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Business is not easy. Fang Ze turned on his phone and looked at his bank card balance. It clearly showed that the balance on his bank card was only four yuan and ninety cents left. There was not enough money for dinner today, Fang Ze scratched.
After scratching his messy hair, he began to regret a bit.
After graduating from university, he resolutely broke up with his family and entered the Taobao seller industry. Before entering the industry, Fang Ze only saw the convenience and sales volume of online trading platforms crushing brick-and-mortar stores at all. I didn’t notice the brutal competition between Taobao stores.
When I first opened the store, I thought that snacks should be the best sellers, so I spent all my savings and stockpiled a garage full of snacks to make a lot of money, but the cruel reality soon taught him to be a man.
There are so many anchors who have opened snack shops on Taobao, who would go to his newly opened store that doesn’t even have a high reputation to buy things? Even if the prices in Fangze’s store are low and the goods are good, they are still submerged in the vastness of Taobao. The store was full of oceans, and I was about to be hungry.
The snacks in the store were all high-end goods.
Fang Ze couldn’t bear to eat them, but he couldn’t afford to eat them. The entire garage was full of snacks, ready to find a box of meat muffins to eat, at this moment, Fang Ze heard his mobile phone notification sound from Fang Ze’s ear, it’s not this! Fang Ze was a little strange, but he still took out his mobile phone At this time, Fang Ze saw that his mobile phone burst out with colorful light like a flashlight inside, directly drowning everything in his field of vision. It took half an hour for the colorful light to dissipate. Ze hurriedly held the phone in front of his eyes to see what had changed. The appearance remained the same.
His large-screen dual-card Android phone worth about 1,000 yuan was still a bit disappointing. Fang Ze thought his phone was fine, but now it looks like The country’s rule that you are not allowed to become a master after seeing the country is still unbreakable, but Fang Ze suddenly remembered the recent Internet explosion of the starting point to send a WeChat red envelope text, is it possible for your mobile phone to send a WeChat red envelope to the heaven? Open the mobile phone WeChat At first glance, there is no change from before. The most recent chat records are all information about him borrowing money from his friends. Turn off WeChat.
Fang Ze rolled his eyes, but he saw on his phone that his original Taobao seller software seemed to have changed.
Super Taobao store system What is this? Fang Ze’s finger pressed up, “Super Taobao store system binding is successful.
The store name is Fang Ze’s Taobao store owner. Fang Ze’s store level is one-star verification successfully entered the system. What is the Super Taobao store system?” See the introduction of Super Taobao Shopkeeper System, a super software specially designed for shopkeepers on online trading platforms. Shopkeepers can purchase various props on this system to add various interesting products to your Taobao store.
This system will also provide shopkeepers with All kinds of convenient paid services finally help the shopkeeper become the world’s number one Taobao shopkeeper? Does the world’s number one Taobao shopkeeper sound like a good one? Fang Ze opened it Sliding into the first column of the software, there are various auxiliary cards sold in the software. However, because of Fang Ze’s low level, only a few types of cards are displayed on it.
Many cards are question marks. Low-level random plane transfer cards can be used Randomly teleport to a safe location on any plane and automatically return to the original world after 10 hours After using it, you can summon a ghost courier. The ghost courier attribute can carry out a hyperspace transmission every 20 minutes to deliver the goods directly to the receiving customer.
Every month, each ghost courier needs to pay a salary of 100,000 yuan.
The portable warehouse card has A warehouse that can be disguised as any shape and can be accessed at any time.
The size is 10 cubic meters, and the hole can be expanded.
The price of each expansion of 10 cubic meters is one million.
Although the things are very useful, it is too expensive. At this time, the software page pops up. The content of the agreement on the agreement page roughly means that if Fang Ze agrees to use and bind this super Taobao store system, a newcomer gift package will be given to Fang Ze and some free services will be provided in the future, such as opening black technology Guarantee Fang Ze’s safety in this world and won’t be noticed by the country because of selling things from other worlds. Of course, these services are not free.
Fang Ze will take 40% of the profits from the system for all goods sold Nimahei But even Fang Ze, who had nowhere to go, could only agree. Click to confirm that the super Taobao store system is bound, and he got a free novice gift bag.
Opening the system is kind. This gift bag gave Fang Ze a transfer card and two ghost couriers One card, one card for proficiency in any language, and one card for portable storage.
Fang Ze used the two lines of the ghost courier card first.
In an instant, two ordinary male youths with ordinary faces and clothes of couriers appeared in Fang Ze’s garage so abruptly. It doesn’t look like a ghost inside.
Fang Ze took a closer look at the appearance of these two people, and found that they looked exactly like humans, and there was nothing strange about them. There were three Chinese characters of Fang Ze’s family printed on their clothes, and there was also Fang Ze’s name.
A simple and clear triangular pattern in the Taobao store, etc.
Fang Ze looked at the ground and found that these two people have no shadows, and they are indeed ghosts. The intelligence of these two ghost couriers without shadows is about the same as that of a twelve-year-old child.
It must be enough to deliver the courier. Fang Ze pointed to a corner of the garage and motioned for them to teleport there, only to see a flash of white light, and the two ghosts teleported to that corner in an instant. Not bad, in order to distinguish the ghost courier