Spicy colors chest heaved quickly he had never been reprimanded by Yi Chengming before so he naturally didnt dare to say anything to Yi Chengming

How should I put it, this is a story that makes everyone so excited and can’t stop.
Chapter Chapter Smelly Hooligan, Oh, Hooligan Two rays of light streak across the night, one of which is multicolored and continues to fly into the distance, while the other golden light is fierce I plunged into Xuanwu Lake without making any waves, let the Buddha never appear, I became a eunuch, soaked Yi Wubai crawled out of Xuanwu Lake and was stunned, looking at the tall buildings and heavy traffic not far away Yi Wubai The two memories in his mind were intertwined with each other. In a moment, he understood everything. After he failed in the battle of Yiwu, Baixuanhuangjie and Tianxianzun, he did not lose his soul, but was reborn on this blue and white planet with thin aura. The boy with the name Yi Wubai has lost a mighty Zhan Tianxianzun from the Xuanhuang Realm from today, and a newborn Yi Wubai has appeared on the earth, but the reason why this boy jumped into the lake to commit suicide seems to be too sad, right? The origin of this body The owner is just an ordinary junior in high school, and his grades are average, and he is a foster child. Today, the girl Zhang Meifeng who has been using him as a backup has been ambiguous. Finally, she bluntly rejected him. The one thing that destroyed his will even more was the physical examination in the third year of high school. In the report, Yi Wubai got a piece of news that he couldn’t accept. He was a eunuch who was equipped with all kinds of equipment. Under the double blow, his predecessor finally couldn’t bear it.
Why is there no Yi Wubai in the memory of his predecessor? He was a little puzzled. He was shocked by his rebirth just now and didn’t even realize that he was holding a black bead the size of a peach pit in his hand. Some complicated lines on the bead looked very mysterious. Yi Wubai, who was accidentally caught in Xuanwu Lake before drowning, put the beads in his trousers pocket and prepared to practice. Suddenly, he came to a strange world without any cultivation level. Yi Wubai always felt insecure, but before starting to practice, Yi Wubai Wu Bai felt that he still had one very important thing to do and that was to check his body. This body turned out to be a eunuch and a living eunuch.
Such a thing is a disgrace to Yi Wubai Zhandi, who has shaken the Xuanhuang world for an era.
We must quickly figure it out. Yi Wubai walked quickly to a shadowy place behind a hotel and saw no one around. Slowly opened his pants and checked carefully. Duanyangcao turned out to be poisoned by someone.
Ordinary students, who would specifically poison him like this? A stern look flashed in Yi Wubai’s eyes. Although he got an accurate answer by relying on the medical skills he learned in the Xuanhuang Realm, the current Yi Wubai has no ability to remove it. If you want to detoxify the poison on your body, first, you need to cultivate true energy to open the meridians, and second, you need to buy some medicinal materials to refine the medicine and remove the poison.
Take your time, make sure you can handle this problem, Yi Wubai is just about to put on his pants A scream suddenly sounded from the side, stinky rascal, Yi Wubai was taken aback by the scream.
Yi Wubai turned his head and saw a beautiful, somewhat excessive woman pointing at her.
His fingers were trembling and he couldn’t speak, Yi Wu blushed and quickly put it away, his brother calmly asked where the hooligan was I just arrived in this city to work, and I happened to have dinner with my new colleagues, but I didn’t expect that Kong, who came out to answer the phone, would encounter such a thing. Thinking about it, I was drunk. Yi Wubai didn’t expect to encounter such a thing.
It’s a bit embarrassing, but I’m still kind Cheeky said, why am I a hooligan? Is this your home? Isn’t it Qi Feiling? I’m a little puzzled.
Is it you who I’m looking at? Wu Bai smiled, it was Qi Feiling who answered honestly, then you said that I came here earlier than you, how can I be called a hooligan when I look at my own things in this public place? On the contrary, you came to peep at me while I was not paying attention, and beat you up, female hooligan Yi Wubai said in disgust that I have a lot of adults, so I forgive you. Wu Bai turned and left Qi Feiling was stunned for a long time before he realized that he had been scolded by someone as a female hooligan, and then he turned his head to see that Yi Wubai was about to disappear. What are you doing? I’m checking the female hooligan, Yi Wu, her head didn’t turn back, and she walked faster. After listening to Yi Wubai’s answer, Qi Feiling didn’t bother to check and check Mao.
Did you think that Qi Feiling’s face was stained with a red glow? Qi Feiling quickly patted his face to stop him from thinking wildly and turned back. When Qi Feiling returned to the hotel box in shame and anger, all the new things Colleagues asked what was the matter one after another Qi Feiling said vaguely that it was nothing.
I met a scoundrel and a stinky hooligan and I chased them away.
No, if Yi Wubai can see this scene, you will be surprised to find that all the colleagues who accompany Qi Feiling to eat are his teachers. At this time, Yi Wubai is running away depressed.
I checked my brother and was rejected. What does a woman think after seeing it? How do you feel that you are at a disadvantage? You still have to practice quickly, otherwise not only will you not be able to solve the problem of the eunuch, you will not even be able to find that female hooligan approaching. You didn’t go too far Yi Wubai just ran back to Xuanwu Lake While tidying up an open space to prepare for cultivation, the spiritual energy on the earth is too thin, and there is no panacea and paradise