Spoken softly it seems that the pain everywhere has lessened a bit and finally said awkwardly the stomach hurts Look at the smell of alcohol

Liang Ou never thought that he could still see Liu Wenhao, who he hadn’t seen for many years, but one afternoon, watching the surveillance video, a man walked in front of the camera. One word and three words Liu Wenhao, the protagonist of you, these two are actually ruffian Qing Xiangjuan Ouyang Jing Chapter Wen Hao I heard that you are going to the United States to study abroad On the highway Zhou Li asked the co-pilot Wen Hao how can I do it while driving I don’t want to go there What are the rumors? If there is no basis, you just believe it and don’t talk about it. Turn on the radio and listen to the song.
Zhou Li smiled and turned on the radio. Drivers and friends who travel by car, please be careful driving. The visibility is very low this morning. The recent heavy fog The weather will continue. Wen Hao leans over. This ghostly weather really hates you. Drive carefully.
Don’t worry if I drive, but if I come for a drive, you still want to drive without a license.
Are you not me? Show me me.
Wen Hao took the driver’s license handed over by Zhou Li and looked up, down, left, right, hahahaha, it’s so realistic, you’re amazing, no matter how powerful it is, no matter how realistic it is, it’s still a fake, if you can drive it, and if it’s good, it’s fine, but I dare to sit and you drive But when you’re old enough, you’d better take a test before you drive, otherwise, girls won’t dare to ride in your car! Zhou Li curled his lips noncommittally, and I’ll talk about it later The host’s mellow and crisp voice continues to broadcast gently. The traffic station broadcasts these all day long.
You say their hosts are boring and don’t work. It’s not boring.
No matter how much you love your job, you’ll probably be bored. You’re a working person. It should be more understanding Zhou Li dropped out of school in the first year of high school, and then learned to drive after being introduced by someone else, and got a photo with him.
He has been running for almost two years. It is said that he has accumulated a lot of daughter-in-law.
Just ask for a beautiful wife and have a bunch of children.
He and Liu Wenhao were classmates in junior high school. Zhou Li was detained for probation because he had a fight with a student outside the school.
One time, the teacher asked everyone about their future ideals.
During the week, he told everyone about his ideals. He once made everyone spurn him. He must be a strict wife in the future.
But now that I think about it, this ideal is actually very good. In reality, few women can find such a good man who takes care of his family. He said that his ambition is to support his family, let his wife and children eat well, drink well, and live well. His life will be happy.
If you don’t listen to this station, change to another station and listen to songs. You can tune in to the FM by yourself.
Zhou Huajian’s flexible and gentle voice has been a friend for many years. Walking together for a lifetime In those days, Wen Hao and Zhou Li sang together at the same time. The two happily sang along with Zhou Huajian and got off the highway. It takes two hours to drive to the city where Liang Ou lives.
After passing the Yongan Bridge at a big turn, Wen Hao put his phone on the car and slipped to the ground. He lowered his head to pick up the phone and was about to look up.
The severe pain in the head and passed out, don’t Wen Hao yelled, sat up and sweated profusely, he would always have the same dream from time to time, every time he woke up at the moment of the car accident, he always witnessed it with his own eyes in the dream During Zhou Li’s death process, his body was not intact, his brain was shattered, there seemed to be scarlet in front of his eyes, the blood rushing breath still wafted from his nose, and there was an endless smell of rust in his mouth. But every time he had a conversation, he could forcefully replay it in his dream.
He heard from his sister that his family was supposed to take him to the United States for treatment of a brain tumor. The brain tumor oppressed his nerves, and he has already suffered from memory loss and occasional blindness. After early surgery, not only will he lose his memory, but he will also lose his sight. When he went to the city, he wondered who he and the driver were going to say goodbye to.
He slammed the steering wheel and ended up facing the truck and died on the spot. Wen Hao rubbed against the guardrail, his brain was hit and the tumor almost burst. Even if he was rescued from the accident, the brain tumor almost killed him.
If the operation is not successful, it may not be certain. He would rather he die instead of Zhou Li, but many things will not matter.
If you take the tissue box next to the bed, take out a few pieces of paper, wipe off the cold sweat on your face, lift off the thin quilt, get up and go to the living room to pour a glass of cold water. Holding it in front of the floor-to-ceiling windows, it’s late at night, and there are faint lights everywhere in this city.
Such a lazy city is not as brightly lit as a magic city.
It’s always late at night when you just wake up. Scattered leisurely in the air, serene.
Occasional head throbbing. I rarely have it. But every time I wake up from this dream, I frown.
I rub my temples with one hand while drinking a few sips of cold water. The surgery performed in the United States is more successful. Why is it compared instead of It was very successful because the brain tumor was removed, but at that time the part of the brain that was squeezed by the car accident was injured and could not be repaired.
Although he did not lose his memory, he was very forgetful. Maybe he just released him a few days ago? He stayed in the U.
to go to school and finished college.
My sister meant to stay in New York.
My parents’ family business had already taken root there and she married someone there. But Wen Hao insisted on going back to his motherland.
He didn’t know why he came back.
He felt that he was just There seems to be an invisible bond to come back