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I’m Zhang Xiaohou, can you hear me? Zhang Tao’s anxious voices resounded all around in the darkness.
Where am I? Zhang Tao was awakened by these voices, and he was a little confused.
He asked Zhang Tao to the extremely vague figures in front of him.
Are you awake? How do you feel? Are you able to move? I’m Zhang Hou, are you okay? Seeing Zhang Tao waking up, I was very excited and asked Zhang Tao to open his eyes to see their faces clearly. But the strong light dazzled his eyes, forcing him to block his sight with the palm of his hand to relieve the stinging sensation brought to his eyes by the strong light. After a while, Zhang Tao dared to move his hand away little by little, despite what he saw.
It’s still not very clear, but I can finally see what’s going on around him. I saw a group of young-looking men and women in uniform school uniforms surrounding him, with red hair, white hair, and green hair.
Originally, Zhang Tao was himself. I hate these colorful hairs, but this time it is very strange that he can’t feel the slightest sense of disobedience among these people, as if these people should be like this, and the people around don’t know what Zhang Tao is doing at this time. What are they thinking in their hearts? Seeing that Zhang Tao has recovered a little bit, they quickly asked Zhang Tao how are you? Shall we take you to the hospital to see if that’s right? Let’s go to the hospital quickly.
If you fall from such a high place, don’t leave any sequelae. Yeah, it’s not a big deal, I feel like sending it to the hospital is a bit of a fuss, it’s not necessary, it’s just that the exam is going to be tomorrow, if Zhang Tao delays the exam because he went to the hospital, Zhang Tao will hate us to death, let’s go to the hospital, it’s still a bit uncomfortable Don’t talk about it, let’s see what Zhang Tao means, that is, Zhang Tao is awake again, and it’s not like he has no ability to speak, let’s see what he thinks, right, right, right, right, right, right, right, right, right, right, right, right, right. Seeing everyone’s eyes, Zhang Tao had to forcibly interrupt the messy questions in his mind. He supported the ground with his hands and sat up slowly, facing everyone’s eyes.
Just as he was about to answer the question, suddenly an inexplicable thing seemed like a sledgehammer. The same impact directly hit Zhang Tao’s mind.
The impact was so strong that he almost fainted Zhang Tao again. Fortunately, he was lucky enough to survive, but even if he didn’t faint, Zhang Tao lay on the ground again. The people around did not respond.
Waiting, but seeing Zhang Tao fall to the ground again, he was stunned, then hurriedly stepped forward to help Zhang Tao from the ground, two red-haired girls said while helping back, it seems that Zhang Tao is seriously injured this time, we can’t wait any longer Send him directly to the hospital, right, right, right, Zhang Xiaohou, Mo Fan, Mu Bai, Zhao Kong, you all quickly carried Zhang Tao to the road and carried me to call an ambulance.
As she said this, the girl took out her mobile phone from her pocket and prepared to call The distress call was a little nervous, her hands were trembling, and she pressed the wrong number several times in a row.
Finally, she finally pressed the number. Just when she was about to press the dial button, a loud voice stopped. Don’t call her, Tang Meng, I’m fine. The voice was so loud that the girl had to stop what she was doing.
After that, she looked in the direction of the voice and spoke.
It was the guy who was just lifted up by several boys at this moment to stop her. Zhang Tao’s complexion has improved significantly at this time, except that his mouth is a little shriveled and pale due to lack of water.
From the outside, Zhang Tao has no obvious problems. Seeing that it is the person who stopped him, Tang Meng feels like this.
It’s not right to give up and then persuade Zhang Tao that it’s better to send him to the hospital. How can I explain this to my uncle and aunt? Following Tang Meng’s words, a girl who was not far from her then persuaded Zhang Tao to be fine, the squad leader. Look, my body looks like there is something wrong. Let’s talk about it tomorrow. It’s time for the senior high school entrance examination, so let’s go home early. If I feel any discomfort later on, I’ll go to the hospital as soon as possible.
You don’t have to worry about Zhang Tao jumping on the ground twice to prove that there is really no problem with his body, but this woman The squad leader wanted to say something more, but he was interrupted by the white-haired boy next to Zhang Tao and said, “I said Tangdie, Zhang Tao said it’s all right, so don’t talk about your mother-in-law and mother-in-law. It’s really salty to eat carrots and worry about it.” After Mu Bai finished speaking, he ignored everyone, turned around and walked towards the bus they had hired together to see him so arrogant.
Tang Meng, who was standing next to Tang Die, couldn’t help but yelled at Mu Bai loudly. Why did I stop talking to my elder sister? She still wanted to catch up with her, but she hadn’t taken two steps yet.
Tang Die beside her quickly grabbed her hand and said, forget it, Amengmu It’s not that you don’t know Bai, it’s just that his mouth is a bit poisonous, in fact, it’s not that bad, just leave him alone, let’s go through it first and see if Zhang Tao’s problem is serious, right? Tang Die then dragged Tang Meng towards Zhang Tao. Although Tang Meng, who was being pulled, looked very angry, she still came with Tang Die. After a very long explanation, the two chatted for a long time. Finally, the two sisters of the Tang family finally met Zhang Tao’s three inches. Rotten Tongue agreed with Zhang Tao’s idea of ​​going back to each house first.
On the return bus, everyone didn’t talk too much.
In fact, they expressed their gratitude that nothing big happened.
It is extremely scary to suddenly find a person missing in the wilderness. Fortunately, in the end they found it. The return journey was not too long, about an hour’s journey, and they returned to the place where they started. They didn’t have too many polite words, so they went back to their homes and found their mothers.