So I stopped persuading him anyway I already made my meaning very clear as for whether people listened to him or not he didn’t care

But it doesn’t matter.
He came back with a technology research and development system.
With this system, you don’t need to know the principle, you can come up with black technology and kill all the other technology companies.
Chapter Teleportation gun Nanguang Village, Pengcheng District There are buildings standing around the wet alley, and the narrowest space between the buildings is less than two meters.
There are trams parked on both sides of the aisle, making the place where the original space is not big enough to become extremely narrow. This is the life of the urban village known as the slum People in urban villages are usually low-income wage earners. Basically, the rent is at least one-tenth of their salary, and some rents even reach one-fifth of their salary. The living conditions in Nanguang Village are extremely poor. A lot of rats and cockroaches came out, the air in the village was cloudy and the light was dark.
The only advantage is that it is very close to the subway station, and the commuting is convenient. Many people choose to rent a house to live here in order to save time.
At half past one in the morning, the village in the city is huge. Most of the people fell asleep, only a few of them still turned sideways on the bed due to insomnia.
A green light flashed. A circular green vortex with a diameter of two meters suddenly unfolded in a deserted alley in Nanguang Village. From the vortex, a big bald head rolled out. The bald guy rolled a few times on the dirty ground and immediately jumped up from the ground.
The light reflected from the top of his head was so bright and dazzling that it made the dark alley much brighter.
The green swirling portal behind him was like water bubbles.
He disappeared with a puff, did I come back? The bald man looked around and found no signs of danger, so he relaxed his tense nerves a little and walked towards the direction of the light, and came to the light outside the alley.
His bald head reflected the light even more dazzlingly. He was wearing a white coat worn by a scientific researcher, and he was holding a gun-shaped tool in his hand. It was a wide and flat rectangular box with a liquid crystal on the upward side. In addition to the screen, an inverted glass test tube is inserted in the middle of the box. The end of the box is an inclined plane, and there is a red button on it. Below the button is an oblate gun handle.
There is no hole at the end of the gun head, only three semicircular spheres. The bald brother looked towards the light and looked at the gun in his hand.
The LCD screen on the body showed a set of numerical values ​​and the degree of fit of the character space parameters.
He finally made no mistake this time. No other problems have been found.
The space-time coordinates displayed on the screen are correct. This is a teleportation gun that can open the gate of the dimensional world and let people go to any dimensional world. Now, the bald man has confirmed that he has returned to the earth through the parameters on the gun. Suddenly he seemed to think of something and muttered to himself, I don’t know how long I’ve been away, Zhenzhen should be in a hurry now, I have to go back quickly, the bald man hid the teleportation gun in his waist before he had time to dust off his body. Memories from the past ran wild all the way in this complicated alley.
He finally found the private house he lived in and figured out how much it was preserved. The key and the access control card from 2010 hurried upstairs and inserted the key into the door lock of room No. Unexpectedly, his key could still open the door. Pushing open the door, a familiar smell came in. Everything in the house is messed up and messed up like a thief broke in and stole valuables.
In fact, the rest of the room is his stuff.
Beds, tables, chairs, drying racks, computer desks, computers, even tablets. They are still lying flat on the bed, but the person he wants to see the most is gone without a trace, Zhenzhen is gone, she really left here, even though there are traces of her life everywhere, her things are gone, just like She left forever, too late, too late, I came back too late, the bald-headed brother slowly sat down by the bed with a dejected face Why didn’t the deep emotions wait for me to come back? Zhenzhen, didn’t we agree to stay together and get married at home? The whole person shrank into a ball, and when he was heartbroken, a black figure suddenly sprang out from that corner without knowing it. Looking carefully, it turned out to be a cat.
This cat has khaki-colored fur with light white stripes on its back. The hair on its belly and four paws is also cute, snow-white. It looks only six months old.
At this time, it is opening its big, round eyes, and its long striped tail is standing up and meowing at him.