the level of darkness.
The arrow automatically releases extra damage.
After being killed by the dark arrow, the corpse will be transformed into a skeleton warrior controlled by the caster. The skeleton warrior will strengthen life with the improvement of the skill level. The dark ranger draws a certain amount of health from the target and lasts. For a certain period of time or the affected unit leaves the effective range to charm the ultimate magic to control an enemy unit but cannot be used on heroes or neutral units exceeding the level.
Chapter 1 Beijing is an abbreviation for the global finals that are being staged in a stadium called Dragon Hall It means that the E-Sports World Cup is the first and largest game culture festival in the world.
Its purpose is to establish the concept that players all over the world can experience the excitement and thrills brought by the game through participating in the confrontation. At the same time, a fair competitive environment also gives Players from all over the world have created opportunities to win glory for the country.
The organizing committee was founded in 2008. It has successfully held the standing competitions including Warcraft, StarCraft series, Need for Speed ​​series, Unreal Arena series, etc.
The Dragon Pavilion was built at the beginning of the year to welcome the World Championship. The shape of the Dragon Hall specially built for the final is similar to that of the basketball hall.
The difference is that it is all red and the roof is assembled from pieces of steel glass skylights.
The most special part of this building is that the roof looks up if you are inside the building. If you look around, you will see a golden dragon inlaid on the glass roof. The glass skylight almost covers the entire sky, and the name of the Dragon Pavilion comes from this, because the official does not want to disclose the detailed information of the building, what material the dragon is made of, how it is inlaid, and so on. It has become an unsolvable mystery, and this also adds to the mystery of the Dragon Pavilion.
But more importantly, as the main venue for China’s first finals, this stadium has become a holy place in the hearts of e-sports players across the country.
Now the holy place is lively. Extraordinary Today is the last day of the finals, and with the end of the Warcraft finals, only the awards ceremony and the closing ceremony are left. The hall that can accommodate people is full of people, and everyone is still immersed in the thrilling event that just ended. During the finals, did you see Blood Returning to the City? It’s the first time I saw it. It’s too strong.
A tall man in leather excitedly said to the companion next to him that it’s also very powerful. He only uses a little elf.
I almost got stuck, but in the end I won a little bit. Another fat man came over excitedly to chime in. It’s a pity that none of the Chinese players made it to the final. Don’t you want to watch it? She’s such a beautiful player, and she’s also entered the semi-finals. I’m not sure how many people in China want to watch her. Just when the heated discussion got a bit off topic, a melodious bell sounded in the hall in time. This is installed on the ceiling of the Dragon Pavilion. The sound of the giant clock above broke all the hustle and bustle.
The hall fell silent and the dark stage gradually became brighter. A man and a woman walked onto the stage in the rising light. The woman was slender and dressed in a suit.
Black evening gown, sleeveless, low-cut long dress, on the floor, with a sparkling pearl necklace on her fair neck, her delicate face, her noble and elegant smile, showing the charming and classical oriental women. It’s Liu Fei, yes, it seems to be Liu Fei.
I didn’t expect to be so beautiful with makeup on.
Idiots are not allowed to insult my idol.
She is as beautiful without makeup. The reporters who have been waiting for the news are not hesitant to align their film at this time The beauties on the stage frantically pressed the shutter button. Facing the turbulent crowd and countless flashing lights, the male host couldn’t stand it anymore. He whispered to Liu Fei that you are so popular. I’m really afraid they will rush up.
Then I can stop it.
I can’t help but Liu Fei smiled faintly. I’m not that attractive yet.
Let’s hurry up and say something. Because the first item is the fourth and only Chinese player who has entered the semi-finals of this World of Warcraft competition, and the specially invited guest of honor