Son you finally woke up and your mother was scared to death by you woo woo woo Mu Yunfeng let out a sigh of relief

The small city is young, golden autumn, October, and most of the land of China is still hot, but the endless dense forest on the northern border is getting colder. It is a good place to cool off and cool off. Mobei City, a small city in the north, is mostly quiet and peaceful all year round.
But at this time, a large number of tourists poured in, adding a lot of anger. In the afternoon, a young man in his twenties was strolling on a bustling street. He had a well-proportioned figure, a fair, handsome face and a clean casual outfit, and the locals.
The costumes are all different.
It seems that a tourist from other places feels the style of nature here, but he smiles and greets the vendors on both sides of the street as he walks. Those vendors also smile back and some even shout loudly. This has the taste of fresh red mushroom stewed chicken, just buy some, um, it’s very good, let’s take a catty, the young man picked up a handful of fresh mushrooms and said, Xiaotian, I have freshly beaten roe deer meat here, which is very fat, and the mushrooms are better than stewed chicken Give me the three fattest roe deer. Obviously, the young man is very familiar with these locals. He is not just passing by here.
The locals don’t know the origin of the young man.
They only know that his name is Wu Xiaotian.
He appeared here a year ago to work with the locals.
Although people live here in peace and tranquility, they are poor. Many children drop out of school at the age of eleven or twelve and return home. The teenagers pay for them to go back to school. They often cook their own meals to supplement nutrition for the children. Those children call him Xiaotian, and the residents of the small town also Just more than one hundred thousand people are simple and kind, this young man’s righteous deeds have already won their respect.
For more than a year, the local residents have already regarded him as a friend. The young man lives in the dense forest most of the time.
There is a wooden house where the hunters used to rest overnight.
Now the government has banned hunting, and the log cabins are gradually becoming dilapidated. The youngsters don’t mind cleaning them up and living in them.
The youngsters even bought a small courtyard in a small town, and they will come back every weekend.
The children will look for them when they are on vacation.
He cooks some delicacies by himself, and the boy seems to be able to do some martial arts in his spare time, teaching the children to kick and exercise.
After a long time, the physique of these children has been significantly improved, and they rarely get sick.
Today is the weekend. The boy returned to the small town and is preparing for dinner. He didn’t bargain for the fresh ingredients, so he bought them all when he saw fresh ingredients.
In ten minutes, he bought a few big bags. When the courtyard door opened, it turned out that two eleven or twelve-year-old children were fighting in public, and seven or eight children were cheering and applauding all around.
When the children saw the boy coming in, they gathered around to help the girls pick vegetables and clean the pot.
The boy lit the fire and boiled the water, and everyone was like a happy family. Brother, I want to learn kung fu with you. The boy who was competing with his companion just now said loudly while sending firewood into the stove.
Kung Fu found a little girl and said loudly, everyone booed and laughed, the child named Xiaoqiang blushed and retorted loudly, it wasn’t what I was watching just now, brother Xiaotian came back Xiaoqiang, you just told Xiaotian why you want to learn kung fu.
The young man cleaned up all kinds of ingredients skillfully and asked with a smile. Learning kung fu can eliminate violence and catch bad people.
You just need to do your homework well. When you grow up and go to college, you can apply for the military academy and become a soldier and a policeman.
Then the young man smiled and replied, yes, then I will be a policeman in the future.
After grabbing Xiaoqiang, it seemed as if he had found his goal. In the evening, a group of children went home after eating.
The young man was walking alone in the dense forest. The forest was full of thorns, but the young man didn’t care.
The autumn wind gusts and leaves fall like rain.
But there is no piece that can touch the young man’s body. As soon as it touches his clothes, the feather bounces off without mosquitoes. Now that the two of you are here, why don’t you show up to see Chapter 2 The King of Killers? I’ve heard about Qianli Chasing Soul for a long time. Turned out from behind a big tree fifty meters away from the boy, and let out a giggling sound.
The sound was strange and fluttering, startling countless flying crows.
At the same time, a tall and strong man appeared tens of meters away from the boy. Standing there quietly like half of an iron tower, staring at the boy without a word I’m a little flattered, if it wasn’t for the organization, I’d be talking to a white guy with blonde hair, blue eyes, and a handsome silver-gray suit, who behaves like a western royal, and the strong man is a black man. The body is two meters tall and burly, with tangled muscles that bulge out the clothes Now I want to wash my hands in a golden basin, why doesn’t the organization miss a little bit of old love? The young man calmly talks like an old friend reunited, but his expression does not change at all, his eyes are fixed on the two of them. The two of us come here this time, please, as long as you go back with us, you will not be held accountable for the past.
You are wrong.
I left the organization not for betrayal, but for the pursuit of higher martial arts. Martial arts.
You think I’m a fool