Specially asked the servants to beat us away Jiao Baiyue held her arms and said at that time why didnt you say you were Xiaohans

The dog that Shen Han’s family had raised for seven or eight years was struck to death overnight by lightning, and many monks were shocked.
The great ability to overcome the catastrophe failed and rushed to grab the inheritance.
I heard that the big devil in the deep mountains was alarmed and sent a demon cultivator to come. Everyone get out of our way. A demon cultivator who didn’t come to grab the inheritance said, “Then what are you doing here?” Shen Han hid in his thatched hut trembling with fear.
He never imagined that a dead dog in his family would provoke so many gods, and he didn’t even know that he had a relationship with the big devil. The marriage contract, he originally only wanted to live with his dog for the rest of his life, and a certain big devil who had just awakened opened his mouth and said a word.
The story of the big devil who is hot and cold, who is hot and cold, who is in love, and who is in love Shen Han’s family dog’s legacy. The mysterious tea and refreshments appeared at the tea stand, which attracted monks to explore again.
Then they were attracted by the tea containing spiritual energy and became regular customers of the tea stand.
The occasional appearance of the earth vein seal in Tengzhou City made the monks helpless, but Shen Han easily lifted the mysterious earth vein seal.
Leading out the old stories of Tengzhou City, all point to Shen Han’s tea stand. This article is a traditional cultivation background, blending farming and food elements, breaking the common routine of cultivation and upgrading.
The family tries hard to make people laugh, but at the same time, they are deeply moved by the dark lines drawn by the leylines. The protagonist’s effortless effort to move with the help of the leylines is an eye-opener.
The author’s writing is smooth and the conception is clever. Next to the official road outside, there is a very small tea stall with only three tables. It looks shabby and pitiful, but usually the men passing by will come to drink a bowl of herbal tea when they enter the city.
The tea stand is quite different from usual. A few servants stand outside with arrogance. On the low bench inside the tea stand sits a middle-aged man with a pot belly.
The man focused on the word “inheritance” with anticipation in his eyes that he didn’t realize.
Shen Han stood opposite the middle-aged man and heard the words, showing a bit of bitterness on his face.
He shook his head, uncle, you should know that since I was arrested, there is only this tea stall. Abai has been following me all this time, there is nothing left behind, and he himself was wiped out by lightning After he was abandoned, he wandered outside the city gate and squatted next to the tea stall. The owner of the tea stall at that time was an old man. There are stray wild dogs and night cats, but Shen Han is not afraid because there is Abai among those dogs and cats who dare not approach Abai is a black dog If you call him Ah Hei, you will jump to your feet.
You have to call Ah Bai to be obedient.
I don’t know why the sky suddenly thundered and the rain poured down the other night. The middle-aged man swallowed his saliva. He had already looked at this tea shed. There is really nothing valuable, let alone the so-called inheritance.
With a wave of his hand, he waved his hand to the tea shed, how many, how many, how many, Shen Han lowered his head to close the dark light in his eyes, uncle, if there is nothing else, I want to boil the water and start the stall, he said in a tone as if he wanted his poor, broken tea stall.
The middle-aged man’s face suddenly turned ugly, and he looked at Shen Han’s lips.
In the end, he didn’t say anything, greeted the servant, and left. The mouse-eyed man immediately put on a smiling face and waved away.
The servant walked over quickly and said, I went to ask Xiao Han’s family.
The dead dog didn’t leave any legacy at all, and he only had a broken tea stall.
The worthless mouse-eyed man stood up. The chest pretends to be a tall man, even if it is a tea stall, you can come here, and then I will say a few words in front of the gods, and you will get the glory and wealth of several generations. It is just a broken tea stall. He tentatively said, “Why don’t I go back tomorrow?” But the mouse-eyed man nodded slightly and saw Shen Wenbo leave the alley, his figure flashed and then disappeared, not knowing that Shen Han, who was secretly coveted by many people, was making a fire and boiling water not far from the tea stand The water and firewood in a clear stream are picked up in the woods, and even the tea leaves used for brewing are picked by Shen Han himself.
There is a tea tree as tall as a person.
I don’t know why it’s green and green all the year round. It’s just right for tea stalls. The water in the pot is boiled and scooped out and poured into wooden buckets. When you stir the scent, it can’t be restrained, and it wafts out, which is different from the bitter taste of the poor-quality tea that ordinary people drink at home. The tea brewed by Shen Han has a delicate fragrance and fragrance.
A traveler doesn’t know how to evaluate this tea, but every time he passes by, he must come over to drink a bowl, throw two or three copper coins, and then brag about what he has seen and heard with his companions. Then he slowly got up and went to the city.
In the woods not far away, there are a lot of people in different clothes.
They are standing on the top of a tree, on a light branch, or simply suspended in the air, but they all have one thing in common. They are all paying attention to the tea stand. The demon cultivator Mahayana crosses the catastrophe