Speaking of which I haven’t been back to Konoha for so many years why did old man Konoha suddenly think of asking her to go

Cough, that young man Lang Linbei, I have to tell you a very regretful news that you are dead.
After much deliberation, Time Chicken finally decided to hide himself from this matter, and immediately expressed a very regretful expression.
Because you played games all night and your body couldn’t bear it, you died suddenly, Lin Bei.
Although I feel very sorry about this, I can’t do anything about it.
Your body has been cremated by your family.
Lin Bei, I can’t bring you back to life, but look at you It was Lin Bei and my teammate who played the last game before I was alive Didn’t say anything, just stared straight at the time chicken.
The time chicken felt uncomfortable all over. Hey young man, why are you looking at Lin Bei like this? Don’t you think I’m going to arrange a good next life for you, Lin Bei? Are you still not satisfied? With a guilty conscience, the time chicken slammed the table, stood on the chair, squinted his eyes, pretended to be menacing, and stared at Zu Lifan.
To be a human being, you must know when enough is enough, you know Lin Bei, I am willing to arrange a good afterlife for you. Don’t be dissatisfied with your mercy, do you think I’m blind? Su Li pointed to the giant tablet beside you, your space-time manager, which has a complete record of how you killed me, didn’t you? I think I’m easy to cheat, or I think my eyes are not good enough to see the content on this time-space manager. Uh, this time chicken body shakes, and I can’t help but want to smash this stupid time-space manager. I never expected him to be a time-space chicken One day, I will be cheated by this space-time manager. Cough young man, I admit that I accidentally killed you, but I am not responsible for the matter. Who told you to scold me in the game, just think of a game Forty minutes of the game, he was scolded by the guy in front of him for thirty-five minutes, so he was so angry.
Although his game level is a little bit bad, it is too much to scold him for thirty-five minutes, and a full thirty-five minutes In five minutes, you didn’t even repeat a sentence.
Who can not be angry? First, I scold you because your game level is too bad. How on earth do you have the courage to survive? Su Li squinted his eyes and glanced at Time Chicken. If it weren’t for the fact that the other party is too sloppy, he wouldn’t have scolded people. Of course, there is another reason. The second and most important point is that I am not scolding you, you know? In the Zaan region, you must have the awareness to face the gale. In our Zaan, only the strong are worthy of having family members. A weak chicken like you haha, young man, correct your attitude, okay? Do you know who I am I don’t know how this scar on my face came about. Shi Shiji’s face darkened. He stretched out his wings and touched the scar on his left eye.
He spoke in a low voice, thinking that Pangu created the world back then. Well, that scar of yours was obviously chopped off by Zeus, and you are fooling me Who? Su Li raised his middle finger at Shi Shiji, and ruthlessly despised the other party’s deceitful behavior. Oh, this is not important. Young man, the most important thing now is that you are in the time gap. This is Lin Bei, mine.
Do you know the site? If you obediently obey my arrangement to reincarnate, I can still ask someone to arrange a good next life for you. But if you are disobedient, Time Chicken’s eyes condensed and let out a sneer, then don’t blame Lin Bei, I am right.
You’re welcome, let me tell you, Lin Bei, I grew up in the grasslands, thirsty, drinking dew, hungry, and eating grasshoppers, offending me, I’m careful that you can’t eat it.
Going around time chicken, do you know that I actually read the script? Su Li suddenly laughed. I got up and put my right hand to the side of the tablet-shaped time-space manager.
A red button is within reach. If you dare to threaten me again, I will directly press the self-destruct button and die with the time-space manager. Hey boy, calm down, time. The chicken eyes widened in an instant, and cold sweat broke out on the forehead.
If you press the time machine and blow it up, you will also be blown to death. It doesn’t matter.
I’ve already died. It’s no big deal to die again. It’s just a pity for you, the time machine.
If the weapon is blown up, do you think that Little King Kong will deduct your salary? Su Li laughed very nuclear, and the threat in the words was very obvious. For a moment, the time chicken was paralyzed as if it had been hit by some major blow. Sitting on the ground, I covered my face with my wings and began to cry, oh no, I’m just a clerk. I have a lot of work and I didn’t mention family vacations. I worked overtime and didn’t pay off the mortgage.
I bought it myself, but fortunately, I don’t have to pay for parking because I don’t have it.
I can’t afford a car and shed tears of despair while talking about the time chicken A young man with a penny salary, you can bear to look at the handsome and handsome Lin Bei? I live a life without wages? Su Li nodded without changing his expression under the eyes of Shi Guangji.
Handsome, unrestrained and handsome are adjectives to describe yourself. You are a middle-aged uncle with a beer belly and an extremely wretched temperament. Those adjectives really do not match your image at all. Su Li’s words were a bit too heart-wrenching. Even though he has always been thick-skinned, he couldn’t help but want to vomit blood at this time.
Seeing Su Li with a completely cold and unfeeling expression, after a stalemate for a long time, Time Chicken finally felt helpless. After being defeated, tell me, young man, what do you really want? Chapter 2 The hero who was born after bargaining brought me back to life