Speaking of which your current situation should be no better than mine right Im curious how you convinced this person to bring you to me

I’ll be back at any time in a hidden safehouse of the Huaxia Qianlong Agency. Sitting down on the sofa opposite the girl, she said lightly, Huahu, calm down, this is the decision of the higher-ups, you know Qianlong’s rules, making noise doesn’t make any sense, and then you just recognized it. The girl known as Huahu gritted her teeth and looked over. Staring straight into Tang Long’s eyes, so what if he doesn’t recognize him? Tang Long shrugged his shoulders and leaned back on the sofa, saying that my body has a problem and I’m not suitable for high-intensity combat. I’m tired too, it’s time to take a break You sounded nice Huahu said coldly How many years have we been together Do you think I don’t know what you’re thinking We’ve been together How can I not Knowing this, Tang Long raised his brows lightly, with a smirk on his lips, he said seriously, if you want to be with me, you should have told me earlier that we have been partners for so many years, if you want to say it, maybe I really do I’m not in the mood to joke with you, Huahu threw a big white eye very disrespectfully, came over, suddenly seemed to be exhausted and slumped on the sofa, showing a tired expression, and said, “You really want to go, otherwise, Tang Long responded casually.
” He took out a cigarette and held it in his mouth, but before he took out the lighter and lit it, Huahu snorted abruptly, “No smoking!” I just want to smoke a cigarette to relieve boredom.
Are you taking too much care? Do you think I would care about you? Huahu said coldly with a frosty face.
You don’t know what your body looks like, so you’re not afraid of being smoked to death.
As the bastard talked, the determination on Huahu’s face dissipated without warning, he lowered his head and his eye circles quickly turned red and asked in a low voice, can you stay? Even if you can’t go out to work, it’s not impossible to stay with your qualifications As a civil servant, I look like a civil servant. Tang Long couldn’t help but shake his head and look at Huahu, whose tears were about to fall. He coughed and looked away.
If you have something to say, please don’t shed tears. You’re about to cry.
Don’t say I’m your partner in the future, who cares about you? Anyway, I will have a new partner soon.
Huahu raised her hand angrily, wiped the tears from the corners of her eyes, pursed her red lips and stabilized her emotions.
As for making it into what it is now, no, I can’t blame you for this matter. Tang Long shook his head again, his expression a little sad.
When I went to the island, the island had already become a dead Jedi, including the scientist and dozens of scientific researchers.
All living things on the inner island lost their vitality. There are signs that the lunatic tested a semi-finished genetic weapon on the island and set himself on fire. pitched himself in to make sure the genetic weapon sample didn’t fall into the wrong hands Tang Long, the hand of man, decided to take a risk and search the laboratory on the island with Huahu to find samples. In the end, the two successfully found the samples and test records and destroyed them on the spot. What they never expected was that they met several people on the way out. Creatures that are ghosts or not? It’s not hard to tell from their appearance that these creatures were originally scientists on the island who were mutated by the direct erosion of genetic weapons after their death. Facing a scene that looked like a biochemical apocalypse in reality, Tang Long immediately decided to retreat with the flower fox, but what to do? The mutated creature is extremely aggressive, not only has no human nature to speak of, but also has extremely tenacious vitality. On the way to retreat, in order to cover the flower fox, Tanglong was accidentally pierced by one of the creatures in the shoulder, leaving behind the mutated mutant gene in the body. Fortunately, the mutant has been completed. The genes are not so erosive.
Tang Long survived and his body did not change substantially.
However, his physical strength is getting worse every day. To be precise, it is not that his physical strength is getting worse, but that his daily actions consume more and more energy. It was beyond the limit of what he could bear. After more than a month of research and identification by the researchers of the Qianlong Agency, it was finally concluded that although Tanglong was alive and there was no possibility of complete transformation, the mutant gene had already caused irreversible damage to him. The impact of this aspect is mainly reflected in the limbs. After relevant tests, Tang Long’s limb strength and explosive power exceeded his normal level by nearly twice, which in turn caused his physical energy loss to double and could not support him in long-term high-intensity exercise.
Because of this, Tang Long Long was judged by the upper echelon to be incapable of future tasks. Qianlong is a top-secret and unrecognized intelligence agency in China. It is impossible for them to take the risk of using an agent who is in an unstable state and may be captured at any time. Hearing the sound, Huahu looked up at Tang Long’s back and opened his mouth, as if he wanted to say something, and finally turned into a powerless lament. He reached out and took a tissue from the coffee table and wiped his cheeks. Get up and catch up with Tang Long.
How did the above arrange for you? I don’t know about my new identity. I haven’t received an accurate notification. At that time, a touch of softness from behind hit him on his back, and a pair of delicate jade hands appeared on his waist. Tang Long froze and frowned, turning his head back, Huahu, will I still see you in the future? He saw himself, you are looking for me Tang Long asked angrily and funny It’s just a long-term dormancy in China as a non-staff member for the time being.
I don’t know when I recover. I’ll come back anytime.