Son did you rob the bank I cant accept it I never thought that Qian Mengyu would spend so much money for me but I

Jun Gu accidentally browsed through the secret library of the United Military Academy and discovered the mysterious side of the world. The reason for the outbreak of the Fourth World War was too bizarre. Where did the technological fragments scattered in the world come from? In order to find the truth, Lin Hao established the seventh The secret service department is referred to as the seventh group, the first chapter of the military school, and you have been the head teacher for almost three years. To be honest, I am very sad that everyone will take the college entrance examination next week. Your hard work over the years will soon pay off. For most of the students in my class, I am They are not very worried, but some people forget it, I will not talk about it, everyone has their own ambitions, and today I will tell you guys another way out besides college. You don’t say a word, please, the opponent’s jungler basically keeps going.
Lin Hao looked at his deskmate speechlessly, as if he didn’t care about next week’s college entrance examination, Lin Hao Xu Bowen hoped that you two could hear what the teacher said next, good teacher Lin Hao embarrassed Smiling, the old class usually turns a blind eye when playing games, although I don’t know what he’s going to say, but the minimum respect is still to be given.
After all, the head teacher is pretty good.
The two of them quit the game and listened carefully.
Yes, I miss you guys.
These guys who don’t like studying actually have a college dream.
After all, the teacher is also from your age group, but it is different from the age when the teacher was young.
Now we are in the fourth world war.
The scores of many vocational schools have also risen.
Most of the candidates I don’t have any choice. What I want to say now is that military academies are a good choice.
Serving as a soldier is a very good way out. Since the admission requirements of military academies are lower than those of vocational colleges during the war, there will be teachers from military academies in the next two days.
If you are interested in enrolling students, you can go and have a look, but it’s best to go back and discuss with your parents. Sleepwalking? Hurry up and start meeting the head teacher. I’ve finished what I’m about to say. Lin Hao looked at Xu Bowen expectantly, are you stupid? Applying for the military academy, do you know what time it is? Xu Bowen looked at his deskmate like an idiot. The Fourth World War.
What does the Fourth World War have anything to do with our application to the military academy? Oh, do you read the news? The military academy used to be a place that men dream of, but the current military academy is a point of no return for men. Now being a soldier will kill you.
Forget it.
Lazy with you Said that even if you want to apply for the military academy, uncles and aunts will not agree to you, quickly form a team and start, Lin Hao nodded, the two played games again, Lin Hao came out to eat, Lin Hao, who was searching for information on the Internet, agreed that the college entrance examination is sure Liu Wen looked at her son and asked with a smile, although she knew her son’s grades were poor, but the college entrance examination is something that every parent is worried about, Er Lin Hao smiled awkwardly, his face was not particularly handsome I really don’t know how to ask questions, don’t you know how this brat is doing in school? After graduating from high school, come to work in my company.
Your father, I can arrange a job for you. Lin Hao’s father, Lin Yue, smiled and said yes. Yu Linhao’s grades don’t really bother Dad, actually, I want to go to military school, the dining table fell silent, the chopsticks in Liu Wen’s hand also fell off, Lin Xue raised her head and looked at her parents. The problem is that I didn’t hear what Lin Hao said clearly. He turned his head and looked at his brother, only to find that Lin Hao’s face was a bit regretful, isn’t it? Lin Hao smiled and pretended to be indifferent. Why do you want to go to a military academy? If you are studying, your dad, I can get you into another university. Lin Yue said calmly.
It’s nothing.
The teacher mentioned it in class today, and I just checked and found out that being a soldier is pretty good. Dad, you also know that I have been in poor health since I was a child.
It’s very good Lin Hao knew that he would be rejected, but he didn’t care too much.
Well, there’s nothing wrong with being a soldier.
If you really want to read it, your dad saw his son’s expression.
Don’t even think about it, I still want to have a grandson.
Your dad and I are people who have experienced two world wars.
Although there is a war maintenance treaty, war is war.
Now it’s the fourth war.
Don’t think it doesn’t affect the country. There is no such thing as Liu Wen seriously looking at his son’s originally handsome face, as if he was angry. Hehe, this kid just thinks about it after eating. Don’t worry, I won’t support him either.
Seeing his wife Huo Linyue say it quickly Hehe Lin Xue looked at her father’s funny face and laughed out of her own position. The family didn’t discuss the matter Lin Hao mentioned again. The third world war entered the search box for the third time.
During the World War, Lin Hao was not yet born, and soon a large amount of information was found out. The ban on nuclear weapons and the prohibition of the use of nuclear weapons mentioned in the war maintenance treaty have always been the default rules of war in the world, but the war really broke out. At that time, it endangered the whole country. At that time, the nuclear ban was a joke. In the third world war, there were four atomic bombings, and the war was forcibly terminated. All large-scale wars are not allowed to explode in the place where the residents live I don’t know if any contact was blocked or what. Most of the World War III mentioned on the Internet is not at the key point. What Lin Hao wanted to see was the situation that happened when the war broke out.
He couldn’t find what he wanted.
Lin Hao I turned off the computer, although I still have thoughts about enrolling in the military academy, but my parents don’t agree, and there’s nothing I can do about it.
Did you tell your parents yesterday?