Soaring up suddenly Bailiya what are you talking nonsense about what did you do to Mingyue big brother Bailiya drew a soft sword from his

Chapter 1 Tongshan has a strange son named Bailige.
The East China Sea Continent has been popular since ancient times, cultivating immortals and alchemy.
On the continent, there are four major fairy kingdoms, more than a hundred mortal dynasties. Raising people, Tongshan has a radius of ten miles, rich water and grass, and abundant supplies. People are thriving and prosperous. Tongshan people are also beautiful, strong and talented. Every fairyland grand meeting, many immortal masters of the Imperial Immortal Sect will hold a feast here to invite the ten directions. When it rises, it often seeks fairy fate in the villages of Tongshan Realm.
The children bring them back to practice. There is a large clan in Tongshan Realm named Baili who has been in business for generations.
Li Yan once married two wives and gave birth to three sons.
The eldest and second child were born to his wife, and then he gave birth to a third son with his second wife. Baili Mingyue’s third child’s son is named Baili Ya Bailige has been famous since he was a child.
It is said that on the day of Bailige’s birthday, the rain falls from the sky and the fragrance is fragrant for ten miles.
I don’t want to go to this son, my lips are red, my teeth are white, my eyes are bright, my face is handsome, I’m walking for six months, I’m one year old, I’m literate, I’m three years old, I’m reading ancient books.
Fifteen officially accepted Baili Ge as an apprentice during the grand meeting of the fairyland In this generation, there are two strange people, one is good and the other is bad. On this day, Bailige is still leaning against the pillar in the sun pavilion at the back of the manor, singing a brisk tune with his mouth, bro, a voice like a lark. Soon behind Bailige, a pale pink figure appeared in his field of vision Mingyue Bailige smiled and looked at his sister, stretched out her hand to straighten her messy hair, softly blamed, how much did I tell you? Go all over the girl’s house, don’t be in a hurry all day long, walk gracefully, walk softly, speak softly, know the book, and be courteous, Baili Mingyue interrupted nonchalantly, oh, what you said made my ears callous Shaking his head, he was about to say something, seeing Baili Mingyue’s bulging cheeks, he stopped talking, oh, by the way, tomorrow is your fifteenth birthday ceremony, do you really want to be a fairy? Deha Immortal Bailige looks at the fiery red clouds in the distance Rao is always calm and can’t hide the excitement in his heart at this time Yes, after tomorrow he will become the luckiest couple in the entire Fen Kingdom, not the entire Immortal Kingdom He became an outer disciple of Yuxianzong. From now on, his stage is no longer limited to Tongshan, not Fenguo, but the entire East China Sea continent, and maybe even the whole world. But she is really happy for him even though she still has a Little brother Bailiya, but for that person, Baili Mingyue would rather lose her eyes than see him. At this moment, Bailige said that I will go away to another country after tomorrow.
I don’t know how many times I will return. Baili Mingyue also felt a little sad, but she Forced to smile and say, oh brother, you can feel at ease and be your god, don’t forget your sister, I’m a master oh oh, Bailige’s eyebrows raised and a cunning flashed in his eyes, so I’ll try your current skills for brother As soon as the words fell, Baili Mingyue felt a blur in front of her eyes, and then she felt a strong wind coming from behind her, Baili Mingyue felt a chill on her back Li Ge calmly replied that his moves were uninterrupted, his figure flashed, and his fists and palms waved, forming a cyclone like a dragon and a tiger. Baili Mingyue dodged in a hurry, but quickly found his own rhythm and began to look like a model.
Resisted and even counterattacked in the same way, the last blow noticed that during the speech, Bailige suddenly increased his speed and immediately turned into three figures, chopping, thrusting and stabbing three times in unison, attacking the breeze, Baili Mingyue yelled softly, and a faint air mask immediately fell on her The shape of the dance is like a smooth bead, gently pushes away Bailige’s attack, Bailige smiles slightly, the three figures merge into one, then lightly wave their palms and attack three times, go around in a circle and return to wipe the gas mask All were bombarded on the open space beside him with a loud bang, and the ground trembled slightly, Baili Mingyue’s figure was momentarily unstable, and the air shield disappeared in an instant. She looked at the ground attacked by Bailige in surprise, and grieved bitterly.
Brother Landao, you are simply too perverted. How far have you cultivated? Third level, fourth level, don’t tell me you are already fifth level, right? Li Mingyue’s head is Secular and Immortal. Although the former is far inferior to the latter in terms of strength, it does not mean that they have given up martial arts since then. On the contrary, the secular world’s respect for martial arts has reached a level of hunger and thirst. Therefore, even though the Baili family has been in business for generations The orthodox martial arts family Bailige and others practice a set of body-building exercises called Xuanji Book. This set of exercises is the main foundation, and regardless of the secular world, it has a place in the Xianzong.
There are nine ordinary exercises. If a person can practice to the third level, he already has the basic quality to become a cultivator.
The acquired level can be practiced to perfection, and the innate level can be regarded as the introduction to immortality. Throughout the ages, all the families who can practice to the third level are less than one hundred, the fourth, and the fifth level.
There are only a few dozen of them, and the higher level is only the first master of the Baili family who has reached the seventh level. Although Bailige is usually gentle and elegant, he yearns for a life of high spirits in his heart, so he has been practicing martial arts all the way.