Sneaky cat cat head Jiang Nian this is the big demon Zhang met with everyone fear in his heart step back and ask the snake

The master waited for me when the thunder was rolling and the rain was pouring pouring down on the road paved with bluestone slabs. The teenagers moved out of Zhang Lingshi table together and put the table on the street and yelled vigorously. It’s started, it’s started, it’s a bet this time it’s the suzerain which apprentice is buying and leaving in the crossing robbery. A person looks up and sees the clouds covering the fog, someone half-holding a pipa, stepping through the rolling clouds and half-covering the half-covered clouds and mist, her slender and slender figure is vaguely reflected in the fluttering white clothes, which seems to be integrated with the clouds and mist, she seems to hear the street on the street The noise was so noisy that the clouds and mist were blown away for a moment, revealing Zhang Qingli’s incomparably pale face, slender cheeks, and a lonely and thin expression like a crane’s apricot eyes, with a drop of tears and moles. After a short stop, the cloud and mist rose again, and the thick smoke closed like a sea wave, covering the woman’s figure, leaving behind only a street of amazing gazes. Moxiu, who was holding a dice, couldn’t help feeling that it was so beautiful, it was indeed our suzerain, the goddess of seven kills.
Last time I bought a list of banished immortals, there was no suzerain’s name on it. I smashed the golden building on the list of banished immortals.
Comrades, did I do it right? It fell, but the monks chirped and had no time to care about it.
They just pretended it was a wild goose struck by a thunderbolt, and continued their big business of buying large and small roasts. They didn’t even know that the Seven Killing Goddess they were talking about fell to the ground like a dead fish, twitching and pretending to be forced But wait for three seconds until the electric current in the body becomes weaker.
Jiang Nian stood up on the ground and scolded the system. As soon as Nian rolled into thunder, the sound of the system stopped abruptly.
Jiang Nian got up from the ground and patted the dust on his clothes. He picked up the pipa overflowing with precious light and continued on his way.
Thinking of the past, she sighed softly. The thing started from eight hundred years ago.
When the non-indigenous people first came to this world, they held the script of the cannon fodder little junior sister in their hands. At this time, Qishazong was still called Qihaozong. It was a small sect that was not popular. Senior brother Pei Jian is the protagonist of Long Aotian in the book. The male lead destroys the door at the beginning of the game. A big gift bag and equipment can only be upgraded by being robbed and abused. She is Pei Jian’s junior sister. When participating in an auction with Pei Jian, she showed her face and was killed. A second-generation dandy in Cuiyun Mountain read the plot of the book.
The dandy took the junior sister away and attempted to rob him, but was violently resisted. In anger, he killed the junior sister. When Pei Jian arrived, he only saw the miserable body of the junior sister, so he was furious Leapfrog kills the dandy but doesn’t know that the dandy is the young master of Cuiyun Mountain. He has a father with a golden core who can lose his only son.
He kills the seven good sects and destroys the entire sect to avenge his beloved son.
Only the male protagonist Pei Jian escaped by chance. Later, Pei Jian Accumulate strength to take revenge, and finally leapfrog to kill.
The power becomes stronger and stronger, and finally becomes the uncrowned king in this world. In his life, he was indifferent and inhuman, like a ruthless killing machine.
The only time he shed tears was after killing Da Neng after going through countless calamities, he returned to Qihaomen with his head in his hands, knelt down among the ruined walls, covered his face and wept, and Jiang Nian started Just act as a cannon fodder tool.
Then she patiently listened to the system, Bibi lazily raised her eyes, and the dandy in front of her was as greasy as a fat pig, with a lewd smile on her face, and walked towards her. Master Hao Duo treated me like a fat pig and the system.
I was stunned and raised my hand.
The next second, the fat pig turned into a dead pig.
The neck was pierced by a hairpin and I was struggling in a pool of blood.
The plot changed for the first time, but the problem is not big If you die, the Miemen massacre will happen again Jiang Nian, you said Miemen, then the Miemen system can you stop showing off? Sister Jiang Nian found Pei Jian and senior brother sitting on the ground, talking simply and simply, senior brother offended Cuiyun Mountain, a dead end, do you want to live? Senior brother was stunned for a moment and nodded I think she said, let’s lead the whole clan to become a demon together, right? Becoming a demon is simple and rude, and it is a method that can greatly improve your cultivation in a short period of time.
He said that the difference between immortals and demons is not as good as half a hair of his junior sister, so the Seven Good Sect was renamed the Seven Killing Sect. Da Neng has passed 800 years, these 800 years Pei Jian, a war madman, fights everywhere Killing Zong started guarding the house and everything was fine.
The only downside was the system that remained in her mind because the plot was seriously deviated from the system. The system began to ask her to pull the plot back.
If she didn’t pull it back, she would be punished with an electric shock.
Containment, even if you get electrocuted, you won’t have a headache The reason for being able to deal with electric shocks is probably that the heavenly thunder contains the power of good fortune, which collides with the foreign guest system from another world, so that the system can be disconnected for a short time.
The disconnection time varies from three to five months to more than ten years.
From time to time, when the realm is improved, he will go through a thunderstorm.
Jiang Nian has developed a unique set of cultivation methods, followed by his senior brother, professionally rubbing thunder, absorbing the power of nature from the thunder, and his cultivation has also risen, but hundreds of years later Pei Jian and She successively stepped into the Nascent Soul Realm, it became more and more difficult to improve, and there were fewer and fewer sky thunders, and the system’s anti-thunder ability improved by leaps and bounds after countless times of electric shocks from her.