Song Wanzhi in the movie seemed to hear something suspicious did you take out the cigarette again Well Jiang Si lazily slowed down his voice

A bunch of green branches and leaves are low to the outside of the glass, just like the passers-by on the road, rustling down in this torrential rain, the branches are smashed by the rain, and the black bricks are covered with dark red and green until they are submerged in front of the window, lying on the window through the transparent glass The girl at the inner table breathed lightly toward the floor-to-ceiling windows, and the mist covered the glass in an instant, blurring the outside world.
She stretched out her finger and tapped the heat to melt away, and a hole in the cold mist revealed a quiet world outside the window.
Across the street, the west wall of the university campus is looming in the rain and mist.
At this moment, the wind chimes at the door of the store are ringing, and someone rushes into the door in the rain.
Song Wanzhi stops for a few seconds and straightens up slightly. When she turns her head, the faces of two strange girls are complaining. Walking past her table, probably because of the coolness brought in by the other party, she stretched her shoulders a little. The long skirt was gently squeezed tightly with her fingers, but the half of the color that could not be covered was hidden in the slender ankles of the skirt. The lady is sickly and weak, your tea has been refilled. The waiter poured hot water into the semi-cold prism-shaped tall cup.
Song Wanzhi suddenly came back to his senses and took it softly.
Thank you, you’re welcome. Please slow down. The waiter is carrying a long-mouthed pot made of silver metal, walking back to the counter in the rain that knocks on the window casually. The most frightening rainy day of opening the store is often in the middle of the afternoon. I don’t see any customers.
The waitress who has nothing to do and leans her back to the store He lowered his voice in front of the counter, hey, here she is again, ah, the waiter looked up and followed the eyes of his colleagues to look at the window. The white dress was swaying before the rain, like a gardenia plant that could be easily broken and crushed. The waiter stopped for a while and turned back.
Pretend you don’t care about booking a table every Saturday afternoon, you’re not used to it, you just feel weird why it’s like clocking in for work, this is the fourth week, right? The waitress whispered, who is the man who booked the table? Going to the appointment so unshakably, who said that it can’t be unshakably? The waiter pushed the phone along the counter and he was almost ten minutes late! It’s really Song Wanzhi who lowered his head and gently stroked the rim of the polished cloud cup.
The two came in in the rain Talking with her at the table in the corner with their backs facing each other.
The small shop in the rain is quiet and quiet.
The small voices slipped past her ears. I blame the rain for the bad timing. What’s the matter? It’s so urgent.
It’s the registration day for freshmen tomorrow. Our department group just informed that the school student union will hold a coordinating meeting in advance today.
The deputy ministers and above must come to you. You are still an officer.
Are you going to go? Isn’t it my vice department and above? The vice chairman of the school student union must attend as a non-voting delegate. Oh, I understand. Going to see Jiangsi, Song Wanzhi’s fingertips caressing the rim of the cup suddenly trembled, as if scalded by water vapor, her heart beat faster for a few beats, she subconsciously wanted to turn around and listen to what they had to say, but in the end she suppressed her eyes and looked back The voice behind me is ticking with the sound of rain. Oh, am I that kind of person? The main purpose is to learn about the work arrangements of the ministers. By the way, I have a glimpse of Vice Chairman Jiang’s real face. Seeing how promising you are, you have been in the student union for a year and you haven’t seen enough. I don’t know that our Vice Chairman Jiang has been on the lookout for a whole year, except that he must attend important events, and he can’t see him at all.
I heard that every day he spends time in their automation department.
What kind of drone laboratory building is in the experimental building area? No one is allowed to enter the experimental building.
If you really like it so much, why don’t you just confess your love? That’s where Jiang Si can get me. Haven’t you seen it in the school forum? His ex-girlfriends are all the beautiful and colorful big peonies, without exception, ah, it’s not like this, he doesn’t know how to read it, and the topic of girls turns away with a sigh for a while Song Wanzhi strokes the fingertips on the edge of the cup tightly Only then did she slowly let go, she lowered her eyes to see a shallow white mark on her fingertips, and then it was slowly filled with blood, and the water surface in the cup next to her shook gently That kind of beautiful, but obviously doesn’t match the rich peony flowers at all. The girl bowed her head and blew the tea noodles and crushed the figure on it. Half an hour passed by under the eaves amidst the sound of raindrops, waiting for the store door to open again after a long time. The one who opened the probe was a little brother dressed as a courier. He came in a few steps and looked at the waiter behind the counter uncertainly.
Do you have a customer named Song? She is a courier customer from the same city. Here, the sender gave this address and said that the person should be in this store.
Maybe it was mine. The voice of cold rain was ironing my ears.
The male waiter accidentally turned around and saw the girl by the window. The girl stopped quietly by the door and checked the information. The girl lowered her head and signed the form. The courier guy was a little hesitant to send the package. After waiting for nearly an hour, her voice could not hear any disappointment or anger.
The waiter was surprised to see the wind chimes shaking again, and then fell silent. Song Wanzhi lowered her eyes towards the empty door and turned back to the cup of tea Please settle it for me, oh no, the gentleman who booked the table said in advance that all the bills will be charged to him, and we can’t charge you extra money. Silence for a second or two, her drooping eyelashes lightly covered her light brown eyes. Thank you, the waiter. There was no time to say anything else, the girl turned and left, the back walked slowly, but the glass at the door was narrower, and soon I couldn’t see it anymore, and I saw the waitress come knocking on the table, the soul was hooked by you, don’t talk nonsense, the waiter coughed and continued Wipe the counter, you still don’t admit that every time someone comes over, your eyes are almost pasted on it. The waitress held her face and taunted her, so good-looking, good-looking, it’s a pity, what a pity you didn’t pay attention. It’s not so obvious the sound outside the window, the silent wind finally stops, the bird on the branch shakes its damp feathers, picks up half the curtain of rain, and the blue clouds are ambiguous