Something happened to your sister here Su Zhe’s face changed slightly his parents both died since he was a child he has always depended on

Yunxi, I’m in the hospital. There are too many people today.
I may not have time to cook.
Tell our mother to let her work harder.
Next time, if she doesn’t want to cook, she can order takeaway. But even standing so simply, he still feels extremely strenuous, sweating constantly on his forehead, and dizzy in his head, it seems that he will get lost in the past at any time. Since Liu Feng suddenly found out about an unknown terminal illness more than a month ago, his body has become weaker day by day until today. Didi was about to run out of oil and the lamp was dry. At this moment, Liu Feng’s cell phone rang.
It was his wife Fang Yunxi who called him. He hurriedly answered Liu Feng.
I want to discuss something with you. Can you cure this disease? I asked the doctor.
Your chances of being cured are very slim, but the cost of treatment is huge. You only earn a few thousand dollars a month. We can’t afford to continue the treatment unless we sell the house. Do you have the heart to see our family sleep on the street like beggars? Listen to the phone Liu Feng was stunned by the words, his eyes were blank looking at the crowded hospital hall, he only felt a stabbing pain in his heart, a feeling of panic enveloped him, his daughter-in-law’s words almost bloodied the reality he had been avoiding before. Putting it in front of his eyes makes him have to face Liu Feng. I don’t want people and money to be empty. You can understand me, right? Liu Feng’s emotions pressing on every sentence can no longer hold back, tears keep slipping, Liu Feng can’t be too selfish in life, finally facing his wife’s repeated urging, Liu Feng tremblingly said, “Well, Yunxi, I promise, I promise you everything, don’t get angry, I’ll die.
I’ll be right back, this sentence seems to have sucked away all Liu Feng’s strength and his soul, he just lay limp on the ground, staring at the ceiling in a daze, tears fell down like a flood that burst an embankment, he was only twenty-three years old He’s still young, he doesn’t want to die, why does God want to be so cruel to me? Liu Feng murmured in despair, but in the end Liu Feng calmed down, left the hospital in despair, and walked towards home in order to save money. Every time Liu Feng came to the hospital, even if I don’t even want to take the bus. I just walk here and there by myself.
It takes more than two hours on the road.
But this time, his body is too weak.
After walking for half an hour, his clothes were soaked in sweat, and he couldn’t walk.
He found a flower bed and sat down to rest. At this moment, he suddenly saw a very familiar figure in front of him walking towards a hotel. It was his wife Fang Yunxi.
At this point, Yunxi should be at work.
Why are you going to the hotel? Liu Fengyi At this time, the figure had already entered the hotel lobby.
Liu Feng wanted to chase him, but he had no energy to run, so he took out his mobile phone and called Fang Yunxi while walking towards the hotel. After connecting, he immediately asked Yunxi where are you calling now? After hesitating for a while, he said that he was at the company. In order to treat your illness, I have to work hard every day. You should go home now, so you should take a good rest. I’m going to have a meeting now, Fang Yunxi seemed really busy, she didn’t give Liu Feng a chance to say a second sentence, so she just hung up the phone Trembling constantly, I must have admitted my mistake, Yunxi will not lie to me, she cannot lie to me, but Liu Feng still does not dare to think about the worst direction, still muttering self-deception, struggling in pain for a few seconds, he is still strong We walked into the hotel and went to the elevator hall. There are two elevators, one on the seventh floor and the other on the first floor. Obviously, Fang Yunxi went up to the seventh floor. Liu Feng immediately caught up to the seventh floor, but the two rows of guest rooms on the seventh floor all have their doors closed. Knocking on the door is definitely unrealistic, maybe Fang Yunxi was blown away by the hotel security before he found Fang Yunxi.
At this moment, he saw a cleaning uncle in front of him. After thinking about it, Liu Feng went up and reluctantly took out a hundred yuan and handed it to the uncle. A smile Master My girlfriend came up just now but I forgot which room she was in Do you know which room she entered? It was the woman who came up two minutes ago The old man took the money and looked contemptuously Liu Feng still forgot which room was fooling around Ghost, isn’t it just catching rape? Remember, don’t say I said it! Liu Feng gritted his teeth and came to the door of the No.
2 room, and immediately heard a sound of kindness coming from inside, and his head thumped. My heart exploded, and there was a tingling pain. I must have admitted my mistake.
Maybe I just looked like Yunxi, she was not that kind of person. He clenched his fist tightly and comforted himself with the hope of what might happen.
Then he gritted his teeth and pressed the button. Who rings the doorbell? Crazy? Immediately the calls stopped. A woman’s impatient voice rang out. Liu Feng was very familiar with the voice.
It was the voice of his wife, a woman for whom he was willing to give up treatment and give up hope of life, just asking her to have a better life for the rest of her life. He holds it in the palm of his hand like a baby, afraid of losing it in his mouth, afraid of turning into a woman.
At this moment, his heart is like being pierced by thousands of sharp swords, and his eyes are suddenly blood red. The next second, he frantically pressed the doorbell and screamed at the same time. When the door was opened, the police arrested the prostitute, and there was an exclamation in the room. After a while, the door opened, and a woman with disheveled hair and disheveled clothes stood and opened the door. Seeing Liu Feng at the door, why is it you? She blurted out subconsciously. Fang Yunxi, who was flushed in the front, burst into tears and said sadly and resentfully, yes, I can’t figure out why it’s me and I’m in such a miserable situation, why God still refuses to let me go, and why did you tell me so cruelly, why did you persuade me just now? The reason why I gave up the treatment is because I’m still alive to prevent you from stealing someone, right? Faced with Liu Feng’s questioning, Fang Yunxi’s face flustered for a while.