Sniffing like it’s over God loves you being together my IQ has become lower Chen Hui pretended to be angry and carried Liu Lingling on

Chen Hui was exhausted and returned to his home in Nan’an.
He couldn’t wait to lie down on the sofa, wanting to rely on the softness and comfort of the sofa to relax.
He said that this house was when Chen Hui was in his third year of college, and his mother paid tens of thousands. As a down payment, his father paid more than 100,000 yuan for renovations and built a house for him in the South Bank. It’s impossible not to buy a house. The old man is worried that the house will become more and more expensive in the future, and he’s afraid that they won’t be able to afford a house in a few years, so he’s determined to live in the city.
I bought this roughly square house for my son.
In fact, the usable area is less than a square meter.
The main reason is that they are afraid that their son will not find a wife in the future.
After all, what do they do? It’s much more comfortable.
The housing prices here have skyrocketed in the past few years. The housing prices here have almost doubled. It’s completely lying down. I had the opportunity to chat with the girls at night about my ideals.
Even though I had to repay nearly every month of the loan for the first two years of graduation, I almost had nothing to eat. At that time, I was playing tough because I felt that I could no longer ask my parents for money after graduating from college.
At that time, I just graduated and couldn’t get my salary. Besides the necessary living expenses, I had to buy some small gifts for my girlfriends one after another Otherwise, Chen Hui felt that he would not live this year. Thinking about it, Chen Hui felt drowsiness gradually over his head, so he closed his eyes and wanted to take a nap on the sofa.
The sunlight outside the window shone into the room, and the golden light filled Chen Hui’s room. Chen Hui moved his body and felt a little hot. His eyes were not very comfortable and he woke up. Chen Hui lay down and stretched his waist and yawned in his mouth, as if he didn’t wake up, but he still tried his best to sit up and touched it very skillfully.
Feeling around easily found his mobile phone, pressed the switch button, and saw that the time displayed on it was one o’clock, Chen Hui was suddenly startled, his head woke up instantly, and he muttered that it’s over, it’s over, he’s late, and he’s about to be deducted from salary by that damn witch Chen Hui hurriedly got up and wanted to get dressed, only then did he realize that the surrounding environment was not quite right, he wondered, I was in the city last night, why did I wake up this morning at my home in the county, looking at these familiar decorations and The lazy sheep hanging on the opposite side of the bed is leaning on the beautiful sheep.
The drool-filled cross-stitching Chen Hui is very sure that this is his home in the county.
Looking around, Chen Hui took out his mobile phone and wondered if he was sleepless last night.
It was a dream.
I didn’t come back from work to see my mother. Chen Hui shook his head and thought it was impossible.
What kind of dream is it so real? Chen Hui looked at his phone and suddenly found that it wasn’t his Huawei, it was an Apple phone. I haven’t used an Apple phone for many years. I remember the last time I used an iPhone, it was the Apple my parents rewarded me when I was admitted to a key university. At that time, I remembered that I was happy for a long time after the score was issued at the end of the month.
When my parents saw that I got such a high score in the exam, they promised to buy me an iPhone. promise to buy myself one In the year of the college entrance examination, the game book was not released by Apple during the summer vacation.
Chen Hui just waited until after Apple released it to change the mobile phone. At that time, he was in college.
It can be said that it was very good.
After all, the students at that time were still very concerned about what mobile phone you used. Chen Hui also felt that he was a thief. Later, after work, Chen Hui took these things lightly, and he would not pursue luxury things. It is true that he has money in his bag and lives comfortably. Chen Hui quickly entered his password on his mobile phone from college to now. I have never changed my mobile phone password or even my bank card password. This mobile phone turned it on as expected.
Chen Hui took a look at the familiar app content inside. Those familiar chat window group chats, Chen Hui seemed to realize something, Chen Hui involuntarily opened the calendar, and the year, month, day appeared on the phone, Chen Hui was still a little unbelievable, opened Baidu, searched for the time, and the moment the results appeared, Chen Hui’s mind exploded completely It’s okay, it’s over, it’s over, it’s over, I’m going to win Bai Fumei, punch Huateng, kick Ayun, Chen Hui is so excited that he even rolled out of the bed, jumped up and danced in the room, alive After a few minutes of mental illness, Chen Hui calmed down after coming out of the mental hospital.
He suddenly realized that it seemed that rebirth was of no use. I can’t do it anymore. I can’t do Internet loans to make money. I have introduced relevant policies in the past year. The bosses have grown up. I can’t do anything. I can’t do anything in the film and television industry.
I can’t get into that circle at all.
Even if I know the box office of most movies, it’s useless. The film and television industry is also in a big bubble, and it will collapse next year. I want to invest, but I can’t find channels. The Internet is basically a scam The leeks are harvested and grow again.
It’s not good to engage in stocks. I only know which stocks will double in the future, but I don’t use them much.
And when it goes up, you are good. When it goes down, it’s all about life. Ah, I can’t stand the dealer’s teasing. Big pancakes are feasible, but I can’t convince my parents. Forget about how many years I have in my savings. After I die, I ask my parents for money. I can’t save tens of thousands by working part-time, and the big pancakes are too much. This year, it started to skyrocket. After thinking about it, Chen Hui thought it would be more reliable to buy big pancakes.
He bought all his money except for maintenance expenses, and then turned to his parents for shame, and slowly asked for tens of thousands of dollars. He borrowed money from friends and waited two years to pay them back. It’s okay, the chance to make a lot of money is completely out of touch with me.