Sorrow gritted her teeth I said Xiyue is not in my hands then you die Come out Gu Xuan begs you not to hurt her

The stupid girls in this world have just stepped into the ranks of anchors, and their skills are broken.
For the effect of the program, Gu Xuan was ordered to kill Wangshen with a single-handed god-level anger.
From then on, he embarked on a road of super game anchors. Choose God to give our Sunset Red team a face. Ah, we are the first show, Dingdang will never mess with Gu Xuan again in this life.
If you mess with him, I would rather die.
Brother Snake, if I miss the selection, God’s bullet will turn around. Wei Shen has Gu Xuan.
Gu Xuan smiled and saw that there was no one who could play in the audience. Chapter 1 Living together with a dumb girl In a rented house in Huaguo Blue Star Chuanjing City Gu Xuan jumped up from the bed like lightning. He clearly remembered that he was hit to death by a car on the way to deliver food, why did he wake up again? Could it be that he has seen a lot of Internet in his previous life, and he is naturally not unfamiliar with this kind of bloody plot.
The tide flooded into his mind.
In this life, he is a miserable wage earner.
He was fired at a Porsche shop because of poor performance. Now he has been at home for more than half a month, and he is about to pay the rent. It’s time, his brows couldn’t help but frowned tightly, Gu Xuan wanted to die, he had someone else travel through time, or he was the super rich second generation, or he was a high-ranking official, no matter how bad he was, he was also a civil servant, but he didn’t have anything, and it turned out to be a lie What about my system? Gu Xuan looks up to the sky and sighs. The system is activating.
The system is activated. The name in his mind, Gu Xuan, age, occupation, no physical strength, speed, stamina and above, normal people, current skills, no current savings, soft girl, current task, no comprehensive evaluation, garbage war, five scum, looking at this character panel that belongs to him, Gu Xuan almost spurted the system directly to himself How dissatisfied is it? The evaluation turned out to be rubbish and scum.
That’s fine. Why do you have to bring two exclamation points to the system? You dare to cheat a little more Gu Xuan just complain about the host Don’t say I didn’t take care of you Give you a novice The big gift package system is still quite face-saving, so I gave a big gift package to start the newbie. The big gift package is opening.
Congratulations to the host for gaining a comprehensive attribute increase.
Congratulations to the host for gaining the first-level proficiency skill. His body is filled with endless power, and now he seems to be able to kill a cow with a single punch.
Before Gu Xuan could be happy, there was a knock on the door. A very loud female voice rang out, Gu Xuan’s eyes lit up the moment he heard this voice, yes, I have a shared roommate, it’s Dumb Girl, that’s right, this female voice is the female anchor of PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds who was popular in the previous life dumb girl However, in this world, Damei is just a rookie anchor who has just debuted. Gu Xuan didn’t have time to think about it, quickly put on clothes and opened the door. I have to say that Damei is very beautiful, with crimson lips, willow eyebrows, watery eyes, plump waist, and a pair of white flowers. The long legs are so long that I can’t help swallowing when I see them.
Seeing Gu Xuan staring at him all the time, his dazed girl is smiling like a flower, she looks pretty, isn’t she? Things are bad, I still let you be my supporter, you eat every day, you are so mad at me for having other ideas, Dumb Girl puts her hands on her hips, she almost loses her chest.
Gu Xuan looks back, Dumb Girl, talk to me, if you If that’s the case, then I won’t be your fan. I’m stunned.
Before Gu Xuan went to work, she opened a live broadcast. In the live broadcast room, there were three to five hundred people every day. But since Gu Xuan became her fan, with the powerful entertainment effect, she broadcasted live. The current popularity has stabilized at around 5,000. For a new anchor, such a statistic is pretty good. At 9 o’clock, the shark live broadcast platform, Daimei, went online on time. Gu Xuan was sitting next to her, everything was ready, and soon some water friends came in. Hey, Dumb girl, hurry up and start the broadcast. I don’t watch your cooking operation for a day. I’m going to feel terrible. Damn Gu Xuan, why does he look so handsome today? Tsk tsk tsk, Dumb girl, did you add pig feed to the rice? Raise Gu Xuan It’s so good.
In the barrage area, the friends in the barrage area glanced at the barrage.
What the girl said is called a righteous man. I am a very competent boss.
Do any of you want to work for me as an employee? Gu choose me I’m planning to replace Gu Xuan, it’s a fool, what is it all about? Are you hurting each other? Come on, listen, listen, is this a human language? I work with her for six hours a day, and I only get two meals. Ah, brothers, hurry up and apply for the job. I don’t want to stay in this place for a long time. It’s okay to give wages, but you still want to be cruel to an old woman like me.
I really can’t bear it.
Gu Xuan is called a wronged old woman hahaha. This nickname is okay. Congratulations. It’s purely playing with fire, all the water friends are having fun, huh, I’ll clean up after the broadcast. After talking about it, I will directly enter the game. Select the classic mode and start matching.
After 30 seconds, the trash on the island will be born.
Who the hell go to the garbage place like the airport? Real men just come to the city and just shoot together. Isn’t he happy?